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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Week 8 Virtual Learning (10.6.20)

Wednesday 10th June

Good morning everyone! We hope that you have had a lovely holiday and enjoyed the fabulous sunshine we had before the weather turned! 


From now on, our virtual learning will be slightly different so we need you to go and get your grown-up and go through this together … it’s really important that you do this so that everybody is clear about what will be happening…..


…..Okay - have you got them with you? Great! 

Now that more children are coming to school, either in year group cohorts or critical worker groups all of the teachers will be back at school and because virtual learning takes a long time to organise and prepare the way we have been doing it, we need to change it - we can’t all do two full time jobs! We can’t just stop it either because your year group is not returning yet and you are just as important as everybody else!

  • On a Monday, you will have a welcome to the week message. We have been doing a daily welcome on our webpage - but now it will become a weekly welcome. 

  • Your work for the week will be put on all at once in a timetable… just follow the timetable!

  • You may feel that the work is repetitive over the week, that is because we are going to be focusing on key skills that you need to master for next year - just like we would be doing if you were in school. So, for example, if it says read for twenty minutes every day, you MUST do this. If it says TTRockstars for twenty minutes, you must do this. Don’t think that because there isn’t any writing, you can ignore it!

  • We will continue to use this class webpage for the timetable and most links but may also continue to put any resources you might need in Google Classroom - we will carefully date and label them so you know which materials link to which task. 

  • We will be expecting you to complete all tasks, but will only be asking you to ‘hand in’ certain ones. It is important that you hand these tasks in on time to save us the job of having to chase you for them. Having to do that, isn't a good use of time. Don’t hand them in early either - if we give you five days to do a job - it means it needs five days to do it properly - not one!

  • We will make the work set for the week interesting but well explained so that with a little thought, you should be able to overcome any hurdles and problem solve for yourselves. We will not be able to answer lots of questions as quickly as we have been doing because we will be in school with groups of children from other year groups so if you do have a problem that you can’t solve yourself and that a parent can’t help with, you may have to be very patient. 

  • You will still be able to do the weekly check-in questionnaire.

  • Mrs Presswood and Mrs Woosnam are thinking carefully about how we can get our class together for some social time sessions - socially distanced of course - so you can all have a catch up and we can see you! They will be in touch soon! 


Enjoy the rest of the week.

Love, Mrs Poole and Mrs King


Learning Tasks Week beginning 8th June 2020 


Monday 8th June 2020  

Training day


Tuesday 9th June 2020  

Training day


Wednesday 10th June 2020 

Reading:  20-30 minutes to yourself - summarise key points in your blue book about the section you read today. Use this as a chance to practise interesting vocabulary, sentence structure, punctuation - transfer those skills!  Be clear.  Ask an adult to check it and make sure they understand what has happened from your description. 


Spellings: Ask a grown up to test you on list 28.

Write out sentences for your new spellings which can be found in Google Classroom (list 29).


Maths: Login to Mathletics.  I haven’t set tasks today as I would like you to choose what tasks to do.  Please try to spend time on the four rules- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


History: During the Spring term we did some learning about rivers. One of the BBC Bitesize guides that you read through last half term talked about the River Nile in Egypt.  Over the next few days I would like you to do some more research and make notes about the River Nile.  Then I would like you to write a leaflet or make a poster to show what you have found out. 

Try to include answers to the following questions:

~ Where exactly is the river and how long is it?

~ What happened to the river during the different seasons and how long did the seasons last?

~ Why was the river so important to the Egyptians?

~ What other interesting facts can you find out?

I have attached some links to websites which you may find useful: 


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:

TT Rock Stars


Thursday 11th June 2020

Reading:  20-30 minutes to yourself then clarify 5 unknown words- use a dictionary.  Write the word definitions in your book then write your own sentences to show you understand how to use the words.  Ask a on adult to check your sentences.   


Writing: Now we have had another school holiday, I would like you to write me a letter letting me know how you are getting on at home. Tell me what you are enjoying and talk in detail about any particular highlights. Tell me what you are finding more challenging too.  I look forward to reading your letters. Please use the Doc in Google Classroom to complete this task if possible. If not you may write on paper and upload a photo of your finished work. 


Maths: Please see Google Classroom for a lesson on coordinate polygons. The Powerpoint is also at the bottom of this page in case you can't open it in Google Classroom.


History: Continue with the task set on Wednesday.


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:

TT Rock Stars


Friday 12th June 

Reading: 20 - 30 minutes yourself.  Ask a parent to ask you five questions that really make you think.


Writing: Continue and complete yesterday’s letter writing task. 


Science: Design an invertebrate home.  See Google Classroom for more information.


History: Continue with and complete Wednesday’s task.


Weekly check-in:  Posted in Google Classroom.


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:

TT Rock Stars