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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

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Year 5 2021-2022

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Here is the Powerpoint we shared at our welcome meeting.










Spelling test

New spellings given





PE - outdoor this term



Homework handed in and given out



PE kits to be in school all week please including trainers.

Summer Term - My Place in Space

Geography trip

We had a great trip to Quarry Bank Mill to develop our map reading and compass skills.

We learnt about points of a compass, grid references, symbols, keys and scale.

In science, we have been exploring the relative sizes and distances of planets in our solar system.

We still enjoy browsing in the library, choosing and reading books and carrying out research using non-fiction books.


We have been revising how to use powder paint and the names of the colours.

Astronaut training!

We started our Space topic by exploring the skills needed to be an astronaut.  We were surprised how long astronauts need to train for and the types of training activities they undertake!  We tested ourselves physically, mentally and psychologically! We had a great afternoon and some of us really surprised ourselves.  Do you have what it takes to be an astronaut?

In science we have been learning about different mechanisms, including levers, gears and pulleys.  We explored how they work and how they can be helpful using construction kits.





We have started to prepare our print blocks ready for some Steampunk inspired printing.

We enjoyed planning and carrying out our enquiry into friction.  Our enquiry question was : Which type of shoe sole creates the largest force of friction when sliding over a surface?

We had a great day at MOSI learning all about forces, machines and inventions.


In science we are learning about forces.  We are planning an enquiry into air resistance. Our enquiry question is: How does the size of a parachute affect the speed it falls at?  We have started making our parachutes - have a look...


As part of our World War 2 topic, Year 5 have been studying the work of Henry Moore.

First, we looked at the “Shelter drawings”.  These are sketches of people sheltering in London Underground stations during the Blitz.  We investigated how Moore had portrayed emotions using body language.

We attempted our own versions of the shelter drawings, looking carefully at line and tone.

We imagined that we were in an air raid shelter and photographed each other in poses that reflected our feelings. 

We printed these off and used them to sketch our poses, focussing on line and tone.

We looked at Moore’s sculptures and worked in pairs to create our own based on our “shelter poses”, using wire, newspaper and Modroc.

In science, we have been finding out about how to separate mixtures. We were given  mixtures to separate (salt and water; sand and water; flour and raisins; rice and paper clips) and we had to decide the best method for each different mixture.  We managed to separate them using filtration, sieving, magnetic attraction and evaporation.

In science, after learning about soluble and insoluble materials, we have planned our own enquiries.  We worked as groups to decide the variable we wanted to investigate then to plan and carry our our enquiry.  We found out that sugar dissolves faster in hot water than warm or cold water.  We also discovered that it dissolves faster in fizzy water than still water.  Have a look at some photos...

We have been investigating soluble and insoluble materials in science.  We are now planning our own linked enquiries.

We had a great PE lesson learning how to throw the javelin!

We have been investigating electrical conductors in science.  We enjoyed building circuits and testing the electrical conductivity of different metals.

We spent some time with 'City of Trees' this week helping with the maintenance of the trees which had been planted on the mound. We had to work together to protect the trunks of the trees - have a look at the pictures to see what we did! See if you can spot the frog that we found ...

We have made a great start to our new year.  We have loved visiting the library again - it seems such a long time since we've been able to visit it!  We have also enjoyed investigating the properties of materials in science.

Reading Buddies!

We have loved meeting and reading with our new reading buddies this week!  Year 5 have been so patient, kind and helpful and have asked some amazing questions!  Well done Year 5!




In PE we were working on our endurance running.  We really challenged ourselves!  We thought about pace, breathing, stamina and perseverance!  

In science we have been investigating thermal insulators and conductors.  We had to find out which material would make the best lining for a lunch box.