Thankyou for our harvest gift to the community
Decorated pumpkins!
Families have had fun...
No Pens Day - Year 4 do maths with a beachball!
Year 1 are as creative as ever...
Year 3 use pencils only to work out how people would have transported stone to build Stonehenge
Nursery children make mud 'chocolate cakes'
Year 5 focus on a class shared reading and discussion session together
Year 5 children enjoyed a food technology challenge morning at Bramhall high School.
We are very proud of our 2016 Leavers!

Welcome to Ladybrook Primary School.

The Great Fire of Ladybrook

In Year 2, we planned our own learning (Dangerous!). We wanted to see how the great fire of London spread so quickly.  We spent several weeks making our own buildings from wood, card and paper…

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