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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Week 14 Virtual Learning (20.7.20)

Good morning Year 1. I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I found a frog in my garden this weekend. He clearly didn't want his picture taken but I managed to get a quick snap. I will put it below for you to see. 


Notes for this week: 

- Please complete your one page profile for Mrs Morrison by Friday. This is on google classroom for you. It is like the questionnaire. 

- Please complete your beat the staff challenges by Wednesday this week and input your scores onto the score sheet that is in Google classroom. 

- On Tuesday, in Google classroom, there will be a letter for each of you. 


So, this is it you lovely lot. This is your last week in Year 1. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to spend our final months in Year 1 together but we can remember all the happy times that we had. You have been such a gorgeous class and we have really enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you and we will miss you very much. But Year 2 is only around the corner, we will still see you and we can wave to each other. We hope you have had fun in Year 1 and enjoyed learning all about the past, houses and homes, aliens and pirates and lots more. You have been BRILLIANT!!! Also, we would like to say a massive well done to you for all of your hard work over the school closure. It was a very strange time for us all and you all did an AMAZING job!


Parents,  thank you so much for all of your support this year, it certainly has been a strange one. Well done for all of the home schooling you have done, we know it will have been tricky at times but you did a fab job!  So we would just like to say a massive THANK YOU!!  


We hope you all have a wonderful summer, stay safe, have fun and we will see you in September when you are a big Year 2!! 


lots of love 


Miss Ridgway, Miss Millington, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Fidler 

         x                      x                         x                         x


Can you spot the frog?

Monday 20th July 2020  


Literacy: Write a couple of sentences about what you have been up to over the weekend. Draw a picture to go with it. Don’t forget capital letters and full stops. 

Phonics: Click here and play dragons den on Phonics play.  


Maths:  This week your tasks are going to be on Mathletics. Please log onto Mathletcis to see what tasks I have set you. You may have done some of these tasks before but it is all good practise for when you are in Year 2. I am going to set them for the week so please work through them when you are at home. 

Other activities: 

Complete an ‘Andy’s wild workout’. 


One page profile for Mrs Morrison. Please click on the link in Google Classroom, just like you did with the questionnaire - Please complete these and hand into Google Classroom by Friday. Thank you. 


Go onto Karate cat maths and have a go at the place value section, you can do more sections if you wish. Click here. 


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:

Phonics bloom 

Teach your monster to read 

Phonics play 

Tuesday 21st July 2020  


You each have a special letter on Google Classroom today. Go and take a look. 


Literacy:please complete the ai and ay join. I have added a picture below.


Phonics: Please complete the split digraph table. Parents the answers are below as some are tricky to work out. For example under u-e and the girl sticking her tongue out. The word is rude. You could say to your child ‘Oh dear the girl is being very……’ and see if they can get it. 


Maths:  Please log onto Mathletics.  


Other activities: 


Complete a cosmic kids yoga activity


Log onto and complete the next level. 


Have a go on numbots today. 


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:

Phonics play 

Teach your monster to read 

Wednesday 22nd July 2020 

I have put one final check in and a picture onto google classroom for you. Don’t forget to enter your scores for beat the teacher today. On Friday I will add some pictures onto the Year One page of some of the the things we have been up to over the past couple of weeks. 

Literacy:  Please ask a grown up to test you on your previous spellings in the back of your yellow spelling book. Please copy your new spellings onto a clean page at the front of your yellow spelling book. Choose 5 of your new spellings and put them into a sentence in your blue literacy book. Remember capital letters and full stops. 


New Spellings: 













Phonics: Click here to watch the espresso video and have a go at some of the activities. 



Please log onto Mathletics.  


Other activities:  


Write a letter to Mrs Morrison telling her all about you! What you like and enjoy doing, about your family and pets,  what you are looking forward to in Year 2 etc. Please hand in your letters into Google Classroom so I can pass them onto her. You can type straight into the document on Google Classroom if you like. 

Well done to the children that found out about Mrs Presswood’s caterpillar last week. Mrs Presswood has found another one for you this week. Can you find out what this one is? 

Have a go on numbots today 


Read your reading book to your parents or friend (over facetime). 


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:

Phonics bloom 

Teach your monster to read 

Phonics play

Mrs Presswood’s caterpillar challenge

Still image for this video

Thursday 23rd July 2020


Literacy -  Comprehension - Listen to the book ‘Mr Underbed’’ on Espresso. Click here. Then complete the Mr underbed characters quiz - click here. 



Phonics: Please complete the spelling activity sheet air. 


Maths: Please log onto Mathletics.  


Other activities:  


Please complete your one page profile for Mrs Morrison if you were in school on Monday and Tuesday - Please complete these by Friday. Thank you. 


Complete your wish for Year 2. It can be anything you like. It’s your wish! - Please hand this in on Google classroom 


Go onto Phonics bloom and play some phonics games. 


Have a go at the motor skills activity below. 


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:


Oxford owl

Friday 24th July 2020 


Literacy - Imagination station -  Look at the picture and write some sentences about it or a short story. Use your imagination. You can write whatever you like about the picture. Don’t forget full stops and capital letters.  Please hand in on google classroom.



Phonics: Please complete the spelling sheet activity for air  


Maths: Please log onto Mathletics. 


Other activities:  


Complete a just dance activity on youtube.


Go onto Small town Superheros and play some of the Literacy games. Click here. 


This term our enrichment should have been forest school and gardening. Go on a mini beast hunt and see what you can find. I have put a picture below. 

Nature name writing. Can you find objects to make your name? 


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:

Phonics play 


Teach your monster to read