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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Week 7 Virtual Learning

Year 3 Learning Tasks Week beginning 20th July 2020 

Monday 20th July 2020  - 

Please take some time this week to fill in your one page profile for your year 4 teachers.


As we are heading towards the end of term I have only set a few tasks for each day. If you would like to extend your learning at home, look at the extra activities section in the classroom.


Reading: 15 minutes to yourself, spend some time explaining to your grown up what you have read. What happened in the part you read. Can you predict what might happen next?


Literacy: This will be your task for the week. Over the week you are going to plan and write a letter. Your letter will be a very important one because it is for a very important person. You. Your letter will be to your future self. Over the last 5 months life in Britain has changed, it is unlike anything that we have ever known and hopefully will ever experience again. You already made a time capsule at the beginning of this term, but things are changing every week. Things have probably changed since then. 

I would like you to write about the past few months. What happened, why schools had to close, why we went into lockdown and could no longer visit our family and friends, how you felt, what you did at home, how you learnt and how things are slowly getting back to normal. This seems quite a lot so we are going to build it up gradually so by the end of the week you have lots of ideas for your letter. Your letter will remain private for you. It will tell the reader what life has been like. You can choose when to open it. Perhaps at the end of the year or even then end of Year 6. Perhaps you’ll keep it sealed for even longer. It’s up to you.

I have some diaries I wrote when I was 11 and every now and again I look through them and it reminds me how different my life was in the 1980’s.. What we are experiencing will go down in history and you have experienced it first hand. 


Today you will plan your ideas. Please spend time talking about your thoughts with a grown up at home. 


Maths: This week your maths will be linked to the maths that has been covered in Year 3. You will be applying everything you have learned to solve problems and challenges.


Bronze - page 25/26 of the booklet

Silver - page 42/44 of the booklet

Gold - page 53/54 of the booklet


Be good to yourself : Listen to some of your favourite songs today and dance like nobody's watching!

Tuesday 21st July 2020  


Reading: 15-20 minutes to yourself - did you find any new words that you did not understand? Can you choose 3 new words if you found them and find out what they mean?


Literacy: Continue working on your letter today, I would write your introduction - in the introduction you need to explain why we had a lockdown in the first place, what caused it. How did you feel when you found out that schools were closing? Look back at your time capsule, does it say how you were feeling? What happened at the start of lockdown? WHat rules did you and your family have to fol


Maths: Continue to work through the problems. 

Bronze maths - page 29/30 of the booklet

Silver maths - page 45/46 of the booklet

Gold maths - page 55/56 of the booklet


Be good to yourself: spend some time outside today - go for a walk with your family/ play in the garden.

Wednesday 22nd July 2020 


Reading: 15-20  minutes to yourself, ask a parent to ask you five questions that really make you think. 


Spellings: Review the spelling list for Year 3 and 4 how many of the words can you already spell?


Literacy:  ‘The Past’ - Today you are going to write the next paragraph of your letter. Think about all of the things you did as a family at the beginning of lockdown when you had to stay at home. How did you find home learning? What else did you do? Were your parents working from home? How did things change for you all? How did it feel?


Maths: Today in maths I would like you to have a go at problem solving. 

Bronze maths - pg 39/40 of the booklet

Silver maths - pg 48/49 of the booklet

Gold maths - pg 62/63 of the booklet


Computing: Check your email


Be good to yourself: check in with a friend via email/ facetime / send them a postcard

Thursday 23rd July 2020


Literacy: ‘The present’ - Work on your next paragraph, how did it feel when things started changing again? Did you start to see your relatives again? Did people in your house continue to work from home? Did your ‘bubbles’ get bigger? How did the rules from the government change? Did you start to see some of your friends?


Maths: Today in maths I would like you to have a go at problem solving. 

Bronze maths - page 31-32

Silver maths - page 51/52 of the booklet

Gold maths - page 67/68 of the booklet


Be good to yourself: Take time to do something you really enjoy today - eat something yummy, play your favourite game.


Computing: - any unfinished modules

Friday 24th July 2020 

Reading: Read aloud to someone in your household for 10-15 minutes. Before you start, tell them about your book and what it is about. When you have finished see if you can ask them some questions about your reading to check they have been listening closely!


Literacy; ‘The future’ - For your next paragraph how do you think things will change over the next few months? In September what will it feel like coming back to school. How do you feel about it? Do you have any worries? 


Your last paragraph will be what you learned during lockdown and what you hope for the future. 


When you have completed your letter. Put it in an envelope, seal it and put it Remember where you put it so when you decide you want to read it you can find it.

somewhere safe. 


Mathletics of your choice.


Be good to yourself: watch a movie or your favourite Tv show if the weather is good play outside. 


Have an awesome break! You have earned it!


Thank you Year 3, it has been a pleasure to teach you this year and I wish we would have had more time together in person in our classroom in Year 3. You have done me proud with your home learning and your resilience in this difficult situation. I hope you all have a very restful summer and I look forward to seeing you back in school in September.