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Year 4 2019-2020

Welcome to Year 4

Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning Year 4! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Well done to all of you last week. Mrs Poole and I have been very proud of how well you have adapted to working at home!



I have set you some tasks on Mathletics all to do with telling the time.



If you have not finished your water cycle wheel from last week please do this today.


Then I would like you to set up your own water cycle to watch.


You will need an empty plastic bottle with the labels removed, warm water from the tap, ice (or something cold from your freezer) and a cup or glass.

Fill the bottle about a third full of warm water (if you have any blue food colouring you could add a couple of drops to your water).

Screw the lid on your bottle and turn it over in the cup or glass (this is just to help it balance upside down).

Place some ice or something cold from your freezer on the top of your bottle (it will still work without but it will be slower).

Watch what happens inside your bottle. Can you explain to someone else in your house the 4 stages of the water cycle that are happening in the bottle?

If you haven’t got a plastic bottle a glass with some cling film over the top will work.


I have also set you a Literacy/Science task on google classroom. You can complete this today if you have time or during the rest of the week.



This task can be completed when you have time this week.

This term we have been looking at Christianity. In these last couple of weeks we would have been looking at the events that led up to Easter. The week leading up to Easter is called Holy Week.

Use the link below to research the events that happened that week.

Make notes in your blue book about the main events of Holy Week.

Then design and make an Easter card for someone in your family.


Don’t forget to make time to exercise and get outside in the fresh air.

Have fun and keep smiling!
Mrs King


Friday 27th March 2020

Happy Friday everyone and well done for adapting so well to your first week of home learning.  I really am very proud!  It's set to be another sunny day today so make sure you enjoy it while it lasts. 


Your tasks for today are to make sure all of the work set earlier in the week is finished.  This includes your newspaper report, the apostrophes task, activities set on Mathletics and some column additions in your blue books. 


Once all this is completed I would like you to ask a grown up or older sibling to test you on last week's spellings (list 21).  Do this in your spellings book as normal.  Those of you who were not in last week should have found this list in your home learning packs.


Your new spelling list is as follows:

List 22- The suffix '-cian' is used instead of '-sion' when the root word ends in 'c' or 'cs'

1. musician

2. magician

3. electrician

4. politician

5. mathematician

6. technician

7. optician

8. beautician

9. physician

10. dietician


Copy the spellings carefully into your spelling books.  Check the meaning of any you are unsure of then write each one neatly into a sentence in your blue books.  Use the following title:  List 22 spelling practice.  

Keep practising them through the week so you will be ready for next week's spelling test.


I would also like you to spend some time on Times Tables Rock Stars today please.  


Have fun and Mrs King will be in touch with new tasks on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend everyone and keep smiling. I miss you all!  Love, Mrs Poole 


Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning!  Well done to those of you who have completed and handed in your newspaper reports. I've been really impressed so far and I'm very proud of how hard you all seem to be adapting to working at home.  Don't worry if you haven't completed yours yet, you can spend some more time today and tomorrow working on them.  Another big well done to those of you who have been on Mathletics.  Remember that the Mathletics tasks will still be there today and tomorrow if you haven't had chance to complete them yet.  


Today's new tasks:

Maths- I would like you to revisit and revise formal column addition please.  This work should be done in your blue books please. 


Bronze- Create your own 3 digit addition questions and calculate the answers using a column, e.g. 376

                                                                                                                                                         +  528

You can use the expanded version if needed, e.g. 300 + 70 + 6

                                                                             + 500 + 20 + 8


Silver- Create your own 3 or 4 digit addition questions and calculate the answers using a column, e.g. 6451

                                                                                                                                                               + 2930


Gold- Choose 3 or 4 digit, including decimals to 2 decimal places to create addition questions and calculate the answers using a column, e.g.         274.56

  + 425.17


Ask an adult to check and mark your answers, or you could use a calculator.  


Literacy- Use the Bitesize video linked below to revise the use of apostrophes to mark possession for both singular and plural possession e.g. the girl's name/the girls' names


Then rewrite the following sentences in your blue books, and of course, in your very BEST handwriting.  Be careful because I've tried to catch you out with some that don't need apostrophes!


1. How did Bills bike break?

2. Jasmines sister is going skating this weekend.

3. Freyas aim was to finish all her homework on time.

4. My brothers scarf blew away in the wind.

5. I want to borrow Amelias natural disasters book.

6. Alishbas puppy was so cute.

7. Ruby and Olivers posters were brilliant.

8. The boys and girls were very well behaved for their grown ups at home.

9. The childrens work in Google Classroom is very impressive. 

10.  Mrs Pooles sentences were so much fun!


Have fun!  Mrs Poole



Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello again Year 4!  

Please use today to complete any unfinished tasks from Monday and Tuesday.  This includes your Pompeii newspaper reports, either in Google Classroom on in your blue books.  Don't forget to edit them carefully, using the literacy handouts in your home learning packs.  You may then move on to today's new activities if you have time:


Maths- I have set two new activities on Mathletics.


Literacy- Make sure you have practised this week's spellings ready for a grown up at home to test you on Friday.  I would also like you to set some time aside to get stuck in to your reading book today.  Perhaps you could build a den to do this and if it is nice and sunny again you could even do this in the garden!  If you still have free time after this I would like you to choose an extract from your reading book and copy it in to your blue book in your very BEST handwriting.


How are you getting on with your Ancient Egypt research?  Don't forget this is an ongoing task.  


I will be in touch again tomorrow.  In the meantime I hope you are all working hard and behaving for your grown ups at home! Mrs Poole


Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning everyone!  I hope you were able to have a go at Mrs King's activities yesterday.  Don't worry if not as they are still available to access today.  

Your new activities for today are as follows:


Maths- Please login to Mathletics to see activities set.


Literacy- I would now like you to properly get started on your Pompeii newspaper reports.  Those of you who were in school last week practised accessing these in Google Classroom.  To those of you who were absent, hopefully you received your usernames and passwords in your home learning packs but if anyone has any problems accessing either a computer or Google Classroom, this activity can be done in your blue books.  Don't forget the main features to include: headline, by line, lead, main body, photo and caption, direct quotation.  This task can be completed over the next few days.  I look forward to seeing your work if you are able to complete this task in Google Classroom!


Don't forget about your ongoing task to start researching Ancient Egypt.  I included the list of safer search engines in your home learning packs.  


I hope you all have a lovely day and are able to enjoy some sunshine in your garden.  For anyone looking for more activities to keep busy, check out the grid I made and included in you home learning packs.


Happy learning!

Mrs Poole



Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning Year 4! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! Welcome to your first day of virtual learning!

Today I would like you to play the following game on telling the time.

There are 5 options. Bronze should work through level 1, 2 and 3. Silver should start on level 4. Gold should be playing level 5 set for 24 hour clock.

Please also log on to google classroom where you will find the instructions for how to make your water cycle wheel.

It looks like it will be another nice day so I hope you can all get out in your gardens and play.

Happy learning!
Mrs King

Picture 1

Some useful information to help you to be well organised in Year 4:


  Please make sure reading diaries, reading books and PE kits are in school every day.

Mrs King and Mrs Archer


Mrs Poole and Mrs Archer

  • Swimming (Autumn term only)

Mrs Poole

  • Brass
  • Woodwind
  • Class sharing time

Mrs Poole

  • Indoor PE (Spring and Summer term only)
  • Guitars
  • Cello
  • Homework due in

Mrs Poole

  • Outdoor PE (Autumn term)
  • Spelling test
  • New homework issued
  • Enrichment afternoon


Angry Planet


Our Spring term got off to a fantastic start with an exciting Freshwater Theatre workshop called, 'The Quest for... Volcanoes and Earthquakes.'  This was a great introduction to learning about natural disasters happening all around the world and has already inspired some fantastic recount writing in class.  We have also enjoyed a class trip to Park Bridge in Ashton where we spent the day learning about volcanoes with a local geologist.  We enjoyed exploring and searching for volcanic rocks in the old quarry area.  

Going for Gold- The Ancient Greeks


We have already learnt so much about life in Ancient Greece.  From the importance of Greek pottery in providing information about ancient Greek life, to stories of mythical heroes such as that of Perseus and his daring journey to bring back the head of Medusa! 


Mrs Poole and Mrs Archer have been incredibly impressed with the quality of work produced for our Ancient Greece homework showcase.  The children were so proud to talk about what they had done and what they had found out and all spoke so confidently.  Well done Year 4!



Our homework showcase afternoon in action:
And our amazing class assembly:
The photos below show some of the work we have done in maths to secure our understanding of place value: