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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Week 1 Virtual Learning Week beginning 23.03.2020

Friday 27th March

What amazing weather we're having.  I hope you've all managed to have some fresh air yesterday.  Well, we're all coming to the end of one of the strangest weeks at school ever. It's all a little bit odd, but I'm sure all of you are enjoying some or most of it.  I'm missing all my wonderful colleagues, although we are managing to keep in touch via lots and lots of messages!  I've added some tasks on Google classroom for you to have a bit of fun with so you can create your own French or Circus skills Enrichment at home.



Here are your 5 a day maths challenges.  Again try more than one if you can.

We're also giving you a link to the answer booklet to the 3D questions that you have completed this week so you can mark your work and see how you've got on and where or if you need a bit more practice.

Here is the link for the Joe Wicks workout from yesterday. Enjoy!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Try and do something different to make it feel like the weekend, not a week day. Tell us what you did next week. Keep working your brains and your bodies and helping your grown ups.

Best wishes

Mrs R

Hi, Mrs W here too! I've put myself in a different colour so you didn't miss this message!! It is the end of our first week learning at home. I hope you are all feeling okay and are getting used to new routines. I promised that I would put a weekly check-in on Google Classroom - please complete it. The last question is for your parents / carers so please share it will them, too. Enjoy your learning today - and have a lovely weekend. We will be back on here on Monday. 

Think of three things today that make you smile .... and then tell someone about them!  FInd out what makes them smile, too. Stay safe xx

Thursday 26th March

Hi everyone, I hope that you are keeping your brains whirring and your bodies active with the tasks that we are setting you. I'm keeping busy by starting (and trying to stick out) Mrs Woosnam's recommended cosmic yoga class and taking my dog out for her daily walk. Enjoy the sunshine and make sure that you spend lots of time in your garden (if you have one) doing lots of active things - including getting on with your siblings and being kind to your grown-ups. 


This situation is the new-normal for the time being so we have to make the best of it and keep thinking about the positives. Worry can be contagious but I believe that kindness is contagious too. Be kind.



Your 5 a day maths (remember to keep eating your 5 a day fruit and veg too!) is here.  Challenge yourself and try the one you normally do and perhaps a harder one.

Literacy - SPaG

In your home-working folder that we gave you last week, you will find a lovely SPaG mat (week 5).  Please complete only this sheet this week (week 6 is for next week). If you want to challenge yourself, you could always design a few of your own questions too.  



In Google classroom, I have sent you a power point all about the importance of exercising - there is an 8 minute Joe Wicks special workout included too. I have given you instructions to design a poster. 


When you or any member of your family go into 'couch potato mode', just look at your poster which you should put somewhere prominent (perhaps next to the fridge or the biscuit and crisp cupboard) and remember that exercise is good for us! (Exercise does not include lifting sweets or chocolates into your mouth.)



I've added the latest Joe Wicks work out from yesterday. Make sure you skip all the adverts. Enjoy!

Lastly I am including a link to BBC Bitesize Dance Mat Typing. Touch typing is a great life skill and really useful at school, at home and later at college, university or work.


I hope you have a great/ busy/ interesting/ active/ little bit relaxed and lazy/ enjoyable (you can add your own adjective) day. We're missing you all.

Best wishes from Mrs R

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good Morning Year 6! Well, it is 6.40 am, everyone else in my house is asleep, I  have a cup of tea, the birds are singing and the day looks like it is going to be beautiful. Today is the first day that I am working from home - I have been on the rota in school and I am again tomorrow - and it feels a little bit strange not to be going to school today! I imagine that you felt like this on Monday. I have some work to do and I think I will go for  a walk with Isobel, Sam and Spike - away  from other people of course! Isobel and I started our Yoga again at home last night - we are going to do it every day - it felt good to have a stretch after not doing it for a while. Why not do some yourself? Get parents / carers to join in - I bet we could all do with a 'clearing our minds session'  at the moment! I've put a link below to Cosmic Kids Yoga - with a Harry Potter twist!



How are you doing with your booklets? Don't forget you had the extra one yesterday if you wanted another task. You can do that at any time this week for extra practise.

Today's 5 a day are below, choose one that challenges you:






I would also like you to go onto Mathletics today. I have set you some tasks based around our shape work .... for some of you it is angles etc based on the work before we finished and for some of you it is general revision of shape. You can split it over a couple of days if you wish. Well done to the 12 of you who have already been on Mathletics this week - you know who you are!  

Keep going with TT Rockstars, too.  Everybody should have smashed their tables by August because you have so much time to practise now!! 



In Google Classroom, I have put a blank skeleton. You can either print it out and label it OR you can draw it carefully and label it. When labelling, make sure that you research the names of the bones and spell them carefully eg what is the real name for your knee cap? 



In Google Classroom, I have put a checklist for the features of a non-chronological report. We will be writing these next week. Today I want you to remind yourself of the features - use the checklist with Monday's PowerPoint about skeletons - can you find all of the features of a non-chronological report? 


Take time today to find a quiet place and enjoy some reading - perhaps in the garden for some fresh air? 


Have a lovely day - and remember to be kind to your parents and siblings by getting on with things happily - this is a difficult and unusual time for them, too! 

Mrs W x


Tuesday 24th March

Good morning - how are you all? I hope that you got to enjoy some of the sunshine yesterday in your gardens! I also hoped that you were able to access all of your home learning yesterday. Today's learning is:


1. Continue with your 3D shapes booklet - watch the video again if necessary - make sure that you are confident with the vocabulary. If anybody wants any extra practice to really be sure they understand, try this (write the date, title and answers in your blue book):


2. Corbett 5-aday






Science / Reading: 

Yesterday, you should have used the PowerPoint in Google Classroom to help you to create a mindmap about our skeleton. If you didn't do it, you need to do it before this task. Today, I would like you to use this DK resources about the skeleton. Read it carefully, click on each bone to find out more and take the quiz .... then add even more information to your mind map from yesterday.  



Spend some time on today to practise your programming.


Don't forget to get some exercise today - why not do The Body Coach's (Joe Wicks)daily PE workouts on you tube? He is doing one at 9 am everyday! This was yesterday's - it was great!  Why not get your grown ups involved!?

Mrs W x


Monday 23 rd March

Good Morning! Well, this is unusual isn't it! I hope that you have all enjoyed the weekend and are remembering to 'stay home and stay safe'. I hope that you were able to spend some time in the garden - the weather was nicer than it has been in a long time. Sam and I got our table tennis table out - he thrashed me though! I didn't win one game - but  I kept trying! I hope that you all looked after that special lady in your life yesterday for Mother's Day ... mummies. nanas, aunties  - whomever is special to you. I didn't have lunch with my mummy for the first time ever but we had lunch at the same time as each other and FaceTimed while we ate so that was nice. I wonder what you all did? Tell me in Google Classroom!  Anyway, shall we get this learning at home started? You have maths, literacy, science and physical activity today.....



Each week you will have some maths that will last all week - a video and booklet on a theme - do a bit of the booklet each day and watch the video as many times as you need to. If you have a printer you can print off the booklet if you want to, or you can put a date and title in your book (in your folder) and write your workings and answers in there. This week's booklet is -


The video to help you is


Your daily 5 a-day is here for today ; Choose which one is a challenge to you:







Read your reading book for thirty minutes. In your writing book follow our Reciprocal Reading structure:

1. Summarise what you have just read in your own words - remeberm full sentences and punctation

2. Clarify five words - choose 5 words, find their meanings and jot them down

3. Predict what might happen next 

4. If an adult is with you, can they ask you some questions?


Science: Lets start thinking about our human body topic - 'Me, Myself and I' - we will start with the skeleton! I would like you to go to Google Classroom where I have put a PowerPoint about the skeleton. Please can you read it carefully, make sure you understand it and then transfer the information to a mind map. The heading on each slide should be the subheadings on your mindmap. You can create your mindmap in your book. We will use your mindmaps for some further learning later in the week.


Physical exercise: make sure you do some physical exercise - outside if you like. In school today I will be using some Joe Wicks activities. Why not do this workout in between each of your learning tasks?

Mrs W x