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Week 5 Virtual Learning

Thursday 6th May 


Good morning Year 1. What amazing weather we are having at the moment. I had a lovely day at school again yesterday. We did our work in the morning and then had the water and paintbrushes out in the afternoon, which then turned into a water fight and I got soaked! There were only 7 children in. It's very strange being at school without you all and I miss you all lots. I have loved reading all of your poems and looking at your life cycles. You are all so creative! I have sent out the weekly questionnaire today as tomorrow is a bank holiday and no school work will be set. Have a rest and enjoy this special day with your families whatever you may be doing. I know some streets are having social distancing street parties. As it is VE day tomorrow, I have set you some special tasks. 


Today's tasks:



I have added a reading comprehension about VE day. Please read 1 of the sheets and complete 1 set of questions. The sheets are differentiated. Parents please choose the correct one for your child's reading ability. The stars at the bottom work out as 1 star = bronze activity, 2 stars = silver activity and 3 stars = gold activity. If you do not have a printer you can either write your answers in your blue book or screenshot the question sheet and edit it in photos for the multiple choice questions. Parents, the children may say from the get go that they cannot read this as it is not a magic key story. I hear this a lot at school if it is something out of their comfort zone. Let them have a go, encourage them to sound out and give them help where needed. 



Sight word stomp/bean bag throw - please choose 10 of the year 1 common exception words (in your file) and write them in chalk outside or on pieces of paper. Please choose different ones to last week. When you say a word your child has to jump on that word or throw their ball, bean bag etc onto it. How many can they get right? 



As we have been looking at mass, I thought it would be nice for you to do some baking/cooking. Have a go, either today or over the weekend. I have attached a wartime recipe book if you would like to have a go at some of those or whatever you would like to make. Just make sure you are using scales to measure your ingredients as accurately as you can. Enjoy! 


You could also make a magic potion - weighing out ingredients as you do it. You could then write your magic potion recipe in your blue book. Make sure you use the correct measurments - grams or mililitres. Ask mums and dads before you use their scales and measuring jugs. You could use, leaves, flowers, soil, water (measured in mililitres ml), sticks etc. 


I have also put a link to some measurement games. 


Other activities 

When people celebrate they often put bunting up. Can you design your own bunting to celebrate VE day? 


I have attached a spitfire paper aeroplane for you to print out if you are able to do so. 


Morse code was used to communicate in the war. I have added a Morse code sheet. Can you crack the secret messages? 


I have added a file onto google classroom for you to upload any VE day activities or photos, if you wish. 
I have also been brave and added a video for you of me reading a story. Hope you enjoy it. 


Have a lovely long weekend 

Speak to you all on Monday 


Miss Ridgway 


Wednesday 6th May 


Good morning my lovely Year 1s. I am off back into school today to work with the key worker children so I will reply to any questions or queries after 3.30. I was very impressed with all of your instructions yesterday. You did an amazing job! Well done. I went for another run yesterday, I'm getting a bit better. I love that so many of you have been out running or on your bikes or being active on your scooters or trampolines. It makes me want to be more active as well so thank you! 


Today's tasks:



We are going to leave instructions for this week, we may come back to them next week. 

Today I would like you to write an acrostic poem using the letters of your name. YOu write your name down the side of the page and then think of words that start with that letter. For example 

Miss Ridgway




Sleeps a lot 


Really misses her class

Is looking forward to seeing you all


Gives cuddles

Watches tele  

Always smiling 

Yellow is her favourite colour


Have a go and see what you can come up with. Please hand them in on google classroom. I can't wait to read them. Have a look on google for some examples if you are finding it tricky. 



Please go onto Espresso - English - phonics - polly's phonics - activities - ai, ee, igh, oa - segmenting and spelling activities. 



I have put some activities on Mathletics for you to do. I have also added some worksheets that you can use if you have a printer. The worksheets are optional. 


Other activities 

Please look at the PowerPoint 'The life cycle of an oak tree'. 

Please then produce your own life cycle of an oak tree. You can do this by using one of the worksheets provided or make your own. You can do a poster, a little booklet, a spin wheel. Whatever you like. 

There is also a nice e-book that relates to the PowerPoint. I have put it below. 


This week it is deaf awareness week. Can you learn how to do your name in sign language? I did this when I was at school and I still remember how to do it. 


Have a wonderful day

Speak to you all tomorrow 


Miss Ridgway 

Tuesday 5th May 


Good morning, I hope yesterday went well. I had a lovely day in school with the key worker children. Although it is very strange being in school without you all. Thank you to those of you that filled in the questionnaires. I have replied to all of the ones that I received on Friday and will reply to anymore today.

To find my reply: 

Go to Classwork

Click on Year 1 questionnaire number 3 and your private reply should appear. Please let me know if you can not see it. 


I have also replied to all the children who sent in their topic work. 


Parents, I hope you received Mrs Presswood's email on Saturday. Please could you share her letter with your child and the video link to the website. Many thanks. 


Today's tasks:


There is a check in on google classroom. Please have a look, I love reading all of your comments. 



Writing instructions - The tasks that were set last week were to get you ready to write your own set of instructions. This is what I would like you to do today. You are going to write a set of instructions for how to wash your hands. Which is very important right now. First of all you need to remember our What Makes Good. Your instructions need to include:

  • a How to title 
  • what you need
  • numbered bullet points 
  • imperative verbs - put, rinse, wash, rub, place, turn. 
  • write your instructions in order. 

You also need to make sure you have used full stops and capital letters. 

If you need a reminder of imperative verbs or the WMG these are all in google classroom and the website from last weeks learning. 

You can either type up your instructions in google classroom on the document I have provided you with or you can write them in your blue books and send a picture to me. I would like you to hand in this piece of work. 



Phonics splat. 
If you have the phonics cards you can use these or write the phonics sounds (that are in your pack) on pieces of paper. Place the phonics sounds on the floor or table. Parents please then call out a phonic sound. Your child has to splat that sound as quickly as they can. Maybe try playing against someone and see who is the quickest. The quickest person wins the card. Who will have the most at the end?



Please complete the following activities

Espresso - Maths - measure - activities - ordering heaviest to lightest and kilograms or grams activities. 


Other activities 

Please choose a P.E activity to do from P.E passport. 


We are going to learn a bit more about trees today. Please read/listen to the e-book on espresso - KS1 - science - plants - books - deciduous and evergreen trees. Then complete the activity sorting trees. I would then like you to label a tree using the PDF if you have a printer or you can do the online version in the activities section. 


It is hedgehog awareness week this week. There is a little video on espresso if you would like to watch it. I wonder if you could make a hedgehog house in your garden. I will put a picture below showing you how to make a simple one. I would love to see a picture of any that you make. Pop them onto google classroom. 


Have a wonderful day 


Miss Ridgway 




Don't forget......

Monday 4th May


For all you Star Wars fans Happy 4th of May. May the 4th be with you! 
Good morning Year 1. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I did some gardening yesterday and then went for a run! Running isn't my favourite thing to do and I don't really like it but it keeps me active and I want to get better at it so I'm going to keep trying. I wonder if there are some things that you don't enjoy doing and maybe feel like giving up. If you ever feel like this just think of me running, looking like a tomato because I'm so hot and remember that I keep on trying. I hope you keep trying too. 


Today's tasks: 




Please have an adult test you on your spellings from last week and write them in the back of your yellow book. Please write your new ones at the front of your yellow book on a clean page. 

Then choose 5 of your spellings and put them into sentences in your blue book. Remember full stops and capital letters. 


This weeks spellings: 














Please go onto espresso - English - Phonics - Polly's phonics - activities - sorting sounds (igh/oa) and reading activity. 



This week we are going to be looking at mass. Please watch the video on espresso - measuring mass. 

I would then like you to choose 10 objects or toys. Can you put them in order from the toy that weighs the least to the toy that weighs the most. I would then like you to weigh them using scales (if you have any) and see if your predictions were correct. Weigh your object in grams. 1000g is the same as 1 kilogram. If your object is over 1000g it would be 1kg and …. grams. I wonder what your heaviest object will be? 


Other activities 


Please complete the trolls dance on Go Noodle. 


This week were going to be looking at trees. I have attached a tree hunt for you. See how many of them you can find. Are any of them in your garden? 


Please read a story to someone today, maybe facetime a family member and read it to them. I'm sure that would make them smile. 

Have a lovely day 

Speak to you tomorrow 


Miss Ridgway