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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Year 6 2020-2021

Welcome to Year 6

A fresh start .... 

We are so glad to be back in school and learning together. It is exciting to have giggles, chatter and smiles back in every classroom in our school. We were all so pleased to see each other. We are ready to do some awesome learning this term! We will add things to our page as we learn - the newest things will always be at the top. Pop back and visit us often to see what we have been upto!


Get organised ..

Sports Kit required Monday and Thursday

Piano lessons on Tuesday

Woodwind on Wednesday

Cello and Violin on Thursday

Enrichment resources need for Fridays

Book bags, reading books and diaries EVERY DAY!


Our topic is 'Across the Water' - a topic based on 'Kensuke's Kingdom' - the novel by Michael Morpurgo. We will cover the whole curriculum but will have focus on science and geography. Michael spends some time in Brazil - we will be studying Brazil as part of our learning on South America. 



We hope all our Year 6 families have a wonderful Christmas - in whatever form it takes! Keep safe.  Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2021!

Red Nose Day

Thank you to all parents/carers/family and friends who have donated to this great cause.  The classroom was alive with lots of red today!

Let's keep talking!

This term, we have continued with our 2-minute talks every week.  Every Friday two or three children share a talk with the whole class about a subject of their choice.  You name it: we have learned about it... from turtles; how to play the cello and the violin; different breeds of dog and various holiday destinations to interesting family members; perfume and fossils!! All in 2 minutes. The questions asked were amazing and the feedback was 100% positive. Even though some children found it a bit nerve-racking, we all enjoyed listening and sharing some great information. Thank you Year 6.

Santa Dash

All classes have been running the Santa Dash today - some of our class managed 8 or 9 laps of our track in 15 minutes - A M A Z I N G!  We have also been completing a series of Christmas sports challenges.  Yesterday we ran as fast as we could to do our Stocking Sprinters relay, we competed in teams to win the Gift Grab, we even made our own Mistletoe Make by spontaneous team hoola hooping.  We also had a relay race to design a Santa Smile in 5 minutes using PE equipment. Here are our photos! Merry Christmas! 

Santa's Smile

IT Music Composition 

We had a great morning with another virtual session from Hi-Impact.  This time we learned how to compose music using an app called bandlab. We worked in pairs and together everyone created a musical track using different components,tempos and styles - it was totally up to the children what sort of music they chose - as you can imagine, there was a lot of variety.  Fortunately each pair had a set of headphones so the hall was lovely and quiet.  The photos show just how much they concentrated and enjoyed the activity.


Hi-Impact session about composing music using the app bandlab

Spy Day!


We enjoyed a virtual session with Hi-Impact yesterday. Hi-Impact support us with our computing curriculum. Stockport had been infiltrated by an enemy spy and MI5 needed our help to track this person down! We learned about encrypting and decrypting codes. We learned all about coding through the ages - do you know that there is a code called PigPen?! We used our skills to crack the codes on several clues - this allowed us to eliminate suspects until we were left with the name of the enemy spy. Well done Year 6 - Stockport is safe once again! 

Who are we?

Linked to our Jasper Johns work and our discussions about identity (see posts below) we have been considering our faces! In art. we have been developing our drawing skills and learning how to draw eyes, mouths, noses and considering facial proportions. We used these skills to draw our own portraits. 

Jasper Johns

In our work on identity and what makes us who we are, we studied the work of Jasper Johns. He has produced a number of pieces of art that layer numbers; the form is eventually lost and colours remain creating abstract pieces. We though about ourselves and the many different layers that make us who we are. Our names are important for our identity, so just as he layered numbers, we layered the letters of our names. Can you read who we are in our abstract pieces? 

City of Trees

Last year, we were involved in a planting project with City of Trees developing our Ladybrook copse. This term, we took part in a project learning how to identify trees in our own environment, measuring the circumference of trees, calculating how much carbon is stored in a tree and their ages. Lots of maths was involved and we extended our vocabulary - do you know what a dendrometer is? We do!

Let's talk!

We are developing our listening and speaking skills. Each week we choose three people to deliver a two minute talk to the class about a subject of their choice! So far, we have enjoyed talks about pizza, pets and peanuts! We have to prepare our talk at home and deliver without notes... our friends listen carefully and then we open the floor for questions and answers.