School Name

Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits


Ladybrook Primary School

Gleneagles Close

Bramhall SK7 2LT

SEND Information Report (Reviewed November 2022)


At Ladybrook Primary School, we strive to support all children to enable them to succeed at school. In order to do this, many steps are taken to support and guide them through their learning journey. Quality teaching and quality experiences are essential for this to occur. Despite this, for some children there will be periods of time when further additional support may be required in order for them to achieve success and make progress. For some children these periods of time may be short; for other children, they may be long-term. This document aims to share information about what is available to you and your child should they require this additional support at any time during their learning adventure at Ladybrook Primary School. If this is your child, please try not to worry - we are here to support you at all times.


A child or young person has special educational needs and disabilities if they have a learning difficulty and/or a disability that means they need special health and education support, we shorten this to SEND.