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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Reception 2018-2019

Welcome to Reception

Day Useful information
Monday Reading day
Tuesday Reading day
Thursday P.E and Book change/ check 

Book change/ check


Children will read on a Monday or Tuesday and will have 1 book change on a Thursday or Friday. Please leave the home/school diaries in book bags every day. We will not always change books if diaries haven't been signed so please make sure you sign them.




This week we came into the classroom to find our home corner in a BIG mess! We found footprints, porridge and a pink bow along with the chairs, table and food all over the floor. We had to solve the mystery! Who could it be? Why were they there? 

After much discussion we decided we thought it must have been Goldilocks. We spent our morning making telescopes to search for her and finding clues around the school. We asked Mrs Griffiths but she had not seen her. Some of the children claimed to have seen her on their way to school. One even made her the porridge to bring with her! We then made some posters to help people find her. At the end of the day Megan and Betsy thought we should leave her a note to ask her to tidy up. On Thursday morning it was completely tidy with a note saying 'Sorry!' We have a had busy week investigating this crime! Here are some pictures the children wanted to share with you.

Reception have been enjoying getting to know each other and settling into the routine at school. Here are some photos of our first few days: