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Week 3 Virtual Learning (20.4.20)

Friday 24th April


Happy Friday, everyone!  Hope you are all well.

We were so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the mind blowing space video and that you are so interested in our space topic. We always love it!


Today we would like you to do some maths, literacy and finish off your topic work for the week.



Today, we would like you to plan your new chapter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  You will be writing your full new chapter next week.

To help you, we have put some some useful resources in Google Classroom:


  • We have added a chapter structure summary so that you can think about how your chapter will need to be organised. 


  • We have also added a planning sheet.


Please read both of these sheets carefully as they give you extra information, instructions and guidance for your planning.


You can:

     Either - Print the planning sheet and write on it

Or - Type onto the planning sheet in Google Classroom (you could then “Hand it in” if you wanted)

Or – create your own table for planning in your book




We would like you to continue to work on 3D shapes today.


We have set some Mathletics tasks based on 3D shapes.  We would really like you to complete these today if possible (we have cleared all previous set tasks so you can focus on these).


For most of you, these are called:

  • Collect the objects 2
  • What prism am I?
  • What pyramid am I?
  • Prisms and Pyramids
  • Nets


Some of you may have tasks called:

  • Collect the polygons
  • Collect more shapes
  • Collect the objects 2


You could also continue with the activities from yesterday if you didn’t complete them all.

Remember to re-watch the videos from yesterday if you need to.



You should have done plenty of solar system research by now so please complete your 'mini project' by presenting it neatly today, if you haven't already done it.  We would love to see what you have found out and produced.  Look back at the Space Topic folder if you need a reminder of what to do.


Today we are also sending you a Friday check-in questionnaire on Google Classroom.  Please complete it - it will only take you a few minutes. It's a really nice way of us being able to communicate with you and check that everything is going well.  Please ask your parents if they would like to add anything to the final question. 


Have a lovely day and a great weekend.

Stay safe and look after yourselves and your families.

Love Mrs G and Mrs D xx

Thursday 23rd April


Good morning, everyone!  It looks like a lovely day outside today!  Make sure you get out at some point and make the most of this lovely weather if you can.


Hope you all got on alright with yesterday's tasks.

'First News' had some interesting articles in it - hope you enjoyed it.

How is your Solar System research coming on?


Today we are setting you some maths and literacy. 



Today, you are going to continue to practise using speech punctuation.  This will come in really handy when you write your new chapter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory next week.

  1. First, we would like you to watch the speech punctuation video on Espresso – ‘Using speech marks to punctuate direct speech’ (the link is below). 

You could even go back and watch the previous video from before the holidays first, if you want a reminder – ‘Introduction to speech marks’.

(Espresso > key stage 2 > English > Grammar & Punctuation > Punctuation)


    2. Then complete the online quizzes and activities on Espresso.


    3. We have also added some other tasks to Google Classroom to help you to practise using speech punctuation.  You could complete all or some of them.  You don’t need to do them all – choose the one that is right for you. 


(You could type onto the sheets, print them out then write on them or copy them into your book.)

We have also added a WMG speech punctuation checklist and a PowerPoint to remind you of the speech punctuation rules.


We will share the correct answers to the sheets with you tomorrow.



Today, we would like you to work on 3D shapes.

Watch the 2 videos to remind you about 3D shapes, their names and their properties (the links are below).

Then choose activities in Google Classroom to complete.  We don’t expect you to do all of the activities. Choose the ones that suit you best.  Write the answers in your books.

You could continue to do some more of the activities tomorrow.


If you can’t get onto the internet for any reason, or if you prefer, just do a 3D shape hunt in your house.  What shapes can you find?  Make a list (you could create a table in your book).  Then look at the properties of each shape – how many faces does it have?  How many vertices (corners)? How many edges?  Are the faces curved or flat?  Add this information to your table.



You should also continue with your research.  If you have finished your research, please start to think about how you will present your findings. Look in the Space Topic folder for a reminder of what to do and for the useful links.



We are adding a link below to a fascinating YouTube video (check with a parent please!)

I've watched it many times and I still find it mind blowing each time!  I think you will enjoy it!


Have a great day :)

Wednesday 22nd April


Good morning! We hope that you and your families are all well and keeping busy.

Did you watch the chat with the astronaut yesterday? Don’t worry if you missed it as they are recorded and saved on their channel – just follow the link in Google Classroom. Some of you have been telling us about your star-gazing. If you haven’t done so already, have a look at the night sky - it’s amazing what you can see.


Today, we would like you to do some reading, maths and topic work.



In Google Classroom there is a link to a copy of ‘First News’ – have a read of it and then choose one article to summarise. Write your summary in your book or tell an adult if they are available (we know that lots of your parents are working from home so be kind and don’t interrupt their work!).

There is also a link to a newsletter from Cheshire Library Service – this has lots of useful links to keep you occupied! Explore of some of these links too.




We would like you to go on Mathletics and Times Tables Rock Stars today. You may choose which activities you do but we would like you to spend some time on the four rules – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


There is another shape lesson on ‘I See Maths’ – give that a try if you haven’t already done so. For those of you who have been watching them, do carry on as there is a new lesson every day. Don’t forget to click on the link underneath the video, once you have watched it, as that is where the follow-up tasks are.



Keep going with your research task – you should be thinking about what extra information you need to find out, ready to start compiling your finished piece of work tomorrow and Friday.


Don’t forget that there is a lesson today on the solar system on BBC Bitesize Daily (we have added the link to this in the Topic research task) – BBC Bitesize is adding daily lessons which can be accessed via BBC iplayer, Red Button and the BBC Bitesize website and app.  You don't need to watch 'live' - you can watch on catch up and look at the online lessons anytime.  These are worth a look if you want some extra challenges some days.


Enjoy your day and we’ll be in touch again tomorrow. smiley


Tuesday 21st April


Good morning Year 5!

We hope that you managed to complete yesterday’s work and are getting back into the swing of working from home. 

Today, we would like you to continue with your topic work and also do some maths and literacy.



We would like you to do some more shape work and apply your knowledge to some questions. The questions can be found in Google Classroom. Remember that, if you’d like to, you can continue to have a daily shape lesson on ‘I See Maths’ – the link is on yesterday’s entry and Google Classroom.



Today we would like you to practise your handwriting. You should write out your spellings to help you learn those and write up some of your topic research. Think carefully about the way we join our letters and continue to try the looped join for j, g and y.



To help you with your research you can watch a live session with an astronaut this afternoon! This is how it is described on their website…


  ‘Tune in for FREE every Tuesday for Space to Learn, an inspirational hour with an astronaut, for all children studying at home or in school. Hear the best space stories in a quick presentation from a different guest astronaut each week followed by a LIVE Q&A.

Every Tuesday there will be 2 shows with a LIVE Q&A. The 1st will be broadcast @ 15:30 BST for everyone in the UK & Europe.

This Week...

Join NASA Astronaut and Environmentalist Ron Garan for an inspirational, fun and an "Out of This World" experience!

Ron has carried out 4 space walks and spent 6 months aboard the International Space Station, clocking up over 70 million miles in space (11 million km).

Ron will take you through his journeys into space and how they influenced him to bring clean water for more than 4.5 million people in developing areas of Africa and becoming an influential speaker with some of the World’s biggest organisations. ‘


The link is listed below.

** Please note that in order to watch this you will need to access a You Tube channel – please check with your parents before you do so.


We hope you all have a good day. smiley

Monday 20th April


Welcome back!

We hope that you’ve had a lovely break and have been enjoying the outdoors as much as possible during the sunshine. We shall be continuing to work in the same way as before the break, using this page and Google Classroom to set tasks.

Today, we would like you to do some maths, literacy and topic work.



This week we will be looking at shape, starting with properties of 2D shapes. This work is in Google Classroom- if you can’t print the sheets off, please draw the table in your book and fill it in there.


If you’d like to do something more, or something a bit different, you could also follow the link below to ‘I See Maths’ – this is a set of lessons taught each day by Gareth Metcalfe. This week he is posting a different lesson each day about reasoning with shapes.



Today’s literacy is spellings. We hope you are continuing to learn these and are getting an adult to test you at the end of the week. Don’t forget that you also need to know what they mean and how to use them in a sentence.

Try to think of some new ways to learn them – how about trying some of the tennis activities we learnt with Jade? You could say your spellings as you hit the ball! You could also play catching games whilst saying the letters. See what games you can come up with!

This week’s spellings are:













Our new topic is Space. This week we would like you to start by doing some research on the Solar System. This is an activity for the week – each day, try to find out some information about the planets in the Solar System. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What are the names of the planets?
  • What facts can you find out about them? eg: temperature, size, what they are made of etc.

You can present your work in any way that you choose – you might like to make a Power Point, a poster, a factfile , Top Trump type cards or you might have an idea of your own. We have included a link below to information that might help you and there are also some PowerPoints in Google Classroom.


The BBC are also providing lessons for children each day via BBC Bitesize Daily – these are being shown from 9am and can be accessed via BBC iplayer, Red Button and the BBC Bitesize website and app. Be sure to watch the science lesson for Year 5 on Wednesday as it is about the solar system!


Enjoy your day smiley


PS: Don’t forget to look at our feedback on your questionnaire.