Years 5 and 6 start the week with a chocolatier as they explore Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...
Researching the history of chocolate.
Years 1 and 2 design their own pancake toppings.
Our family challenge in the hall.
Each family had to make a 'chair' to hold as much weight as possible.
The chair had to be at least 30 cms high.
We had some great designs.
Only newspaper and tape were allowed.
Some teams used a lot of tape!
There was a lot of thinking involved.
Three generations design and make!
Testing the designs by adding masses.
In second place came 'The mindful Minions'...
The Johnson Jokers were the winners!

Welcome to Ladybrook Primary School.     Please see Recent letters page for information about the Curriculum meeting for parents in February.

The Great Fire of Ladybrook

In Year 2, we planned our own learning (Dangerous!). We wanted to see how the great fire of London spread so quickly.  We spent several weeks making our own buildings from wood, card and paper…

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