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Optional Easter Activities - grid

Optional Easter Activities

Some of you asked for optional Easter activities in a grid!  Here are a few ideas.

They are optional!!!!  But we are very happy to see anything that you create J

Find out about the Easter story.

Make a zigzag book to tell the story in your own words.

Make a comic script to re-tell the story.

Make a video/powerpoint/imovie to tell the story!


Visit Espresso>KS2>RE> Easter for lots of resources

Do some Easter cooking and baking!

Find and read a recipe.

Follow it…yum Yum!!!


Or create your own recipe!


Write a recipe out in your best handwriting or type it up.


Maybe you could make your own recipe book.

Design your own Easter egg patterns.


How many designs can you come up with?


Design your own chocolate bar.


What ingredients would you put in your ultimate chocolate bar?

Write out a recipe.


Can you find the ingredients to make your own chocolate bar?


Make sure you get an adult to help you to melt the chocolate – it will get very hot!!


Design packaging for your new chocolate bar.


Imagine you are Willy Wonka!


Make your packaging as bright and attractive as you can to persuade people to buy it!


Design a poster to advertise your favourite chocolate bar or your own chocolate creation.


What slogans do you need to use to encourage people to buy it?


What sort of images, colours and words do you want on your poster?

Complete an Easter wordsearch.

Create your own Easter wordsearch or cross word.

Make Easter cards for friends or family.


Paint, draw or

use the computer.


Write an Easter poem.




Easter crafts –


Use cardboard packaging/boxes, egg boxes, etc to create Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter chicks…




Design an Easter egg hunt or Easter treasure hunt for your family.


Espresso -