School Name

Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits



Teaching staff

Non-teaching Staff

Mrs. Deborah Presswood (Headteacher)

Mrs. Caroline Woosnam (Dep. HT) – Year 6

Miss Nina Woodward - Reception

Mrs. Ruth Griffiths - Nursery

Miss Heather Ridgway – Year 1

Mrs Nina Poole – Year 4

Mrs. Keri King – Year 4

Mrs. Julia Gadd – Year 5

Mrs. Jill Draper – Year 5

Mrs. Catherine Morrison – Year 2

Miss Rebecca Foley – Year 3

Mrs. Jane Regan – Year 6 / Interventions

Mrs. Emma Earnshaw - Learning Support 

Mrs. Chris Bray - Business Manager

Mrs. Renate Bristow - School Secretary

Mr Peter Simpkin - Site Supervisor

Mid-day Assistants (MDA)

Mrs Chris Easley - Supervisor / OOSC

Mr David Fowler - Supervisor

Mrs. Lorna Brennan

Mrs. Janet Brickhill / OOSC

Mrs. Deepika Salujha

Mrs Sharon Baillie

Mrs. Beverley Jones

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Teaching Assistants

Catering Staff

Mrs Denise Archer

Miss Suzanne Heath + MDA /OOSC

Mrs Rachel Robinson + MDA

Mrs. Julia Ainslie 

Mrs. Janice Fidler + OOSC

Mrs. Julie Fletcher

Mrs. Lesley Lawrence + MDA

Ms Vicky Healey

Ms. Jo Singleton + MDA / OOSC

Ms Lorna Bartels + MDA / OOSC

Mrs Mandy Tonge + MDA/ OOSC

Mrs Carly Lockett + MDA / OOSC

Ms Suzanne Roberts – Head Cook

Ms Charlotte Higginson

Ms Natalie Wheeler

Out of School Club Staff (OOSC)

Mrs Janet Penter - Manager

Mrs Janice Fidler - Deputy Manager

Ms Fiona Gardner

Ms Carol Goodenough

(See also other staff lists)