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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Year 4 2021-2022

Welcome to Year 4!


Keep an eye on this page for updates about our learning and useful information about what has been happening in school.  Please note, any new information is always added to the top of the page beneath the important information.



Important information


Monday- Mrs King and

Mrs Ainslie (mornings) Mrs Archer (afternoons)
Piano lessons

Tuesday- Mrs Poole

Mrs Ainslie (mornings) Mrs Archer (afternoons)
Brass lessons

Wednesday- Mrs Poole

Mrs Ainslie (mornings) Mrs Archer (afternoons)
Outdoor PE

Woodwind lessons

Thursday- Mrs Poole

Mrs Ainslie (mornings) Mrs Archer (afternoons)

Indoor PE

Guitar and cello lessons

Friday- Mrs Poole 

Mrs Ainslie (mornings) 

Spelling test

Homework due and set

Enrichment afternoon


Please remember:

* All uniform, PE kit, coats and wellies should be labelled.
* Coats, filled water bottles and book bags should be in school everyday.
* For morning playtime children may bring 20p to spend at the tuckshop or bring their own healthy snack.

Summer Term

Ancient Civilizations

During the summer term we are learning about the ancient civilizations of Ancient Sumer, The Indus Valley, Ancient Egypt and the Shang Dynasty.  We are finding out where in the world they were located and when they took place.  We are researching similarities and differences and what their greatest achievements were.  We are focusing mostly on Ancient Egypt.  In geography we are learning about rivers.  We are finding out about rivers locally but also the River Nile in Egypt.  In art we are busy making clay canopic jars and painting portraits of ourselves as pharaohs.  Our literacy work this term includes writing non-chronological reports about Tutunkhamun and historical stories about the Egyptian Cinderella.


Spring Term

Angry Planet- Natural Disasters


Our spring term topic has just begun.  We have got off to a fantastic start with an exciting Freshwater Theatre Company drama workshop.  The children thoroughly enjoyed using their imaginations to explore our great earth, encountering volcanoes, earthquakes and even a tsunami along the way!  The workshop will inspire lots of creative writing in the weeks to come.  We will also be using the following books as a basis for some of our learning this term:

  • Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit
  • Hurricane by Davis Wiesner
  • The Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman

We will be learning about many natural disasters in detail through our geography work and locating them on Google Earth as part of our Computing work.

Watch this space for further updates later in the term...


Angry Planet Homework Projects- Everyone did a great job presenting their homework in class. Well done Year 4!

Autumn Term

Going for Gold- Ancient Greece


Our autumn term topic is now well underway.  We have been busy learning about the geography of Greece and have worked together to understand when ancient Greece was in relation to other periods of history.  We have also placed significant events from ancient Greece on to our own timelines.  We are currently busy learning about Greek gods and goddesses and enjoying Greek stories such as Pandora's Box and Perseus the Gorgon Slayer. We have lots of exciting art work coming up so watch this space for more updates coming soon...

Year 4 enjoyed tree planting with City of Trees. Our job was to look after the existing trees on the field and make sure they were well protected over the winter. Firstly we had to pull away any long grass from around the trunk. Then we put down a mulch mat and secured it in the ground with stakes. Finally we put wood chippings on top of the mat to give the tree plenty of protection from the winter weather!

Year 4 have been learning about healthy eating as part of our PSHE work.  In DT we have practised safely cutting various vegetables using a claw grip, a bridge hold and grating carefully too.  We will put the skills to good use later this term when we prepare some Greek snacks.