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Year 3 2021-2022

Welcome to our Year 3 page.

Tatton Anglo Saxon / Viking Visit

This week year three became young Saxons and Vikings for the day at Tatton Farm. Unfortunately a Viking had come to visit the farm as the Anglo Saxons had not paid their Dane geld. Year 3 had to learn some of the Anglo Saxon skills in case they were given to the Vikings as slaves to pay the debt. Luckily the debt was found and paid just in time so all of Year 3 returned home safely. Year 3 still enjoyed learning the skills of threshing, grinding wheat, making dough, weaving and shield formations.

Viking Architecture Morning

Over the last few weeks Year three have has some exciting experiences. Last week we were visited by Martin who helped us build a huge Viking Longboat in the hall. All of Year 3 helped to create the longboat and they could all fit inside it to row it. A fantastic morning was had by all and the team building skills were fantastic. 

Spring Term


This term our new topic is Invasion! This half term we found out all about the Roman's and how the Roman Empire spread to many countries including Britain. We found out about Roman life, Celtic life and how life in Britain changed after the Iron age. 


In art we looked at mosaics, we found out what they were and how they were made. We then worked in teams to create some of our own large group mosaics. Can you see what pictures we tried to create?

Group mosaics

Gingerbread biscuits

For our DT this term we have been making, baking, designing and decorating gingerbread biscuits. Year 3 made the dough themselves with the help of Mrs Archer. They then baked it and thought about their own designs. They were given limited resources to decorate with but all of the designs are unique. Do you think our completed biscuits look like our original designs?

Tree Planting

Year 3 were lucky enough to take part in some tree planting on our field. The planted a variety of new trees including Hazel trees and Apple trees. 

Stone Age Morning


Year 3 spent a morning out in the forest school area using natural objects we could find (and some man made animal skins) to create their own mini Stone Age camps. See if you can see what is in each of the camps below. Most camps had shelter, a fire pit and places to carry out the day to day jobs that would have been expected in the Stone Age.