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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Week 2 Virtual Learning

Friday 3rd April


Good morning!  Final day of the week and the term!   You’ll be pleased to hear that you will be getting a break from us setting you home learning for the next 2 weeks ( because it should have been the Easter holidays!)


Today we have set some maths and literacy for you as well as your ongoing topic project.  There are some optional tasks at the bottom that you may like to do over the next couple of weeks if you want something to keep you occupied!  But it's up to you!



You did a great job last week of describing your new characters for Charlie and Chocolate Factory.

This week we would like you to think about the setting that your new character finds themselves in.  Think about how your character will meet their “sticky end” (how they will end up leaving the factory, like Augustus Gloop up the pipe, Veruca Salt down the rubbish chute…)

We would like you to write a description of this room.

Don’t write the chapter yet!!!!  We are building up to this!

We have added a sheet to help you in Google Classroom.  You can either type on the sheet and hand it in, print it out and write on it or just write in your books.  Entirely up to you!



Today you can choose what you think would be most useful to you!

Some of you may not have started or finished yesterday’s short multiplication questions.  You could continue with this today.

We have set you some multiplication tasks on Mathletics.  Please scroll through your assigned tasks to find them.  You could also complete some of the other assigned tasks on Mathletics, if you have time.

You could also spend some time on TTRockstars and Hit the Button to practise your tables.

We have also set 3 more “5 a day” challenges below if you would like to try them.  Just write the answers in your books.

You will also find a link below to the answers of yesterday’s maths challenges.



You also have your ongoing topic task to continue with (you can look back to Monday 30th to find the instructions for this).



On Google Classroom, we are also sending you a Check-in.  We would really like everyone to complete this as soon as possible please.  We will send a version of this home every Friday during term time; we are hoping it will be a really useful way of communicating each week.  If you have any problems with anything over the week, if anything isn’t working or if you have any other questions or concerns we would really like to hear about them on this form.  We’d also love to hear about things that are going well for you and that you are enjoying.  Your responses will only go to Mrs Gadd and Mrs Draper, you won’t be able to see each other’s answers.  There will be a question for parents too!


Today we will also open up a Check-in on the stream on Google classroom.  It will be a question for you to respond to.  Please try to stick to the topic – answer the question and try not to just have a general conversation!!! We will open up a second thread on the stream for the day so that you can have a general chat and catch up with each other on here.


OPTIONAL Ongoing tasks

If you would like other tasks to be getting on with today or over the next 2 weeks, here are some ideas:


You could do some coding on (Login details are in your Home Learning file).  We have made some more lessons visible to you.  You can also go back and repeat previous coding lessons as practise or visit the Hour of Code activities.


You could also try some art.  On Google Classroom we have put some ideas linked to our Machines topic.


You could do some French.  We will put some links and some ideas in Google classroom.  There are some good French videos and activities on Espresso (Key stage 2 > Languages > French- Allez!)


You could do some Easter crafts and activities – why not make Easter cards for friends/family, make Easter pictures, decorate Easter eggs, make an Easter bunny, make chocolate nests… 


Remember to have a look at some of the ideas on the sheets we sent home in your Home Learning Files too.


Well done everyone on making it through the last two weeks!  It has been very strange for all of us.  We hope you have a wonderful Easter and look forward to hearing from you all again in 2 weeks.


Look after yourselves and your families.  Give each other lots of special Easter hugs as well as eggs!

Love Mrs Gadd and Mrs Draper 



Thursday 2nd April


Hello everyone.  We hope you’re all feeling well today.  Nearly at the end of the second week of home learning now!

Today we have set some maths and literacy for you as well as your ongoing topic project.



We would like you to practise using speech punctuation.

There is a link to Espresso below. 

(If this doesn’t work, go to Espresso > Key stage 2 > English > Grammar & Punctuation > Punctuation > “Introduction to speech marks”)

Do the “Introduction to Speech Marks” challenges.  Watch the video then try the 2 quizzes and try the activity (Your espresso login is stuck inside your Home Learning file).

Please don’t go onto the “Using speech marks to punctuate direct speech” challenges yet – we will do them another week.

On Google Classroom we have also put an activity to practise adding speech punctuation.  There is also a Powerpoint there as a reminder if you need it.

You can write the sentences out in your books or you can type onto the documents and “Hand in”.  It’s up to you.


Maths –

We would like you to practise some more short multiplication.

In Google classroom, we have put some questions for you to answer using short multiplication.  Just write the answers in your books.

We will put the answers up tomorrow!

We have put a video below to remind you of the method if you need it.

Just watch the video up to 2 minutes 40 seconds.

If you can’t access the internet, just make up some short multiplication questions of your own to answer.

You might do 2 digit numbers by 1 digit (eg 48 x 3) or 3 digit by 1 digit (eg 352 x 5)  or you might even try 4 digit numbers by 1 digit (eg 4273 x 4).

Ask an adult or use a calculator to check your answers.


You also have your ongoing topic task to continue with (you can look back to Monday 30th to find the instructions for this).


Don't forget to get some exercise of some sort too if possible and do some things that you enjoy!  We will put on some extra activities tomorrow linked to a variety of subjects if you would like to have a go.


Have a lovely day 

Wednesday 1st April


Good morning Year 5!

It’s April Fools’ Day today but, don’t worry, we won’t be playing any tricks on you! 

Today, we would like you to continue with your topic work and also do some maths and literacy.



We would like you to work on your short multiplication. If you look on Google Classroom there are some examples to remind you what to do. These are the tasks – they can also be found on Google Classroom. Please do your work in your book.

Bronze – make up some TU x U questions, making sure that you are multiplying by tables that you know eg: 37 x 5.

Silver – make up some TU x U questions, making sure that you are multiplying by tables that you know eg: 37 x 5. Then try some HTU x U questions as well eg: 367 x 4.

Gold - make up some HTU x U and Th HTU x U questions, making sure that you are multiplying by a range of tables from 3x – 9x.



We would like you to work on uplevelling sentences to make them more interesting.

eg:  The girl walked in her garden.

       This morning, the young girl, who was wearing her wellies, walked carefully in her wet, muddy garden.

If you look on Google Classroom there are sentences for you to uplevel – if you can’t access those, make up some of your own. Please do this work in your book.

Remember to:

  • Check your punctuation!
  • Use a dictionary to look up any spellings you don’t know.
  • Use your neatest, joined up handwriting – try and join j,g and y.

We hope you all have a good day. 

Tuesday 31st March


Good morning Year 5.

 We hope that you all had a nice day yesterday despite the cooler weather!

Today, we would like you to continue with the topic and maths activities from yesterday. We would also like you to do some literacy.



Today, we would like you to learn your new spellings. If you haven’t already done your spelling test for last week’s spellings, please ask an adult to test you today.

Remember to learn the meanings as well and be able to use your words in a sentence. Think about the activities you do at school to help you to learn your spellings – you can do all of them at home and can even do the hidden words activity! Here are your words for this week:












Don’t forget to look at the activity list that we sent home in your pack if you’d like other things to do as well.

Have a lovely day and we’ll be back in touch tomorrow. 

Monday 30th March


Good morning Year 5 -  welcome to week two of learning at home! We enjoyed our class chat on Friday and it was nice to hear some of the things that made you smile last week. We hope that you continue to find things to make you smile this week and are getting more used to working at home. We have been delighted that so many of you have been completing the tasks - well done!

We are missing being in the classroom with you and hope that you and your families are all well.

Love Mrs Draper and Mrs Gadd


Today, we would like you to do some topic work, maths and literacy.

Topic work:
The topic work is an ongoing task for the week, to be completed in your book. You can choose how to present your work eg: poster, factfile etc. We would like you to research British inventors and their inventions - try to find out a few facts about both the inventors and what they invented. Remember to present your work in your neatest, joined-up handwriting and to label any diagrams. All titles and sub-titles should be underlined with a ruler and don't forget to check your punctuation.

Your literacy today is handwriting, focusing again on joining correctly and looping g,y and j. You could practise it when you are doing your topic work or you could write out a passage from your reading book. Think carefully about the size of your letters, in particular s, c and w.

For the next two days we would like you to practise your times tables. Please go on Times Tables Rock Stars and also have a go at the work on Google Classroom. The activities are listed as bronze, silver and gold but you are welcome to have a go at them all! Remember -this task is for today and tomorrow.

Have a good day everyone