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Week 4 Virtual Learning



Use your learning from yesterday to help you answer the word problems.
Use your times tables facts to help you. Remember the denominator shows you how many equal groups there are.
The sheets are on Google Classroom.



This week we have been looking at poetry. One of my favourite poetry books is 'Please Mrs Butler' by Allan Ahlberg, I remember reading this when I was younger. It is a collection of poems all about school. Please use the link to hear Oti Mabusi read Please Mrs Butler.
Can you answer the questions about the poem in your blue book using your neat handwriting.
Just complete Activity 1 today. We will look at the other activities next week.



Please can you take a minute to fill in the weekly questionnaire.



Today you are going to have a go at finding fractions of numbers. 
To find a fraction of a number we can use our division number facts.
For example finding a quarter of a number means we are dividing by 4.
For each of the tasks I have created a support sheet to help you divide the numbers. If you need help I have also included a x tables square, I am sure most of you will not need this.
Bronze and Silver tasks are finding a unit fraction of a number.
Gold is finding unit and non unit fractions.
A unit fraction is any fraction that has the numerator of 1.
Choose one task , some of you are completing all tasks and this is not necessary.
If you do not have a printer, copy and complete the questions in your blue book.
When dividing use objects to help you if you need to - whatever you have to hand - pasta, beads, buttons, lego bricks

The sheets are available in the classroom.


Literacy -

continuing your poetry task if you have not done it yet.



Will you agree to help Zinnia, a friendly alien who wants to farm human food in space. 
She needs you to find out what plants need to grow strong and healthy. Are you up to the challenge? 
You will need to do some scientific investigation and research over the coming weeks.
Watch the video or read the letter from Zinnia.
Can you create a fact sheet / poster to explain to Zinnia what is needed to help grow a healthy plant. 
Remember if you give a plant too much water or not enough light it will not be a healthy plant. 
You will need to give plenty of clear detail as Zinnia has never grown plants before.
You also need to include  which parts of plants are eaten and a list of different plants you think the aliens should grow.
There are some useful links below and there is also a good section on espresso about plants, you may even have some books at home to help you find out some useful information for Zinnia.



Mrs Archer Story Time

Still image for this video



I have set some new tasks on Mathletics. I have been checking regularly and most of you are using Mathletics weekly but some of you have not logged in for quite a while. Today you have time to catch up on any tasks I have set you. You may also want to visit TT Rocks if you have not done that recently.



Today you have time to catch up on any tasks you need to and also time to write and present your poem. Mrs Archer has recorded a story for us to listen to so please enjoy that. The video should be above.


Today I have set no other tasks as I know some of you have mentioned that you are catching up with some of the tasks set last week or earlier in the week. 




Thank you for your poem ideas yesterday. I have put them together to make a Year 3 lockdown poem, I hope you like it. 

It got me thinking about whether other people have written about their experiences through poetry. So your Literacy task this week is to write your own poem about the lockdown. There are some ideas here that you could magpie ( use ideas from) or you may have your own ideas.

Remember a poem does not need to rhyme.
It could be a shape poem in the shape of a rainbow, it could be a short poem or you could use our 'Lockdown means' starter to add your own ideas. 
You could write an acrostic poem where each line starts with a letter in the word 'lockdown'. 

I have added lots of ideas and links for you to have a look at. There is also link to espresso (login in your blue book) If you look in English at poetry Lower KS2 there are lots of useful tips on writing poetry.

Once you have composed your poem, write it into your blue book using your very best writing and if you are able to upload a photo to this page so we can share our poems (if you would like to share).  


Today you are going to add fractions with the same denominator ( bottom number )
There are 3 challenges, choose the one that suits your confidence level.
If you choose gold you have an extra challenge to find any answers that can be simplified 
( made smaller by dividing the numerator and denominator by the same number)
For example - 6 / 10 (six tenths) both the numerator and denominator are even so can be divided by 2.
Half of 6 is 3
Half of 10 is 5
So 6 / 10 can be simplified to 3 / 5.
Only do this if you are confident and understand what simplify a fraction means.

The questions can be found on the Google Classroom.



Scavenger Hunt


Yesterday I was in school, in the afternoon we went for a walk around the block and we looked for the items on the scavenger hunt list. The most we could tick off was 36. How many can you spot in your local area when you go out for a walk.

See the Google Classroom for your list of 40 things to find.




Happy Monday Year 3.
Thank you for all of your responses to the questionnaire. We have some great ideas for the daily check in from some of you. I know some of you found it hard to get back into the swing of things last week because of the holiday and the glorious weather. Me too Year 3, it was very strange but I am really looking forward to going into school tomorrow for the day to work with the key worker children.

I know some of you are dipping in and out of the work as and when you can which is great. I appreciate all you are doing to support from home and understand that home learning needs to be adapted for your individual families. There is always an option to upload photos/work and I try and make sure that I feedback on anything that is submitted. Do not feel that this is a necessity but the option is there .


I know lots of you are missing your friends so I thought for Friday's check in, if you would like, you could upload a very short video of you saying hello to your friends and telling us about something that you have been doing at home - I think no longer than 30 seconds. I will give you instructions on how to do that on Friday morning. I am giving you advanced notice as you may want to film it in advance at some point over the week. If you do not want to make a video you could just upload a photo of you doing something at home instead. It will only be shared by you on our class stream so no one but Year 3, Mrs Archer and Mrs Presswood will be able to see it.



Today we should be doing spellings so you need to complete your spelling test for the last set of spelling words -  (Words ending in ‘-er’ when the root word ends in (t)ch) . 
Can you ask another person to test you at the back of your usual spelling book. 

The new spelling list is below. Words with the /k/ sound spelled ‘ch.’  
Can you copy your new spellings very carefully into your blue book. The tasks today are based around your spellings.

1. Arrange the spellings into alphabetical order.

2. Can you write or draw the meaning of each new word - use the quiz to help you.
(Silver choose the 7 words you feel most confident learning)
(Gold use all words - are there any other words you know that fit the pattern?)

3. Can you write 5 sentences using some/all of your words - remember your neat handwriting and punctuation, I have notices some of you seem to be rushing a little with your presentation and writing in pen, please write in pencil if you have one. 

4. Challenge - When you have written your 5 sentences can you go back and make 2 improvements to each sentence to make them more interesting. Think about our 'WHITE BUS' words to help you out.


See Google Classroom for the spelling list.


This week our focus will be on fractions - please do not panic. I know the though of fractions really worries some of you but hopefully we are going to revise what we already know. 
It is important to remember that a fraction means an equal part/group of something. We can link our fractions to our work on division and I know a lot of you have been working hard on your times tables over the break.
Today I would like you to order fractions with the same denominator (bottom number)
I would also like you to compare fractions so you can see which is bigger/smaller.
There are some useful links and sites to visit before you start. 
The sheets are bronze,silver,gold and there is an extra challenge for those of you who are feeling confident.
Remember you only need to choose one challenge. 
Some of you have been completing all of the challenges I have set, this is not necessary, if you choose to take on all of the challenges because you are enjoying the maths then that is up to you.


Remember there are useful resources on Mathletics and Espresso under Lower KS2 Fractions.

Art Challenge


This week I have a challenge for you. I was reading the most recent copy of 'First News' and I saw a news article about an art gallery in Norfolk that had set a challenge for lock-down. The challenge is to create art out of a toilet roll tube. I imagine you all have one in your recycling. I have uploaded some ideas but I know you are a creative crew so you probably have your own ideas. When you have completed your challenge upload a photo of your finished artwork by Friday 8th May and I will create a gallery for us where you can vote for your favourite art (not your own)! 
I will also tweet your photos from the school account for the gallery to see.