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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Week 1 Virtual Learning

Week beginning 8th June 

Good morning everyone! I hope that you have had a lovely holiday! 


From now on, our virtual learning will be slightly different so I need you to go and get your grown-up and go through this together … it’s really important that you do this so that everybody is clear about what will be happening…..


…..Okay - have you got them with you? Great! 

Now that more children are coming to school, either in year group cohorts or critical worker groups all of the teachers will be back at school and because virtual learning takes a long time to organise and prepare the way we have been doing it, we need to change it - we can’t all do two full time jobs! We can’t just stop it either because your year groups are not returning yet and you are just as important as everybody else!

  • On a Monday, you will have a welcome to the week message. We have been doing a daily welcome on our webpage - but now it will become a weekly welcome. 

  • There will still be the daily check-in on Google Classroom… it will be a question for you to answer to wake your brains up and to show us you are up and ready to learn!

  • Your work for the week will be put on all at once in a timetable… just follow the timetable!

  • You may feel that the work is repetitive over the week, that is because we are going to be focusing on key skills that you need to master for next year - just like we would be doing if you were in school. So, for example, if it says read for twenty minutes every day, you MUST do this. If it says TTRockstars for twenty minutes, you must do this. Don’t think that because there isn’t any writing, you can ignore it!!

  • We will continue to use this class webpage for the timetable and most links but may also continue to put any resources you might need in Google Classroom - we will carefully date and label them so you know which materials link to which task. 

  • We will be expecting you to complete all tasks, but will only be asking you to ‘hand in’ certain ones. It is important that you hand these tasks in on time to save us the job of having to chase you for them. Having to do that, isn't a good use of time. Don’t hand them in early either - if we give you five days to do a job - it means it needs five days to do it properly - not one!

  • We will make the work set for the week interesting but well explained so that with a little thought, you should be able to overcome any hurdles and problem solve for yourselves. We will not be able to answer lots of questions as quickly as we have been doing because we will be in school with groups of children from other year groups so if you do have a problem that you can’t solve yourself and that a parent can’t help with, you may have to be very patient. 

  • You will still be able to do the weekly check-in. 

  • Mrs Presswood and Mrs Woosnam are thinking carefully about how we can get our class together for some social time sessions - socially distanced of course - so you can all have a catch up and we can see you! They will be in touch soon!


Learning Tasks 






Reading: 20 minutes to yourself,Write a few sentences that explain what happened in the part you read - write in full sentences. Be clear and use descriptive language. Ask a parent/adult to check it and make sure they understand what has happened from your description. 


Spellings: Ask a grown up to test you. Your new spelling list in Google Classroom. Make sure you know what your new spellings mean. Write a sentence for each spelling.


Maths:  30 minutes in your new Maths booklet in Google classroom - if you do not have a printer write your answers into your notebook.


Geography: Can you name the continents of the world?

Can you recognise them on a world map?

Talk about the continents with your grown up first and see if you can name them by pointing at them on a the blank map in google classroom.

Check your answers by looking at a world map showing the continents, were you correct? 

Use the links to learn about the continents and where they are.


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:

TT Rockstars


See additional activities links on Google classroom.



Reading:  Comprehension :  You will need your Espresso Password - it is in your blue book.

Ask a friend if you can’t find it - you all have the same one for Espresso!

Harder Comprehension: Read, take the quiz and answer further questions Link here

Easier Comprehension:Read the Robot and the Bluebird story  in Google Classroom then take the quiz. Link Here


Spellings: Choose one of the three spelling activities in Google classroom


Maths: Maths Booklet - 30-35 minutes - booklet  you started yesterday. 


Geography: Continue to learn about the continents of the world. How many have you visited?

Can you make a list of countries you have visited or would like to visit and see if you can identify which continent they are in.

Make a table/chart/list in your book of:

Countries you have visited

Countries you would like to visit

Countries your parents//siblings have visited

Can you or your parents give a reason why they would like to visit those places. 

When you have your lists can you find the countries on a map/globe/ in an atlas.


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:

TT Rockstars


See additional activities links on Google classroom.



Literacy Punctuation:Using apostrophes to combine words Link here.  - watch the video; complete activity 1, 2 and 4. 

Extension - write 5 sentences using contracted words.


Spellings: Choose one of the activities you haven't completed from Google Classroom


Maths: Maths Booklet - 30-35 minutes - booklet you started on Wednesday.

Answers are in Google classroom when you have finished today’s session


Geography: Do you know anyone in other countries?

Could you invite any friends / relatives who live in other parts of the country/world to send you a postcard of where they live.

Send a postcard/card/letter to someone else in your family or a friend and see how long it takes to travel to its destination. 

(I get post once a fortnight at the moment but we will see!)


Weekly check-in questionnaire:  Find the ‘ post’ in Google Classroom.


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:

TT Rockstars


See additional activities links on Google classroom.


Have a great three days everybody! 

Remember, we are getting ready for Year 4 now so we need lots and lots of effort from everybody! 

Please remember to fill in the daily check in so I can see you have been online.


Miss Foley