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Week 3 Virtual Learning

Friday 24th April 


Good morning everyone. It's the end of another week. I hope it has been a good one! How did your science experiments go yesterday were you able to free whatever had been frozen? 

I have put another questionnaire on google classroom for you to fill out. Please can you do this for me. It lets me know how you've been feeling this week, what has worked, what hasn't and helps me to plan the structure of activities to come. Don't forget to let your parents fill out the last section and I will reply to you with any feedback. 


Today's activities:



Following on from Wednesday's activity, I would like you to sort the words into imperative verbs and not imperative verbs. Please do this in your blue book. Write the title Finding imperative verbs, split your page in half and sort the words using the sub headings imperative verbs and not imperative verbs. You can either, cut and stick the words in the right section or if you don't have a printer, copy them into your book. The PowerPoint is still on google classroom if you need a reminder.



I spy and read - use your phonics to read the words and then find the picture. 

Please go onto espresso - English - phonics - Polly's phonics - oo  and play the spelling and reading games. 



I have added some activities for you to do on Mathletics linked to Capacity. 


Other activities 

This term during enrichment you should have been doing orienteering. Orienteering involves map work. I would like you to draw a map of part of your house and label it. It could be your bedroom, part of your house, your garden or your street. Imagine that you are standing above it looking down. Draw a label what you can see. Look at the examples to give you ideas. Have a go. 


Have a lovely weekend 

Look after each other and have fun 

Speak to you on Monday 


Miss RIdgway 


Thursday 23rd April 


Good morning, I hope you all enjoyed making your obstacle course.

Parents if your child has finished reading their school books and you are looking for some more you can sign up to Oxford Owl for free and there are a number of ebooks on there including some magic key stories.Once signed in, click on ebooks and oxford reading tree level and then choose the level your child is currenty at.


Pickatale is also a good app that you can download. They are currently offering a 2 week free trial. This seems a good app as it will read the book to the children or they can read it themselves. If they are stuck on a word, they click it and it reads it to them. There is also a quiz at the end of most books so it is aiding their comprehension skills.


Hope that helps :)


Today's tasks:



Please practise your letter formation today. There is a sheet in your file containing all the letters of the alphabet (on handwriting lines), please practise your letters on the sheet so that they are formed on the lines correctly. Then you can go and practise them outside in chalk, water, sand etc if you like. 



Sight word stomp/bean bag throw - please choose 10 of the year 1 common exception words (in your file) and write them in chalk outside or on pieces of paper. when you say a word your child has to jump on that word or throw their ball, bean bag etc onto it. How many can they get right? 




Please watch the capacity video on espresso. I would then like you to look around your house and see what you can find that is measured in ml or litres. Please write the title Capacity in your blue book and then  write a list of what you have found and how many ml or litres were in it. 

For example

Vimto bottle - 725ml 

salad cream - 489ml 


I wonder how many things you can find? 


Other activities 

Yesterday I asked your parents to freeze something (don't worry if you haven't you can always do the activity another time). I would like you to use three differnt things to try and help you save whatever has been frozen. I would like you to use sugar, salt and flour (or anything else if you havent got it in). Before you try I would like you to make a prediction (a guess) in your blue book 


I think that the …………… will melt the ice because ………………..


Then one at a time use the different things to see if it melts the ice. Only do this using a spoon DO NOT USE YOUR FINGERS! 

The salt and ice will cause sore fingers.


Are you able to free what's inside? Which one worked? Was your prediction right? Write the results in your book. 


The .............. melted the ice because...............


Why do you think it was? 


Please then watch the video in the link below. 


Have a lovely day, it's meant to be really warm today. I wonder who will have an ice lolly? 

Speak to you tomorrow 


Miss Ridgway 


Wednesday 22nd April 


Good morning, good morning! I hope you are all ok and are enjoying the weather! 

Parents - please could you place a small toy or object in a small container with some water and freeze it? Tomorrow the children will have to use salt, sugar and flour (or whatever you have in) to try and release the object from it's icey fortress! 


Today's activities:



We are going to start looking at instructional writing as that is our literacy focus this term. First of all we are going to look at imperative verbs these are bossy words! I have added a powerpoint for you (on here and google classrom) to look at and then I have added a word search for you to have a go at. You should be able to complete the word search on the computer through google classroom if you open it with google docs or you can print it if you do not have a printer. There are two different levels of sheet, choose the one that is best for you. 


Phonics / Spellings 

Please practise your spellings you can use feltips, do rainbow writing, bubble writing, use paintbrushes and water outside, chalk, shaving foam. Practise any way ypu like. Make it fun.



Keeping with our capacity unit, I have added a worksheet for you to complete. 


Other activities 


Choose a lego activity to complete. 


Can you build an obstacle course in your garden? can you travel over and under and around? Try and think of the different levels that we use in gymnastics and the different ways of moving. Can your parents or brothers and sisters complete your obstacle course?


Have a lovely day 

Speak to you all tomorrow 


Miss Ridgway 


*don't forget for any extra activities there is a list of websites and apps on the Year 1 main page (only if you want them!). 

imperative verbs powerpoint

Tuesday 21st April 
Good morning! How are we all? How did you do with your spring hunt? I did it with the key worker children in school and we found most things apart from the lamb! I wonder if any of you saw one? 

Today’s activities: 



Please watch the video on espresso “prefix un-”. 
In your file there is a sheet. Please cut out the words and match the un- words to their root word and stick them in your blue book. I would then like you to choose 3 (you can do more if you like 😊) of the Un- words and write them in a sentence in your blue book. 


Can you think of some words that have the “Oo poo at the zoo” sound in them? Try and think of different ones to your spellings. Can you spot any of them in your house or during your daily exercise? 


Choose some containers (different to yesterday’s) and fill them so that they are full and half full. I would then like you to try filling them a quarter and three quarters full. 

We can measure liquid in millilitres. It looks like this ml. 
Do have a measuring jug? I would like you to estimate (guess) how much 100ml is and pour it into a plain container. Then pour it in your jug and see if you were right. Try this with a few measurements. 



400ml etc. 
Have fun! Don’t get too wet 💧 


Other activities 
I would like you to read your book today or one from home. Read it to your brother, sister, mum, dad, grandma, grandad etc (it might be through FaceTime or Skype). 

I would like you to draw a picture of you in your blue book. Draw the clothes that you would wear in Spring. Around you draw the weather in Spring and some things that you might see in Spring. 

Try and do some exercise today. Maybe a dance video on YouTube, yoga, P.E with Joe. You choose. 

Enjoy your day 

Speak to you tomorrow


Miss Ridgway 


Welcome to the Summer term! I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed spending time in your gardens or out for your daily exercise with your families. Haven't we had great weather! I've been on some lovely walks and celebrated some birthdays (not mine) in a new way! We had facetime phone calls to blow out the candles on the cake and then had a quiz night on our laptops with some friends. Are you keeping in touch with your family and friends? Facetime and skype are wonderful apps. It's important to keep in touch with our loved ones. Thank you so much to those of you that completed the online questionnaire. I really enjoyed reading them and hearing how you have been getting on with your home learning. Having a routine seems to work well for some families. When I have been in school with the key worker children we have done our school work in the morning and then 'fun', 'creative' activities in the afternoon. However, ever family is different so do what works for you and your family. Remember, if you need a little break that is fine. Parents, if an activity is too frustrating for your child or you, leave it for the time being, change it accordingly or leave it altogether. Please do not feel that you must do a full day's school work at home. If you don't manage to complete all the activities set, do not worry. The main thing is that you are all happy and healthy! 


Our new topic is Grow it! 


Monday 20th April 


Spelling day, please get an adult to test you on your last set of spellings in the back of your yellow book. In your blue book, please write your new spellings. 













Choose 5 of the words above and put them into a sentence. Remember capital letters and full stops. 



I have put a printable game on google classroom. If you do not have a printer you can make the game or complete an activity on Espresso focusing on the oo sound. 



This week we will be focusing on capacity. Please watch the BBC Bitesize video on capacity. I would then like you to find some conatiners in your house (cups, buckets etc). Can you fill them with water so that they are half full, full. For an extra challenge can you make it a quarter full? I would then like you to try and put your containers in order from the one that holds the least water to the one that holds the most. It may not be the one that you think. Check if you are right. Using the same container (so it is fair), fill up the other containers - counting as you go. Count how many full cups you have to pour in to make the container full. Was your order correct? 


Other activities

Just like when we went on our Autumn hunt I would like you to go on a Spring hunt to see what has changed. I will put a Spring hunt sheet onto google classroom. See what you can find either in your garden or during you daily exercise. 


I would like you to draw a picture of a tree during Spring time or a flower. You choose. Remember to look really closely at your object. Don't rush it and draw a little bit at at time. Remember to keep looking at your object, don't guess. 


Enjoy your day 

Speak to you tomorrow 


Miss Ridgway