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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

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How does Ladybrook identify children who may need additional help?


How does Ladybrook Primary School know if children need additional help?


• Concerns may be raised by teachers, parents/carers or the child themselves.

• At Ladybrook, children are monitored very closely. Termly progress meetings track every child’s progress. It is noticeable if limited progress is being made or there is a change in the child’s behaviour or progress even when teaching approaches are targeted particularly in identified areas of difficulty.

• A child may present persistent emotional or behavioural difficulties which are not ameliorated by the behaviour management techniques usually employed in school.

• A child may have communication and/or interaction difficulties which are affecting progress.

• A child may have sensory or physical difficulties which are affecting progress. There may be a medical diagnosis that impacts on the way a child learns.

Whatever the need, we are here to help all children succeed and we will adapt our curriculum and teaching styles to suit these needs rather than trying to make a child 'fit a mould'. If you have any concerns, please talk to us - we are on this 'Learning Journey' together!