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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Week 1 Virtual Learning

Friday 27th March 2020


Good morning everyone! I hope your first week of home learning has gone well. Well done for all your hard work (you too parents!) I hope you have had lots of fun learning with your mummies and daddies. Did anyone take part in the cheer for the NHS last night? I did it on my |street and it was amazing! So lovely to hear everyone cheering and clapping. These will be your final tasks for the week, don't worry I won't be setting you any on Saturday and Sunday. Parents, please could you start saving any cardboard boxes, plastic tubs etc for your child to make a pirate ship during one of their tasks next week. Thank you. 


Todays tasks:



Write a recount about your first week of home learning and draw a picture. You can write about the tasks you have done or you can write about the other activities that you have done with your family. Let me know what you have been up to during your time at home.

Remember, a recount needs to be in the correct order, you need to use time words and at the end of your recount you need to say what you have enjoyed.  

Remember to use capital letters, full stops and use your phonics. Parents please allow your child to sound out and spell the word, it doesn't matter if it is spelt wrong if it is phonetically correct. They can also use the Year 1 key words that are in their pack to help them. 


Here are some time words you could use. 


first, second, then, next, after that, after, finally 


You could also use the days of the week to tell me what you did on each day. 

I can't wait to read what you have been up to. 


Phonics - phonics play - phase 4 - dragons den - revise all phase 4. 

phonics play - phase 4 - make a match. 




Please click on the link below for sum connect 4. Look for the KS1 video at the bottom. This will explain the game. You can then either download and print the game cards  or you can draw a grid in your blue book and copy the numbers. Have fun!


I have also attached an activity for you to do. If parents can print it great! If not then you can verbally say the answers to your parents. 


Other activities 


Have a teddy bears picnic with your teddys outside - read your favourite book to them. 

Do something kind for someone in your house. 




Art - last week we drew a picture of a pirate and to make it easier we did this step by step. I have put some step by step drawings below for you to have a go at in your blue book.


It has been very strange this week not seeing you and I have missed you all. Can you do something for me? Give your mummies and daddies a big hug today and say thank you for helping you with your leaning this week.


Have a lovely weekend 

Speak to you on Monday 


Miss Ridgway 



Thursday 26th March 2020


Gooooood morning :) How did your day go yesterday? As the weather was so gorgeous yesterday I spent most of it outside. Did any of you manage to create your own chalk pictures? If you took a picture of it, bring it into school when we are back. I would love to see it. 



In your packs there is a writing task about a pirate. Can you write some sentences about how he got stuck on the desert island? Remember, nice handwriting and can you use some of our topic words? 









I would also like you to practise your spellings. You can do this is lots of different ways; bubble writing, curly writing, water and paintbrushes outside, chalks, sand. Have fun with it. 


Phonics - watch the ay video on espresso and complete the reading and spelling activities. 



Board games are great and so much fun. Play the snakes and ladders game in your home learning pack with an adult or your brother/sister. Who will win?? 

Have a go at the time game on snappy maths. I have put the link below. How many can you get right in a minute? Have a go at the o'clock and half past games. 


Other activities 


ICT - as it is normally our ICT day on a Thursday, I would like you to log onto and complete 2 or 3 of the activities. 

I have put the link below - your log in is stuck inside your folder. 


Everyone loves lego! Can you complete one of the Lego challenges from your learning pack? 


I have also seen others creating a giraffe family by drawing around their hands. Can you make your own giraffe family? 


Don't forget to read your reading book and share books with your family. 


Speak to you all tomorrow


Miss Ridgway 



  • Code.orgtype in the code in capital letters

 Wednesday 25th March 2020 


Wow! What a gorgeous morning it is today. I was out drawing pictures with chalks yesterday in the sunshine. If you have some, have a go today. We drew the pictures big so that we could fit in them and then we took a picture. They looked brill! I'll pop some pictures below of the examples that we looked at. I hope you are all finding the activities ok?


Today's tasks: 



Can you sing the alphabet song? Watch the alphablocks link below which will help you to learn the song. Then have a go at some of the alphabetical order activities on espresso (the ones at the bottom of the page). In your pack, there is a sheet with pirate words on. Can you put these words into alphabetical order? There is an alphabet at the top to help you. 




I have set a couple of activities on Mathletics for you to do on subtraction. Also please practise your number bonds on the numbots app (username and password has been stuck onto your file). 


Other activities 

Has anyone been doing the P.E with Joe on Youtube? I have and my legs hurt! Do yours? Keep doing it though, its great exercise and gets your ready for the day. 


Motor skills activity - throwing and catching.

Get out in the garden and complete this task. 


Throwing and catching a balloon, large ball, small ball or beanbag - you choose your level. 

Level 1: use balloons or large soft balls – how many can you do in a minute? 

Level  2+3: use smaller balls or beanbags – how many can you do in a minute?


Edinburgh zoo have a live stream of animals on their website. Have a look at the different animals. Maybe try and catch them during feeding time! 


Have a lovely day, enjoy the weather. 


Miss Ridgway 

  • Espressoalphabet activities (at the bottom)

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Good Morning you lovely lot. I hope day 1 went well. Did you manage to get out in the garden? Were you able to create a rainbow? If not, maybe  have a go today. 


Here are today's tasks: 



In your packs i have sent home a picture of your alien. Today I would like you to write about your alien. You can write a few sentences to describe your alien (don't forget to use adjectives - Remember they are describing words) or you can write a story about your alien and the adventures that it could go on. Please write the date at the top of your page and underline with a....... ruler :) if you have one. 

Remember - capital letters and full stops and use your phonic sounds to help you with your spelling.


I can't wait to read them! 



We are continuing with time. On espresso, please re-watch the video hours and half hours. Then complete the telling the time activity. I will put links to these below. 


I would also like you to watch the super movers time video. See if you can join in with the actions. 



Other activities 

Phonics - please complete the Phase 4 tricky word game on Phonics Play - this is currently free using:


Username: march20
Password: home


I would also like you to read the interactive story book. 


And most importantly, enjoy the sunshine. get out in your garden. Kick a football, play games, do some gardening. 


Have a lovely day 



Miss Ridgway 

  • Phonics PlayPhase 4 tricky words and interactive story book


Monday 23rd March 2020


Good morning Year 1! I hope you got to enjoy the sunshine this weekend and had lots of cuddles with your Mummy yesterday. 

Every morning I will put some tasks on here for you to do throughout the day. For some of the tasks you may need some help from an adult and some you can do independently. Just try your best and if Mummy's and Daddy's are working, see if there is an activity you can do by yourself. Don't forget, with some of the activities, you might have to become the teacher! 



Please complete the spelling test for last weeks spellings, in the back of your yellow spellings book. 

I would then like you to practise your new spellings in your blue book. Can you put 5 of your new spellings into a sentence? Remember, capital letters and full stops. 
















As we have been learning about time and the months of the year, i have set you some activities on Mathletics for you to complete. Please complete any outstanding activities during your home learning. 


Other activities 

You may have seen that people have been painting/drawing a picture of a rainbow and putting these in their windows. Why don't you have a go at doing one today. I'm sure it will make people walking past smile :)


Joe wicks is also doing a P.E session at 9am this morning on Youtube, join in if you can. 


Try and get out in the garden as much as you can and enjoy the nice weather. 


You can also use the numbots app to practise number bonds and 'Teach your monster to read' is a great app for helping you with your phonics (parents I think the app may be free but ends today - if not the computer version is free). 


Have a lovely day. 

I will speak to you all tomorrow. 



Miss Ridgway