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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


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Spelling test











Homework given out



Here is the Powerpoint from our welcome meeting.

Summer Term - Our Place in Space



Machine Dances

In PE, we have been working hard on developing our machine dances. 

Drama workshop with Bramhall High

Some Year 9 students and their teacher came to work with us for the afternoon. They performed for us then we had fun with them trying out different drama techniques.

Schools linking visit 2!

We all loved welcoming our link class from Our Lady's to Ladybrook  - we were fantastic hosts!  We enjoyed circle games, a scavenger hunt and creating a 'Together Town'.  We thought about the question 'How can we all live well together?' and really enjoyed making links and developing friendships.

Map Reading trip

We had a great time at Quarry Bank Mill, developing our map reading skills.

First Aid Training



This afternoon, we have completed the Millie's Trust First Aid Awareness Course and found out some very useful information. We practised CPR on dummies and found out how to put somebody in the recovery position. Don't be alarmed if the children try to practise the recovery position on you!

Crashed Vehicle Project


On Tuesday, we took part in the 'Crashed Vehicle Project' where we found out about how to stay safe in vehicles, why road collisions occur and what safety features modern cars have. We all learnt a lot and it made us think carefully about road safety. During the session, we made our own cars and some of us reinforced them in different ways. We were pleased to see that the car that was reinforced in a similar way to real cars had the least damage in the test crash!

Schools Linking Class visit

We had a brilliant day meeting our link class - they made us feel very welcome! We played games, made friends, worked as a team and had lots and lots of fun!

The Coronation

We have all enjoyed learning about Coronations past and present.  We have created coronation timelines and learnt some French vocabulary linked to the coronation. Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone!


Year 5 have have a great week doing Bikeability! They all listened carefully and made excellent progress - well done everyone!

Social Action - Litter picking

As part of our Schools Linking project, we have pledged to take some social action in the local community.  Litter picking was one of the actions that we were very keen to carry out.  We have borrowed some litter pickers from Stockport Council and enjoyed litter picking in the sunshine.  We couldn't believe how much litter there was in the local area!


We revised how to use powder paint and the names of the colours. We explored making a colour lighter without adding white.

We started our new space topic with an astronaut training afternoon.  We explored the skills and attributes that astronauts need and carried out some training tasks!

We worked on memory, social skills, communication skills, problem solving and physical skills.  It was quite a challenge!

Spring Term

This term our topic is 'Invaders: Feel the force'.  We are learning about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in history and Forces in science.

In art we have investigated steampunk art, designed and made our own cog block prints then used them to create beautiful group art work.

In science we have investigated different forces, including air resistance and friction.

Anglo-Saxon and Viking workshop


We have had a fantastic day learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We have been handling artefacts, creating a Viking longship and learning how to go into battle! Have a look at our photographs from the day.

World Book Day

We loved dressing up as a word on World Book Day!

Reading Buddies

We always love reading with our Year 2 reading buddies on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Parachute enquiry

We have made 3 different sized parachutes to answer our enquiry question - 'How does the size of the parachute affect the speed it falls at?'

We are looking forward to carrying out our enquiry.

Kindness tree

In Schools Linking our focus this term is on kindness and social action.  We created a kindness tree showing what we care about.

Autumn Term

Stockport Air Raid shelters trip

We had a brilliant day at the Stockport Air Raid shelters.  We enjoyed travelling back to 1941 and stayed in role all day.  It was incredible to experience life during WW2! We were very pleased at the end of the day to be going back to our families and not to be evacuated!

We have been thinking carefully about the values needed for good team work and trying to develop and demonstrate these in lessons.

In PE we worked in groups, demonstrating values such as respect, kindness, support, resilience, perseverance and pride. 

We started off our Science unit on materials by exploring the properties of different materials.