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Year 6 2018-2019

Our Robinwood adventures

Well, what an amazing three days! We have had a great time making memories at Robinwood, Todmorden. We shall be telling you more about it in our leavers' assembly but, for now, you might want to browse some of our many photographs and videos! Please be patient whilst our page loads ... there is a lot of content on it at the moment!


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Our own works of art

Last week we promised you our own abstract art pieces ... here we are in action creating them. We have been developing our art skills throughout Ladybrook, so for this final piece the decision making was over to us! Some of us chose to paint with water colours on paper, others chose acrylics on canvas. Some chose brusho on silk, others chose glass painting; some preferred oil pastels, other preferred soft pastels ...some of us have even used our DT skills to make our own frames! One of us even made our own painting tool because a brush just wouldn't create the right effect! These aren't our finished pieces. We will show you those when everybody has finished, but enjoy looking at our pieces so far.

Investigating artists

In art, we have been learning about abstract art. We have really developed our vocabulary linked to this area - as we demonstrated in a quick quiz today! We are learning about the development of this style of art and who the influential artists were. We had a number of information cards, hidden within the information were clues about times and dates. We had to use our reading comprehension skills - literal, inference and deduction - to find the information we needed in order to sequence the cards in chronological order. We then organised them into  a timeline to show the development of abstract art over the decades. There were many different artists on our timeline and we all had different opinions about the works we liked, the works we didn't like and sometimes just the works that intrigued or interested us. The next step in our learning journey is to create our own pieces so watch this space!

The Human Body

In science, we have been learning about the systems in the human body. One of these amazing systems is 'The Digestive System'. We used a group reading session to find out all about what happens to our food when we eat. Once we had answered all of our questions and made notes we had to show our learning  by producing a plasticine model with labels. In literacy, we then wrote an explanation so other people could learn as well! 


Saving the planet!

This week, we have returned to school to find out about our planet. We have been investigating physical geography and the impact of human geography,  global climate and climate change. This has meant that we have had to find out about fossil fuels and their impact on the world. But, we also found out that there are alternatives. Our groups became energy companies and had to present our renewable energy source to a 'government panel'. They posed challenging questions for us which our research allowed us to answer. Our 'government panel' then voted on which renewable source they felt was most appropriate for the UK environment. Year 6 think that wind turbines and wind farms are the way forward!

Once we had researched, we wanted to share our knowledge. We learned how to use Adobe Spark to make a presentation webpage... we did a fab job! Click on the links below to find out more!


Cracking algebra!

This week, in maths, we have been learning more about pattern, algebra and ratio. We used number patterns as the stimulus but had to be algebra detectives and look for vertical patterns as well as horizontal patterns. By dong this, we could create the algebraic formula .... we've come a long way from making shape bead patterns in reception!

Creating artefacts!

During our learning about Mexico and the Aztecs, we discovered that historians know lots of information because of primary and secondary sources. In Mexico, there are lots of stone carvings which help us to learn about the past. We researched Aztec religion, Gods and sacrifice in history and then designed our own Gods. We have created sculptures and masks to represent our Gods. Our Gods had to be based of the style of Aztec Gods for example, they may be holding a flaming torch if they were the God of Fire or wearing a corn crown if they were the God of farming. These photographs show us during the sculpting process - they are now drying to go in the kiln then we will add glazes. Thanks Mrs. Presswood for working with us!

Poetry Week

This week we have enjoyed returning to school and taking part in 'Poetry Week'. We were inspired by the poem 'This is the Place' by Tony Walsh. It made us think about Manchester and what it means to live in this fabulous, vibrant city. We discovered why the symbol of Manchester was the worker bee. Many of us had seen the fabulous bees involved in 'The Bee Trail' last year.

This poem made us think about why the town of Stockport is great, why our village of Bramhall is so special and what makes our school unique. Instead of worker bees, we thought about our symbol - the cygnet. We designed and made huge swans in each class to show what is special about Ladybrook - we used different decorative techniques and different media. We also made small, individual cygnets to show our individual thoughts. These will be used in an installation in our library so look out for them!

In classes, we set off on an expedition! We explored different areas of Bramhall and - inspired by @DaveDraws - we returned to school and created a HUGE collaborative Key Stage 2 map of Bramhall. It is amazing!  Dave loves it - he said so on Twitter and re-tweeted our work!

We learned the poem 'This is the Place' to recite and, also, re-wrote it to celebrate our school, village and town. We think Tony Walsh would like it!

3,2,1... ACTION!


Year 6  have thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing and performing their Christmas production, "Rock Bottom". They were spectacular and OSCARS will be coming their way soon, we are sure!

Mmmm...the lovely smell of Christmas cake!

Year 6 have been very busy measuring, mixing and making individual Christmas cakes to bring home.  In the process we learned how to use ratio and proportion for different size mixes and how to read scales with different intervals.  We were challenged to use our knowledge of nets and 3D shapes to design our own tailor-made packaging for our cakes. We were very tempted to eat them in class but we haven't!

Cyber Safety week


We have had a busy and fun-filled week learning about how to keep ourselves safe online.  Year 5 and 6 have worked together most of week and have demonstrated some excellent team work and problem solving skills.  A lot of or activities were based on the stories Monkeycow and PenguinPig by Stuart Spendlow.  We have made Powerpoint presentations, iMovie trailers, prepared Green Screen App stories, designed posters and created comic strips, amongst other things, to help us to understand online safety and to deliver the cyber safety message to other children.  Some of the areas we have investigated are: not sharing passwords and personal information online, not meeting strangers/people we have met online, age limits of different apps, peer pressure online, chatting with strangers, cyber bullying and managing our digital footprints.