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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Week 2 Virtual Learning

Friday 3rd April 2020


Well that’s another week gone by. Well done everyone! I hope you have enjoyed your activities. You can now rest for the next 2 weeks. Can I say well done to those of you how have completed your activities on Mathletics. You have worked really hard. Thank you. 

I have posted a questionnaire on google classroom to see how the past two weeks have gone and to see if there is anything you need help with. Parents there is also a section for you. I will be posting these every Friday during term time. 

Parents thank you for everything you have done these past two weeks. I know it must be tricky when you have your own jobs to do at home as well as other children to care for. 

Today’s activities: 



Write a recount about your second week of home learning and draw a picture. You can write about the tasks you have done or you can write about the other activities that you have done with your family. Let me know what you have been up to during your time at home. 

Remember, a recount needs to be in the correct order, you need to use time words and at the end of your recount you need to say what you have enjoyed.  

Remember to use capital letters, full stops and use your phonics. Parents please allow your child to sound out and spell the word, it doesn't matter if it is spelt wrong if it is phonetically correct. They can also use the Year 1 key words that are in their pack to help them. 


Here are some time words you could use. 


first, second, then, next, after that, after, finally 


You could also use the days of the week to tell me what you did on each day. 


This will be your literacy most Fridays so you can keep a diary of what you got up to during these strange times. 

Go onto phonics bloom and choose 2 games to play on phase 5. Most of the games are free.  


I have set you some mathletics activities. Remember you can also use the numbots app to practise your number bonds (log ins are in your file) .

Other activities 


Complete a Lego challenge


Map work - Grid references. 
In your home learning pack there is a four figure grid reference map. Please complete the sheet. You may need an adult to help you with this. When using your map you have to walk >>>>>>>> before you climb ^^^^^^^^^ and that will give you your four figure grid reference. Enjoy! 

Have a lovely Easter, I know we can’t go anywhere but we can still have fun with our families and there is always FaceTime if you can’t be with someone. Hopefully we get some nice weather. 

I will speak to you all on Monday 20th April. 
Take care of each other

Stay safe 

Miss you all 



Miss Ridgway 

Thursday 2nd April 2020 


Arghhh me hearties! Captain Ridgway here! Today we are going to have a pirate theme. If you have a pirate outfit why don’t you wear it today to complete your activities? (Or just wear anything you like!) 


Today’s swashbuckling activities are: 


I want you to image that you are marooned on a desert island. I want you to write a letter to your mums and dads. Tell them what you have been up to, why you were marooned, what you have found and how you are feeling. I will put an example on here for you. Try and use the correct punctuation and try to use some connectives ‘and’ ‘so’ ‘but’.



Oh Pirate’s do love treasure! Please log onto phonics play - phase 4 and play Buried treasure. I will put the link below. 



On their ships, Pirates have lots of items. In your home learning pack there is a maths bar chart along with some questions. Please complete this sheet. 

Other activities 

Blackbeard’s ship has broken! He needs a new one! Can you make him a new ship? Remember our science experiment that we did where we tested different materials? Can you remember which ones floated? Using items around your house (with an adults permission) I would like you to make a new pirate ship for Blackbeard. You could use the old containers/ cardboard boxes that your parents may have saved for you. 

Once you have built it, I would like you to test it either in the sink or the bath and see if it floats. Take a picture of it if you can and stick it in your blue book. Then write a sentence about what happened. 

Have a wonderful day shipmates! 


Captain Ridgway 


Wednesday 1st April 2020 


Good morning Year 1. Can you believe it’s April already? Let’s hope that we have more of this nice weather. I see that some of you have logged into google classroom which is brilliant! Parents, you should have received an email explaining how to log in. I will leave yesterday’s ‘check in’ on and see if we get some more comments and then I will put a new one on tomorrow :). I’m loving the fact that I can now talk to you all and get your responses. 

Today’s activities: 

We’re going to have a bit of an Easter theme today. 


Please watch the video of the Easter story on espresso. I would then like you to choose a part of the story and write one/ couple of sentences about it and draw a picture. 


Phonics splat. 
If you have the phonics cards you can use these or write the phonics sounds (that are in your pack) on pieces of paper. Place the phonics sounds on the floor or table. Parents please then call out a phonic sound. Your child has to splat that sound as quickly as they can. Maybe try playing against someone and see who is the quickest. The quickest person wins the card. Who will have the most at the end? 


I have set some Mathletics activities for you. These will be available from 8am. 

Other activities 

I would like you to make an Easter card for someone to make them smile. It could be for a family member or a neighbour. I’m sure the person you make it for will be very happy. Have a look on the internet for some designs, there are lots about. If you don’t have any card or plain paper you can use a page out of your blue book. 

I am also going to pop on a rainbow scavenger hunt. I wonder what you will be able to find? 
Have fun! 


Speak to you tomorrow 


Miss Ridgway 


Tuesday 31st March 2020


Good morning lovelies. How are you all today? 
 We are beginning to set up ‘Google Classroom’. Parents you should receive an email explaining how to join over the next few days. Children this is to give us some communication as I miss talking to you all. Once it is set up there will be a check in every morning. You can then send your reply to me and you can also see you friends comments. There will also be times when you can ask me any questions. I will post on the website when these will be.  

Let’s get on with today’s tasks. Parents please don’t worry if your child doesn’t do all the tasks that have been set. I know you have work to do as well and other children who need your time.  


I would like you to ‘roll a story’. Use the picture below to help you write a short story. I will also put some story starters and endings on for you. Please don’t finish your story with ’the end’. Use your phonics to help you sound out words, use capital letters and full stops. I wonder who will get grumpy teacher?


Espresso - ks1 - English - phonics - Polly’s phonics - ur 

please watch the video and complete 2 of the activities. 




We are continuing with place value. Please go onto espresso - ks1 - maths - number and place value - place value - videos  

Please watch- place value: the toy shop 

activities espresso - ks1- maths - number and place value - activities 

partitioning numbers in different ways (1-50)

or partitioning numbers in different ways (1-100)  


Other activities 

Click onto the home learning web links just above this post and click onto P.E passport. I would like you to choose 2 p.e (not the dance) videos to complete. 

Can you design a meal for a pirate? In your book draw a plate with some food for the pirate that you designed yesterday. Can you remember what pirates eat and drink? See if you can find any other things on the internet that they used to have. Once you have drawn them, colour it in and label it so I know what yummy treats you have given them. 

As we normally do singing on a Tuesday, I would like you to sing your favourite song today . Ask an adult to put the song on and sing your heart out!!!! 

I’m going to sing Dance Monkey as I like that song at the moment. I wonder what you will sing?? 

Speak to you tomorrow 

Miss Ridgway 

Monday 30th March 2020 

Good morning Year 1. Welcome to week 2 of home learning. What have you been up to this weekend? I spent most of it in the garden painting my fence. I hope you had a lovely time with your families.


Today’s tasks: 




As it is Monday, please get an adult to test you on your spellings in the back of your yellow spellings book. In you blue book, I would like you to write your new spellings. Challenge- can you write them in alphabetical order? If there are two words that start with the same letter, look at the second letter to see which one comes first. You can use your pirate alphabet sheet to help you as it has the alphabet at the top. 

New spellings: 











I would then like you to choose 5 of your new spellings and put them into a sentence. Use a capital letter, full stop and best handwriting. 


Espresso - ks1 - English - phonics - ash’s phonics- ir. 

Please watch the ir video and complete the activities. 


Espresso - ks1 - maths - number and place value - place value- videos. 
Please watch - place value: birds and trees 

Then do the activities: 

Place value cards: 1-99 (numbers)

Place value quiz  


Other activities 



As it is normally our P.E day I would like you to do the pirates cosmic kids yoga that I have put the link to below. Have fun! 

Choose a paper aeroplane to make and see how far you can fly it in the garden. 

Create your own pirate. Draw a pirate in your blue book. Make sure it is big, not teeny tiny so I can’t see it. You can add an eye patch, cutlass, telescope etc. I would then like you to label your pirate. Their clothes and items. You can add anything you like it is your pirate.