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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Virtual Learning Week 4 (27.4.20)

Friday 1st May


It's Fri-yay at last! (Although every day feels the same really...)

Hope you are all well and are looking forward to another weekend of staying in! We hope you've got some nice things planned - at least there'll be no work or messages from us!

Today we would like you to do some maths, literacy and continue with your astronaut training, if you haven't finished it already.


Today we would like you to begin to write or type out your new chapter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
You will have another session to do this next week so you don’t need to do it all in one day.
You will need to find and look at your completed planning sheet from last week.
You can either write it in your Home Learning book or type it up.

As you write out your chapter, think carefully about the things that we talk about at school:

- Neat handwriting (unless you are typing it!)
- Punctuation – especially capital letters and full stops
- Capital letters for names of people
- Adjectives to describe people, places and things
- Paragraphs
- Speech punctuation when characters are speaking
- Spelling – use a dictionary if you are unsure
- Vocabulary – can you improve your vocabulary? You could use a thesaurus
- Re-read and check your writing – does it make sense?

Remember, you will be carrying on with your new chapter next week so just make a start on it today.

Also remember that we always prefer quality over quantity! That means that we don’t expect you to write a huge, long piece of writing. We would rather it was shorter but contained really good quality words and sentences than being longer but boring!

You don't need to send it to us this week. Wait until you have finished it!



Today we have set you some tasks on Mathletics. We would really like you to complete them if possible.

Remember, if you feel that you haven’t done very well on a task (you have scored 70% or below) then you can redo the task – this would be a really good idea.

Once you have completed all the assigned tasks, you can choose any others that you would like to do.

We have also set another maths challenge (see the links below) if you would like to try something a bit different - 'Maths on the Move - Home Challenges'

Also, don’t forget about the ‘I see Maths’ daily lessons if you want an extra challenge - this week they are all based on reasoning with multiplication and division. Remember to watch the video and then click on the tasks that are listed below. Find the link below.

Please continue with your astronaut training.  Remember that you can do this at the weekend if this is easier for your family.


We would also like you to complete the weekly Friday Check-in questionnaire on Google Classroom please - it's in the Check-in folder in the 'Classwork' section.

We are missing you all very much.

Look after yourselves and your families - have a fantastic weekend smiley

Thursday 30th April


Good morning everyone.

Thank you for reading our letter and messages and for following our instructions yesterday on Google Classroom. It made it so much easier for us to help those who needed it.

Today we would like you to do some maths, literacy and to continue with your astronaut training tasks.



Today, we would like you to do a final day on speech punctuation.

There was a great lesson on BBC Bitesize last week and we would like you to use that today if possible.
The link to it is below.

Just watch the videos and then follow the series of activities. Most of them can be done online. If you just click on the 3rd activity (the Twinkl sheet) it should just appear on your screen. You can either print it out or copy it into your book.
(On the Twinkl sheets, * = Bronze, ** = Silver and *** = Gold)

OR - If you can’t access the internet easily, then we will put some other activities on Google Classroom and in the links below. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THEM ALL!

OR - If you can’t access the internet at all, then :
a) Look at your reading book/any fiction book for examples of speech punctuation. Think about where and why the speech marks have been used. Think about the other punctuation that has been used (eg commas, question marks) – where are they used? Can you spot the speech punctuation rules? (Look at the WMG)

b) Write out a conversation between 2 characters, trying to remember how to use speech punctuation correctly. (Look at the WMG).


Today we would like you to do some more revision of the bus stop method. Today the problems are in context (in real life situations/problems) so you might need to think carefully about your answers, especially if there is a remainder.

For example, if the question was: ‘The farmer has 327 eggs. She wants to put them into boxes of 5. How many boxes would she need?” There would be a remainder here, because 327 divided by 5 is 65 r 2. So she would actually need 66 boxes. Think carefully!

There are 2 different challenges - you could do one or both.
There are bronze, silver and gold sheets for each challenge. (Bronze = *, Silver = **, Gold = ***)

Print out the sheets or write the answers in your Home Learning books.
The answers are also attached – only check them once you have finished!

If these are too challenging for you or if you can’t access Google Classroom, then go on TTR, Hit the Button and Mathletics to practise your tables and related division facts. You could also make up some division questions of your own to practise the bus stop method.


Please continue with your astronaut training.  Remember you can leave this until the weekend if this is easier for your family.

If you’d like to do more, don’t forget the daily lessons on ‘I See Maths’ – remember to click on the link underneath the video, once you have watched it, as that is where the follow-up tasks are.


We hope that you a have a great day.

Wednesday 29th April


Good morning!


We hope that you are all well. How is astronaut training going? Did you watch the chat with Nicole Stott yesterday? It must be amazing to go into space!

On that note, let’s launch into today’s work! Today, we would like you to do some reading, maths and topic work.



Follow the link in Google Classroom to find a text about Earth. You will see that there is a text to read and questions below it to answer. Don’t peek at the answers until you have done the questions! You could answer your questions in your book or tell them to an adult.


If you can’t access Google Classroom, read some of your book to an adult and ask them to ask you questions about what you have read. You should start by giving your adult a summary of the book so far and by telling them about the characters in it.


Don’t forget about all the great links on the newsletter from Cheshire Library Service – this has lots for you to explore. The link can be found below and in Google Classroom.



We would like you to go on Mathletics and Times Tables Rock Stars today. You may choose which activities you do but we would like you to spend some time on the four rules – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


If you’d like to do more,  don’t forget the daily lessons on ‘I See Maths’ – remember to click on the link underneath the video, once you have watched it, as that is where the follow-up tasks are.



Keep going with your astronaut training!


Enjoy your day and we’ll be in touch again tomorrow. smiley

Tuesday 28th April


Good morning Year 5!

We hope that you had a good day yesterday. We know that some days it will be easier to get going than others – this is such an unusual time and we all have ups and downs. This is to be expected so don’t worry – please just keep going and do the best that you can. A huge thank you to parents as well – we know how challenging all of this is and thank you for doing such a great job in supporting your children. 


Today, we would like you to continue with your topic work and also do some maths and literacy.



We would like you to do some more division practice today. The questions can be found in Google Classroom – if you can’t print them off, please write them in your book. If you can’t access Google Classroom, please create some questions of your own.

 Remember that, if you’d like to, you can continue to have a daily maths lesson on ‘I See Maths’ – the link is on yesterday’s entry and Google Classroom.



Today we would like you to practise your handwriting in your book. There are some facts about Earth that we would like you to copy out in your neatest, joined handwriting. These can be found in Google Classroom. Think carefully about the way we join our letters and continue to try the looped join for j, g and y.

 Don’t forget to keep these letters small – s, c and w – no capitals in the middle of your word!


If you can’t access Google Classroom you could write out a paragraph from your reading book or find some facts of your own about Earth to copy out.



We hope you’ve managed to have a look at the astronaut training – if you’d like a little more inspiration there is another live chat with an astronaut today! This week the astronaut is Nicole Stott…


Join NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott for an inspirational, fun and an "Out of This World" experience!

Nicole's experience includes 2 spaceflights and 104 days living and working in space on the International Space Station, including 1 spacewalk!

Nicole painted the first watercolour in space, and as an artist she combines her artwork and spaceflight experience to inspire creative thinking about solutions to our planetary challenges.’


The show is broadcast live (see the link) at 3.30pm – don’t worry if you miss the live show as they are recorded for you to watch later.


The link is listed below and on Google Classroom.


** Please note that in order to watch this you will need to access a You Tube channel – please check with your parents before you do so.


We miss you and would have loved to have been doing all these lovely activities in school with you. We know that you miss school and your friends – keep in touch with each other and keep yourselves busy.

We hope you all have a good day. smiley


Monday 27th April


Good morning Year 5 and welcome to week 4 of home learning!

We know from your feedback that you all seem to be in the swing of working from home and are doing the best you can so let’s get started with today’s work!

Today, we would like you to do some maths, literacy and topic work.



This week we will be working on division, starting with revision of the Bus Stop method. There is a Power Point below to remind you of the method – make sure that you watch it before you start - and the tasks are on Google Classroom. If you can’t print the sheets off, please write the questions out in your book and answer them there. If you can’t access Google Classroom, make some questions up of your own.


If you’d like to do something more, you could also follow the link below, and on Google Classroom, to ‘I See Maths’ – this is a set of lessons taught each day by Gareth Metcalfe. This week he is posting a different lesson each day about reasoning with multiplication and division. Once you’ve watched the video, don’t forget to click on the tasks which are listed below.




Today’s literacy is spellings. We hope you are continuing to learn these and are getting an adult to test you at the end of the week. Don’t forget that you also need to know what they mean and how to use them in a sentence.

Keep trying to think of some new ways to learn them – did anyone combine them with exercise last week? See what other games you can come up with!

This week’s spellings are:











You can also find these in Google Classroom.

Topic Task

Your topic task this week is Astronaut Training!!!!

By the end of the week, we will hopefully all be fully trained astronauts - if we have passed all the challenges!!

If it is easier for you to compete these activities at the weekend with your families, then that is fine - whenever suits you best!


Look in the folder below to find all the instructions and information that you will need.

The links below are the same as the links within the explanation document, we just added them again below in case you couldn't get them to work.


Many of these challenges are activities that you could do with your families.  Get brothers and sisters, mums and dads involved. 

Being 'trapped' at home together is very like being trapped in space with a small crew!!  Use all your teamworking skills to overcome the challenges!


Maybe you could also come up with some astronaut challenges of your own, once you have tried ours and watched the videos.


Have a great time!  See you in space!

Remember that, if you’re interested, the BBC are also providing lessons for children each day via BBC Bitesize Daily – these are being shown from 9am and can be accessed via BBC iplayer, Red Button and the BBC Bitesize website and app.


We hope that you have a good day smiley


PS: Don’t forget to look at our feedback on your questionnaire – it’s in the same place as last time (click on the the Weekly check-in questionnaire assignment from last week - click on view assignment - your feedback from us should be on the right hand side).