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Year 6 2021-2022

Welcome to Year 6

A fresh start ...

We are so glad to be back in school and learning together. It is exciting to have giggles, chatter and smiles back in every classroom in our school. We were all so pleased to see each other. We are ready to do some awesome learning this term! We will add things to our page as we learn - the newest things will always be at the top - just below this message. Pop back and visit us often to see what we have been up to!


Get organised ..

Sports Kit required Monday and Thursday

Piano lessons on Tuesday

Woodwind on Wednesday

Cello, Guitar  and Violin on Thursday

Enrichment resources need for Fridays

Book bags, reading books and diaries EVERY DAY!


Our Autumn topic is 'Across the Water' - a topic based on 'Kensuke's Kingdom' - the novel by Michael Morpurgo. We will cover the whole curriculum but will have focus on science and geography. Michael spends some time in Brazil - we will be studying Brazil as part of our learning on South America. 


Our Spring topic is 'Conquistadors, Explorers and Voyagers' - a history based topic all about Mexico and the Aztecs.  We will be finding out all about the lives and customs of the Aztecs - the nice bits and the nasty bits!



April Update


Here are some more fantastic 2 minute talks, they include anime drawing skills; baking (including samples of delicious cookies to eat!); favourite cryptocurrencies; dancing skills; delightful pet dogs; detailed and fascinating Formula 1 knowledge: interesting fun facts about a family and designing and drawing comics! What a talented group of children we have in Year 6.


March Update

Yesterday, we had a wonderful afternoon! We took part in an architecture workshop to develop our maths and DT skills. Did you know the strongest 2D shape in DT is a triangle? We used our skills to build an Aztec inspired temple. It was over four metres tall and about six metres square. We were able to fit the whole class inside it as well as our Year 3 buddies who came to visit it when we had finished building! Our teamwork was awesome... it had to be really otherwise we would not have had any type of structure!! Thanks to Martin from Architecture Workshops.

In our circle times this term we have been thinking about aspects of 'Home and Place' - we have been discussing questions such as:

What is a home?

Is a home as house or is a house a home?

What makes a home?

Does anyone have the power to take your home?

Are there any periods of history where people have taken homes? etc

We revisited this again this week when we had questions about what was happening in the Ukraine at the moment. We had some very empathetic discussions. The children in Year 6 wanted to do something to help but felt a little helpless being so far away and so we have come up with a number of fundraising ideas so that we can send any money raised to children's charities working with those who have lost homes and belongings. Our first event is going to be a sponsored silence ... 'Silence the bombs with silence', our second will be a cake sale and our third will hopefully be a raffle with donated prizes. We have been learning a song in music called 'You've Got a Friend'. It is a lovely song with a powerful message about always being there for each other and kindness. Year 6 would like to dedicate this to the children caught up in the and listen to us using the link below 

Two minute talks


We have listened to more wonderful talks by the amazingly talented members of our class.  Talks have included football skills, horse riding, cats and rabbits, scuba-diving skills, dogs and even skills in investing in crypto-currencies!

 World Book Day 3rd March


We had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day.  Everyone wore their PJs and brought in their favourite bedtime story.  Some children shared their book with the class and then we ate cookies! Yum!.

February update

We have had some more wonderful two minute talks from children last week and this week.  Subjects have included a gorgeous pet kitten, lovely dogs, amazing art, a favourite Disney character and exciting adventures near wizards and devils!

We have listened to another two lovely two minute talks today.  The first one gave us all interesting information about crystals via a great powerpoint and actual crystals seen under the visualiser. The second one was full of information and photos about two cats called Beans and Cookie!

Cancer Research fund raising morning


We all had a great morning playing different kinds of games and completing some mindfulness activities. Thank you for all your kind donations.

Spellings, Punctuation and Grammar

Who said we can't have fun with these scintillating, exciting subjects!  We played a board game to revise what we know about apostrophes for possession with singular and plural nouns... that's quite a mouthful to say and write... let alone play a game with. 

January update - Two minute talks


The first three children have shared their 'Two minute talk' with the class and what a fantastic start it was...Talks included fascinating information about hearing, the intricate skills involved with building lego models and the joys of having a pet.


Every week, three children offer to give a short talk about something which is important to them - it may be a hobby, a holiday or a family member. We listen to the talk which may include a short powerpoint, photos under the visualiser or interesting objects. Then the speaker chooses three children with the lolly sticks to ask them questions.  The class then asks the speaker any questions about their talk.


This is a real highlight of our week!

January 2022

Happy New Year!  Year 6 have come back to school with smiles and enthusiasm for learning and for expanding their wonderful minds.


We had a visit by one of Stockport's Road Safety Officers and we learned all about road safety, thinking distances, braking distances and stopping distances. The morning involved lots listening, thinking and calculating - it was all really interesting but everyone agreed that the best bit was using the speed gun on Bramhall Lane South!! You will be reassured to learn that after recording the speed of over 60 different vehicles - we calculated that their average speed was 29mph.

Christmas 2021

We were sorry we couldn't have a LIVE audience of parents and grandparents to see us perform our production, 'Cinderella Rockerfella' but we hope you enjoy watching us on screen! We are very excited to have become film stars! We loved rehearsing this production - all of the songs, dancing and performing! We had to work really hard as a team and our grown ups in school were so proud of us for what we achieved. 

Here are some photographs of us after our performance. 'Hello' magazine wanted to buy the rights to them but we thought we'd let you have them first! 

Design Technology 

We have completed two design technology projects this term. The first was designing our topic books. We wanted to create a fabric covered book - with embellishments. the book needed to have a spine to protect our work inside and needed to be hardbacked. There was lots of planning, measuring, cutting and making. We are really proud of them ... and the tie-dying was great fun!


The second DT project was a two part project. Firstly, we analysed packaging for food products and then designed and made our own boxes for our Christmas cakes. This crossed over with our shape work in maths - looking at nets of 3D shapes. The second part was actually making the cakes. Food technology is great for team work! before making them and shopping for ingredients we surveyed all of the supermarkets to find the cheapest place to shop! 

Christmas Cakes - Team 1

Christmas Cakes team 2

Christmas Cakes - Team 3

Christmas Cakes - Team 4

Children in Need 2021 


Wow! What an event. Our school council organised this event and we raised over £700 for Children in Need.

Crucial Crew 

Crucial Crew is an innovative and interactive way of delivering personal and safety education messages to Year 6 children. It seeks to encourage model behaviour and good citizenship through active participation in a range of scenarios including:

  • Rail safety
  • Crime issues
  • Vandalism
  • Personal safety
  • Road safety
  • Healthy Eating
  • Water safety

The delivery of these important safety messages was made to the Year 6 children during a half day visit to our local training centre.

Science - Biology - Habitats 

We worked well as teams to research different habitats. We were 'pattern seeking' in biology - looking for patterns in adaptations between animals and similar adaptations between plants so that we could work out how plants and animals survive in such extreme conditions. We then took these adaptations and designed our own creatures! 

As part of our work on identity and diversity, we engaged in circle times, art, RE and PSHE. First of all we each made a jigsaw piece to introduce ourselves as the giant jigsaw that is Year 6 - each piece different but very important. Then we though about what makes our identity and came up with many ideas. We created some deconstructed portraits - what is actually going on inside our heads in Year 6 to make each of us unique? We studied Jasper Johns and Idris Khan in art - they both layer things to create their art. Jasper Johns has some famous pieces where he layers numbers and Idris Khan layers text - often linked to his emotions and memories, hopes and dreams. We were inspired and decided to layer the letters of our names - an important part of our identity! We filled the spaces with pattern and line - they no longer look like our names but we know our names are there! We thought about what makes our world an interesting place to be - how diverse it is and how we should welcome this. Our posters were made to share with each other and the rest of school. 

Our identity and diversity work

Welcome to Year 6 - Parent Meeting Resources