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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Year 2 2019-2020

Welcome to Year 2

Important information

Monday - spellings

Tuesday - book change

Wednesday - outdoor PE

Thursday -

Friday - book change

              indoor PE





Monday 30th March


Welcome to week 2 of home learning. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to another week of home learning


Time to think: Try to find time to be active today.


As today is spelling day, I have linked today’s tasks to these. Please ask a grown up or older sibling to test you on last week’s in the back of your yellow spelling book. Below are next week’s spellings – either stage 1 or 2.

Stage 1:













Stage 2:












Please write these in sentences in your home learning book using correct sentence punctuation.




This week we are going to focus on multiplication and division. I have added you all to Times Table Rock Stars so you can use this to practise. In the links below are videos to watch and activities to complete. In your packs I have included some multiplication race track games – 2x, 5x and 10x. Some of you have 3x and 4x. Over the week I would like you to play these games with a grown up.


Other activities

In your packs there is a sheet comparing clothing worn by Antarctic explorers from the past and present. Today I would like you to research this using the links below and tomorrow I would like you to put this information onto the sheet.

Don’t forget to have some fun today too!

Speak to you all tomorrow


Love Mrs Morrison

Friday 27th March

Good morning Year 2. Hasn't this week been very strange - thank you for all your hard work this week; you have been superstars. 


I went into school yesterday which was lovely. We did the Joe Wicks workout which was hard work - have you been doing it? 


Time to think - ask 2 people how they are today.



As we have been writing a recount of Tom's adventure, you are all experts at writing recounts. Every Friday I would like you to write a recount of your week. This is like your own diary just like the one we learnt about by Samuel Pepys.You never know, one day it might be published!

When you write, remember WMG recount:

Write in chronological (time) order.

Use time connectives.

Write in the past tense.

Write who, where, when and what.

Add detail to interest the reader.


Write about your week - what have you been doing? Have you played outside? Have you done something new for the first time? Write this is your home learning book and I will enjoy reading them when we return. You could write it in the back and then add to it every week.



Please ask an adult to test you on your number bonds and times tables and start to learn the next ones. 

I would also like you to write down 5 things you do today and the time at which you do them.


Other activity

As today should have been orienteering, I would like you to do a scavenger hunt. You can do this around your house / garden or even as part of your daily exercise. I have put a link below of what you could find.


I hope you are all remembering to read everyday and can answer questions about your books. 


I have missed you all so much this week. I know it is very strange at the moment but we have to stay inside and make sure we all stay safe. I hope you are all listening to your parents -I'll be checking!

Have a lovely weekend and I'll speak to you all on Monday.



Mrs Morrison

Thursday 26th March


Good morning Year 2! Hope you are all ok and getting used to this new way of learning. I'm going to school today which I'm looking forward to. How did you do with the little books? I can't wait to see them. I have just looked at Mathletics and am impressed that most of you have completed all your tasks - well done! I have also looked at TTRS and noticed that some of you have been busy using it to learn your time tables. I will use your progress on that as a guide for when to move you onto your next challenge.


Time to Think... An act of kindness today will bring someone joy tomorrow.



Today I would like you to continue with time. I have set some more tasks on Mathletics practising 5 minute intervals. In your packs there is a Telling the time - spinner game. There are 2 pieces of paper - a minutes and hours spinner and also one with boxes. Follow the instructions on the sheet to play the game. 



Today I would like you to complete one of the reading comprehensions in your packs. Please complete 'The Circus'. Just like we did in class, read the information and answer the questions. Some of you have got 'Animals in Stories' - I would like you to read pages 1-4 and answer the questions on page 5.

Have a practise of your spellings today as well - can you write them out in alphabetical order in your home learning book?


Other activity

Today I would like you to make a difference to another person. At the moment, we have to stay in our homes most of the time. If your home is like mine, there is still lots of chatter, family time and laughter. Some people have to live on their own and they can't see their family and friends. I would like you to write to one of these people. It might be a grandparent, aunt, uncle or family friend. It might even be a neighbour you don't know very well. Tell them about what you have been doing or you could draw them a picture. I know Sunrise on Dairyground has requested letters from children to pass on to the people living there. They have put a box outside for this reason. Think about how much you will make the person who receives it smile.


I will be back tomorrow - have a lovely day. 



Mrs Morrison



Wednesday 25th March

Good morning everyone. I hope you're all ok and are managing to complete the tasks I am setting. I've had a peep at how you have been doing on Mathletics and am pleased so many of you have completed the tasks. 


Time to Think...Make a list of 3 things that have made you smile today.



Today I would like you to complete the quarter past and quarter to activity in your home learning pack. Please watch the video in the links below. It recaps on the time work we have covered so far and then shows you how to tell the time to quarter past and quarter to.

I would also like to you practise your number bonds / times tables. If you are on number bonds, please use the resources I sent home in the Autumn term and play the match up /snap games. You can also go on Numbots. If you are on times tables, please use Times Table Rock Stars and practise the one you are on.



I hope you managed to think of some -ness sentences! They can be tricky can't they. I tried to do these myself and came up with:

Lots of people are showing kindness to each other.

We will all be filled with happiness when we see each other again.

If you have older neighbours, show them some thoughtfulness.

Politeness is very important.

The friendliness of children in Year 2 is lovely to see.


As today is Wednesday, I would like you to do some handwriting practise. Please complete the joins on your handwriting paper. Don't forget the tall letters and the ones that sit below the line! 


Other activity

I don't know about you, but I'm missing learning about Antarctica. On Mother's Day James and Anna made little books and I loved the idea. I have taken a photo of the instructions about how to make the book. You will need a piece of A4 paper. Ask a grown up to find you one. If you don't have one, then take a piece out of your book. 

I would like you to find out about animals that live in Antarctica. Use the link below to research animals that live in this part of the world and then put your findings into the book. Don't forget a front cover. Take care with spellings and handwriting.


Don't forget to enjoy the sunshine and try and do some exercise. Has anyone done Joe Wicks yet? Remember your daily reading too.

Have a lovely day and I'll speak to you all tomorrow.



Mrs Morrison


For handwriting complete the oi oy joins

Instructions to make your little book

Instructions to make your little book 1

Tuesday 24th March


How was day 1? I hope you managed to complete the tasks I set you. If you didn't complete Mathletics, don't worry, the task will be there for you to complete over the week. 


Today's Time to Think - When you are tired, it's time to relax and take a break.



I would like you to continue with time today. Please watch the 2 farm videos on Espresso to recap the learning we did last week.

After you have watched it, please click on the activities page and complete the online games. Please see links below.

In your home learning pack there are some clock activity sheets - telling the time to o'clock and half past. Please complete this and ask a grown up to check it. 



I am so proud of your progress in writing this year - your next step is to start adding suffixes with more consistency. I would like you add -ness to words. Watch the video on Espresso, complete the online activity and then I would like you to write 5 sentences in your home learning book using these words. Please write one sentence for each word.







And finally...

Today's task is linked to developing your fine motor skills. I would like you to make a paper aeroplane and go into your garden and fly it. How far will it go? What adjustments can you make to it that will allow it to fly further?


Check below for the links to the tasks I have set for you.

Have a lovely day!



Mrs Morrison










Monday 23rd March


Good morning Year 2. I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend and were able to go into your gardens and play. I planted some flowers yesterday and am looking forward to watching them grow over the next few weeks. I also hope you gave your lovely mums an extra cuddle yesterday. I was made breakfast in bed!


Please check this page every day - don't worry not the weekend - for the task I would like you to do. You may need help from a grown up at first but I'm sure you'll be an expert after a couple of days.


Today's Time to Think ..... Stand outside your house and notice something you've never seen before.



As it is Monday, it is spelling day. Please ask a grown up to test you on your last spellings. Please write them in the back of your yellow book. Once you have done this, I would like you to use your book in your learning pack and write out this week's spellings in sentences.


This week's spellings are:

Stage 1












Stage 2












Don't forget neatest handwriting!



As we have started learning time, this week I would like you to continue with this. I have set you some tasks on Mathletics - telling the time to half hour, quarter past / to and some of you I would like you to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Please complete the My Diary task in your packs - Yesterday, today and tomorrow for morning afternoon and evening.

Don't forget to read your book and you can also go on Numbots and TTRS. Your log in details are in your folder.



You may have seen rainbows around. People are putting them in their window as a symbol of positivity and hope. Today I would like you to make a rainbow. The idea is to draw, paint, collage a picture of a rainbow. You could use playdoh or even Lego.


At some point today, try and get some exercise. Think of some of the activities we did in the hall for Sports Relief. Could you do some of those? Also Joe Wicks is doing a 30 minute activity on You Tube. Perhaps you could try that.


Have a lovely day and look after each other.

Mrs Morrison




Mathletics link


Joe Wicks 30 minute PE lesson

World Book Day

Year 1 and 2 enjoyed dressing up in their pyjamas for World Book Day and bringing in their favourite book. We shared these with Year 1 and discussed why they were our favourite.

We then received a package containing four new books. We are going to read these over the next few weeks and vote for our favourite.

Diversity Week

We have had such an exciting week this week! We have been thinking about how we are all the same yet very different. We all have different interests, skills, personalities, likes, dislikes etc. 

Over the week we have celebrated these. We have colour mixed to create our skin tones, produced a human bar graph showing our favourite fruit, made people out of 3D shapes and written some amazing poetry. Have a look at what we have been doing...

The Great Fire of Ladybrook

This week we recreated The Great Fire of London and burned down our houses. 

It was quite breezy that day - just as it was back in September 1666. Once the fire started, it spread very quickly moving from house to house. 

Scroll through the pictures to take a look...

On Monday we were joined by City of Trees who are based in Manchester. They are on a mission to plant thousands of trees in the Greater Manchester area and Year 2 helped them out for a morning.

Scroll through the photos to find out how it went.

This week Year 2 enjoyed a visit to Staircase House. We spent the morning dressing up as significant people from The Great Fire of London. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and impressed us all with their acting skills. In the afternoon we found out about The Plague and what was used as medicine at the time. We also found out about firemarks and what happened to houses that displayed these in the event of a fire. 
Year 2 are thoroughly enjoying learning about The Great Fire of London. We have already made salt dough bread to sell in our bakery and this week we have made real bread. Today we have tasted it. Scroll though the photos to see what we thought!