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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Year 4 2020-2021

Welcome to Year 4!


Keep an eye on this page for updates about our learning and useful information about what has been happening in school.  Please note, any new information is always added to the top of the page beneath the important information.


Important information


Monday- Mrs King and Mrs Archer (afternoons)
Piano lessons

Tuesday- Mrs Poole and Mrs Archer (afternoons)
Brass lessons

Wednesday- Mrs Poole and Mrs Archer (afternoons)
Woodwind lessons

Thursday- Mrs Poole and Mrs Archer (afternoons)
Guitar and cello lessons

Friday- Mrs Poole and Mrs Archer (alternate Friday mornings)
Outdoor PE, spelling test, homework set, Enrichment afternoon



Please remember:

* All uniform, PE kit, coats and wellies should be labelled.
* Coats, filled water bottles and book bags should be in school everyday.
* There is no tuck shop currently so children may bring a healthy snack from home for playtimes.

Summer Term

Ancient Egypt


In place of this year's open evening we would like to use our space here to share a range of the learning that has taken place this term. 


Parents/carers, we hope you enjoy seeing a sample of the children's work, which we have photographed and filmed, and that you feel as proud of them as we do.  They have worked incredibly hard and have coped well with the unusual year we have had- again!  In addition to the photographs and videos shared below (please use the link to view the videos, each child has chosen one individual piece of work that they would like to share with you at home.  These photographs can be found in Google Classroom.



Making Canopic jars with Mrs Presswood

Mummifying tomatoes in History- these are still under close observation in the classroom as the process takes 70 days!

Design Technology- wood cutting practice in preparation for making shadufs

Theme Week


As our Ancient Egypt topic drew to a close, we had a busy week celebrating Ladybrook's 50th birthday!  Each class focussed on one decade between the 1970's and the present day.  In Year 4 we found out about life in the 1990's.  We researched toys, inventions, fashion and sport.  We also made lava lamps, wrote raps and created 1990's inspired pop art.  What a busy week!

Dress up day- the whole school dressed in 1970's fancy dress to celebrate the year Ladybrook first opened. Everyone looked fabulous!

Science- we made our own lava lamps using coloured water, oil and alka seltzer tablets. The children really enjoyed this activity!

Spring Term

Angry Planet!


It was lovely to return to school for the final three weeks of the spring term.  Everyone was pleased to see each other again and to complete some of the activities that had been started remotely, including the Design Technology challenge to design a waterproof and watertight box to protect their precious belongings in the event of a flood.  Prior to returning to school children had researched this project by thinking about what they would like to protect and testing a variety of materials to determine whether they were waterproof.  Finally, they sketched out a diagram of what they would like their box to look like, as well listing materials and tools they would need.  In school, children shared their plans with one another and set to work making, testing and evaluating.  We also enjoyed celebrating Red Nose Day before the Easter holidays. 

Geography- working as team to collect information about how buildings are designed to withstand natural disasters

Red Nose Day 2021

Remote Learning

Wonderful Weekly Work


During lockdown I will use this space to share some fabulous examples of the work that our Year 4’s do - either at home or in our key worker group. 

Week 8- I am so impressed with Year 4’s poetry planning that I am sharing this great work early this week. I can’t wait for everyone to be back in class next week so we can write our poems together.

Week 7- We have got off to a great start this half term and there is some excellent geography, computing and DT work underway but I have chosen to share some of the work that has been produced for our poetry unit so far. Well done to Milo, Eloise, Phoebe V, Zac, Nahum and Zara for these super fact files about the poet John Lyons.

Week 6- Cleverly presented PSHE work by Chloe, Clelia and Nevaeh, super Escape from Pompeii line drawings by Jacob, Lily and Mason, wonderful word processing by Tamsin, snippets of neatly presented persuasive letters by Ares, Phoebe H, Will and Sofia and excellent apostrophes work from Sam.

Week 5- Excellent science work carried out at home by Xanthe, Zak, Sydney, Sam, Clark and Ruby. Also, some of the children in our key worker bubble working hard to practise their word processing skills this week and some of the PSHE posters they created last week. Well done!

Week 4- Fantastic collage volcanoes inspired by the work of Margaret Godfrey. Well done Year 4!

Week 3- Improvements to persuasive letters, detailed volcano research, comparing websites, careful compass work and thoughtful PSHE work on jealousy. Well done Xanthe, Clelia, Ruby, Sofia. Zac, Sam, Nevaeh and Lily.

Week 2- A selection of graphs showing the location of global volcanoes, a labelled volcano diagram, a science task on states of matter and some work showing the beginning of our literacy unit on persuasive writing. Thank you to Chloe, Sam, Mason, Zak, Sydney, Eloise, Iona and Clark.

Week 1- a selection of title pages, KWL grids and volcano data collection. Thank you Lily, Xanthe, Alba, Emelia, Will, Ruby, Sofia, Oliver and Elliott

Our classroom

Autumn Term

Going for Gold- Ancient Greece


Our autumn term topic is now well underway.  We have been busy learning about the geography of Greece and have worked together to understand when ancient Greece was in relation to other periods of history.  We have placed significant events from ancient Greece on to our own timelines.  We are currently busy learning about Greek gods and goddesses and enjoying Greek stories such as Pandora's Box and Perseus the Gorgon Slayer. Watch this space for more updates coming soon...

Ancient Greek Pottery

Superhero day!


Thank you Year 4 for your food and money donations for local food banks.  You all looked fabulous and had a great day dressed as superheroes, marking how special people who help the community are.



Christmas 2020


Year 4 have worked extremely hard since September and to celebrate the end of term have enjoyed a brilliant Christmas party day!

Merry Christmas from Year 4!