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Week 2 Virtual Learning

Year 3 Learning Tasks Week beginning 15th June 2020 

Monday 15th June 2020  


Reading: 20 minutes to yourself,Write a few sentences that explain what happened in the part you read - write in full sentences. Be clear and use descriptive language. Ask a parent/adult to check it and make sure they understand what has happened from your description. 


Grammar / Punctuation : This week we will be revising the different word types. Today I would like you to revise nouns - common nouns and proper nouns. Watch the video then complete activity 1,2,and 4. Link here


Maths:  Maths booklet - 30 / 40 minutes 

You can find your maths booklet in Google classroom. If you need to complete last week’s booklet first then do that. This week our topic is Money. There are Gold, Silver and Bronze booklets so choose the one that suits you. I will post the answer books on Friday so you can check your work. 

Useful websites to revise money:


Topic: Plastic pollution - Somebody Swallowed Stanley by Sarah Roberts.

Listen to the story of somebody Swallowed Stanley - Link here

How did the book make you feel? Sarah Roberts wrote the book because she works with animals and she has seen what plastic can do to harm animals. Watch her talking about her book here.

Plastic pollution is a big problem for our environment. Today I would like you to spend some time exploring the websites below which have lots of information linked to plastic pollution and activity ideas you can try at home linked to plastic recycling. This week I would like you to research plastic pollution, the damage it has done and what kinds of things we can do to help. Use the Google Docs in the Classroom to add in any pictures or interesting facts you learn so you can use them next  week.


Computing: Communicating safely over the internet, this week I would like you to complete the esafety activities with a grown up so we can revise what we have learnt. With your grown up can you read the DigiDuck story in Google Classroom. Discuss the questions at the back of the book. 


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:



Spelling activities



Tuesday 16th June 2020  


Reading: 20-30 minutes to yourself - clarify 3 unknown words - use a dictionary. Write the word definition in your book. Then, write a further three sentences to show you can use them. Eg

Inquisitive: adjective: having or showing an interest in learning things; curious.

The children were inquisitive about returning to school and what it may be like.


Spellings: Choose one of the spelling practice ideas from Google Classroom


Maths: Continue with booklet - 30 minutes to 40 minutes 


Topic - Continuing research into plastic pollution


Computing: Today I would like you to watch the video about email. Do you know what an email is? Link here

Use the video and the information on the Newsround site to discuss how to keep your information safe if you are using email.


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial: 

TT Rocks


Spelling activities



Wednesday 17th June 2020 


Reading: 20 - 30  minutes to yourself, ask a parent to ask you five questions that really make you think. 


Spellings: Ask a grown up to test you.

Write out a sentence for your new spellings. 

New spelling list in Google Classroom, this week there is a choice of Bronze silver gold. We will be focusing on Year 3 / 4 key words and common misspelled keywords this term. 


Maths: Continue with booklet - 30 minutes to 40 minutes 


Topic : Continue finding out about Plastic pollution


Computing: In the classroom have a look at the How to Email your friends information. Discuss what you have read with a grown up and make sure you understand the rules of staying safe and polite communication. Once you have completed the reading could you test what you have learned by sending a friend in your class an email to say hello. Tell them a little bit about what you have been doing and maybe ask them a question that they could answer when they reply. 


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:





Thursday 18th June 2020


Reading:  Comprehension - Choose one of the following 

Harder comprehension - Read the extract from the BFG and complete the quiz and the further questions. Link here

Easier Comprehension - Read the story in Google classroom - Halibut Jackson. Follow the link to answer the questions. Link here


Spellings: Choose one of the spelling practice ideas from Google Classroom.


Maths: Maths Booklet - 30 - 40 minutes 


Topic: Continue with your research


Computing: Check your email. Did you have a reply from your friend? Could you email another hello. 


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:



Friday 19th June 


Reading: Read aloud to someone in your household for 10-15 minutes. Before you start, tell them about your book and what it is about. When you have finished see if you can ask them some questions about your reading to check they have been listening closely!


Grammar / Punctuation : Pronouns - Link here Continuing to look at nouns moving onto pronouns, watch the video then complete activity 1 and 3. 


Maths: Maths Booklet  30 - 45 minutes. Check your work using the answers.


Topic : Continue with your research - today is the last day for researching. I will tell you next week what I want you to do with it! If you have made any recycled crafts take some photos and add them to your Doc so you can use them next week.


Computing: Check your email to see if you have a message you can reply to.


Weekly check-in Questionnaire:   in Google Classroom


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial: