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Year 5 2018-2019

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Class Assembly

Well done for a fantastic class assembly!  Here are your highlights...

Rocket launching!

This morning we have had a visit from Miss Ormston (a science teacher at Bramhall High School). She showed us how to make rockets and then we launched them using her special rocket launcher! Unfortunately it was raining heavily which meant that our rockets didn't fly as far as they should have done. It was an interesting morning and we all enjoyed ourselves despite the rain!

Stockport Veterans WW2 Exhibition

We enjoyed sharing our WW2 learning with Veterans, other schools and the general public at Stockport Town Hall on 20th June.  We were very proud of all of our hard work and received lots of lovely comments.  We also enjoyed looking around at the work produced by other Stockport schools.

Global week

We have learnt such a lot during Global week!  We investigated our own carbon footprints then found out how we could reduce them. We found out about food miles, food packaging and recycling, amongst other things.  We made posters to remind others how to reduce their carbon footprints and  produced some very thought-provoking art work.  We will all try to be a lot more environmentally friendly in the future!

We have started our Bikeability training today and we've had a fabulous day! We have been very busy learning lots of skills - we practised them on the playground this morning and then, once we knew what we were doing, we went out to practise on the road.

Our new topic is called "My Place in Space". 

We started it off with an Astronaut Training morning!  We were tested on our social, mental and physical abilities and trained hard, just like Tim Peake had to, to demonstrate that we would make amazing astronauts.

Here are some of the tasks we had to try out:

We have loved our art this half term: designing and creating posters to advertise Wonka's factory, focusing on the machines not the chocolate!  It involved a lot of creativity, team work, communication and resilience.  We're really pleased with the finished products.  Take a look.
We had a great time on our Hatworks trip. Travelling on the train was perfect for our topic and a fantastic adventure.  The Hatworks was fascinating.  We particularly enjoyed making our own felt.
In science, we have been working as Super Scientists for Willy Wonka and we have been investigating different mechanisms.
We had a great time at MOSI; we learnt lots of new things and consolidated some of the learning we've done over the last term.  Here are some photos of our day.

Poetry Week

What a busy and creative week!  Key Stage 2 based their week on the poem "This is the place" by Tony Walsh.  We focused on Ladybrook, Bramhall and Stockport for the week, writing our own version of the poem, creating Ladybrook swans (our own version of the Manchester bees) and designing Bramhall doodle maps (based on doodle maps by Dave Draws).

Have a look at some of our fantastic creations here or pop into school to see them!

As part of our Marvellous Machines and Cracking Contraptions topic, we have been investigating forces in Science.  We have designed, made and tested parachutes to investigate the force of air resistance.  We did some fantastic team work and used lots of maths when making the parachutes and when measuring, recording and analysing the results!
We have been working in pairs and groups in gymnastics to create simple sequences of balances. 
Here are our finished sculptures.  They are on display in the entrance hall with some of our sketches.  Please do come and have a look!
We have started making Henry Moore style sculptures using wire and newspaper.  We took photos of each other in different poses, imagining that we were taking cover in air raid shelters.  We thought about how we would feel and how our body language/positions would reflect this.  We then printed these in black and white and drew sketches of them.  Our sculptures will be finished using modroc.  Watch this space...

Year 5 and 6 had a visit from some members of Stockport and District Normandy Veterans Association who told us fascinating stories about their lives and experiences during World War 2.  The children asked lots of great questions and were very respectful and sensible during the visit.


We had a brilliant day at Tatton Farm.  We spent the day in role as evacuees in 1941 and tried out all of the jobs that the evacuees would have been given around the farm to earn their keep.


Still image for this video
Year 5 loved creating their own poppies to be part of the Remembrance display at St Michael's church.   The church looked amazing. We also enjoyed paying a visit to the War Memorial in Bramhall. 

Cyber Safety week


We have had a busy and fun-filled week learning about how to keep ourselves safe online.  Year 5 and 6 have worked together most of week and have demonstrated some excellent team work and problem solving skills.  A lot of or activities were based on the stories Monkeycow and PenguinPig by Stuart Spendlow.  We have made Powerpoint presentations, iMovie trailers, prepared Green Screen App stories, designed posters and created comic strips, amongst other things, to help us to understand online safety and to deliver the cyber safety message to other children.  Some of the areas we have investigated are: not sharing passwords and personal information online, not meeting strangers/people we have met online, age limits of different apps, peer pressure online, chatting with strangers, cyber bullying and managing our digital footprints.

Our first topic is called "Survival: Olive's War".  It is a World War 2 topic and is based around the book Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll.

Keep checking our class page for information and photos! 

The children have settled in really quickly to Year 5 and have adjusted to the new routines.  They are loving the WW2 topic and have already found out lots of new facts.  They've enjoyed group research activities and drama sessions and have produced some lovely booklets and posters already.

In art, we have have been exploring "The Shelter Drawings" by Henry Moore and have been investigating lines.  In literacy, we have been writing sentences including subordinate clauses.

This half term our Enrichment afternoon activity is dance.  We have been trying hard to learn a routine.  For now, have a look at some photos; we will post a video once our dance is perfected (fingers crossed!)
We planned and carried out investigations in groups to find out which materials were best for blacking out light.  We were surprised by some of our findings!  Ask us what we discovered!