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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Week 3 Virtual Learning (20.4.20)

Friday 24th April 2020



As it is Friday your task is to make sure as much as possible of the work set earlier in the week is finished.  This includes literacy and maths tasks as well as the topic work set in our Google Classroom. 


I would also like you to ask a grown up or older sibling to test you on the last set of spellings (list 23).  Do this in your spelling book as normal.  

Your new spelling list is as follows:

List 24- challenge words 

1. group

2. height

3. particular 

4. potatoes

5. separate

6. surprise

7. through

8. various

9. though

10. woman


Copy the new spellings carefully into your spelling book.  Check the meaning of any words you are unsure of then write each one neatly into a sentence in your blue book.  Use the following title: List 24 spelling practice.  

Keep practising them so that you will be ready for next week's spelling test.


When all other work is complete I would like you to have a go at the following game to practise placing negative numbers on a number line.  Start with -10 to 10 then -50 to 50.

If you have time please also visit Times Tables Rock Stars.  


Don't forget that as it is Friday you will find this week's home learning questionnaire (week 3) in our Google Classroom.  Please answer all questions but only submit your questionnaire once- I have noticed that some people have filled in week 2's questionnaire again this week.  You will have an opportunity every Friday to fill in a new questionnaire. 


Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Love, Mrs Poole



Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good morning again! I have really enjoyed reading your lockdown diaries so far.  It's lovely to have a little insight into all the lovely things you have been doing at home. If anyone is making a memories box or a time capsule at home perhaps you could print your diary out and include it.  I understand what a strange situation this is and that one of the most difficult things for you all is missing your friends at school.  I am really pleased to hear that so many of you are keeping in touch online.  To everyone who handed their finished work in I have left you a comment so please log in to the Classroom to have a look. 

Today's tasks are as follows:


Maths- an introduction to negative numbers.  Please see Google Classroom for details.


Literacy- Today I would like you to read your current reading book for thirty minutes. In your blue book follow our group reading structure:

1. Summarise what you have just read in your own words - remember full sentences and punctuation

2. Clarify five words - choose 5 words, find their meanings and jot them down

3. Predict what might happen next 

4. If an adult is with you, can they ask you some questions? 


Don't forget this week's topic work to be getting on with too.  It is posted in Google Classroom.


A little advance notice... Next week's topic work requires (if possible) a tomato, some antibacterial hand wash, table salt, bicarbonate of soda and some kitchen roll.  I wonder if anyone can guess what we might be doing?! 



Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good morning!  It is really lovely to hear from lots of you in Google Classroom every day.  As you all have lots of other ways to chat online at home please only make one comment per thread or use the space to ask questions about the tasks.  There is no need to comment on each other's responses.  This will help to make sure that important information doesn't get missed.  Thank you!  


Maths- I hope you were able to complete yesterday's place value activities.  Today I would like you to practise finding 1000 more or less than any given number.  In Google Classroom I have posted a blank copy of a hundred square.  I would like you to fill it out in the following way: 


Fill the number square in by starting with 100 in the top left square then writing 100 more in each square to the right. So the top row is 100, 200, 300, to 1000.  The next row is 1100, 1200, 1300, to 2000.  And so on. The bottom right square will contain 10000.



Bronze- Use your hundred square to practise counting forwards and backwards in thousands, choosing different starting numbers each time.


Silver- Use your hundred square to practise counting forwards and backwards in hundreds and in thousands, choosing different starting numbers each time.  Ask a grown up or older sibling to ask you questions such as what is 100 more than...?  What is 1000 less than...?  What is 4000 more than...?


Gold- Use your hundred square to write and answer additions and subtractions of several hundreds or several thousands, e.g. 4500 - 3200 = 1300, using the grid to help you.



Literacy- I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your diaries and finding out what you have all been getting up to.  It seems that lots of you are enjoying time outdoors and many of you have been baking like I have.  I am really pleased to hear that you are able to keep in touch with your friends online too.  This is really important.  From what I have seen of your writing so far I have mostly been impressed.  I wanted to give you two days to complete this task so that you could make sure it is of the same high standard as the work you complete in your literacy books in school.  I would like those of you who haven't made a start to try to complete this task today.  Some of you need to try to write a little more.  I would like you all to edit your work really carefully before handing it in today.  Things to think about that we have worked on in class recently:

  • Is your writing organised in paragraphs?
  • Are full stops and capital letters used accurately?
  • Have you used capital letters for proper nouns?
  • Have you shown me that you are able to use apostrophes to mark possession e.g. I painted my brother's bedroom, I borrowed Sally's bike, Mum's Easter egg hunt was great fun
  • Have you used adverbial openers followed by a comma?

You should find some useful prompt cards in your home learning folders.


Try to work hard today but remember to have some fun too!

I'll be in touch again tomorrow.

Mrs Poole



Tuesday 21st April 2020

Hello again Year 4! I hope you enjoyed the Easter break and that you and your families are all well.  Thank you to those of you who completed your check-in questionnaire on the Friday before the holiday.  I hope you have found your feedback via your email. 


Hopefully you all managed to complete the work set by Mrs King yesterday and are back into the swing of working at home.  Today I am going to set you a maths task and a literacy task.  Remember that topic work will now be posted in Google Classroom at the start of each week so that you can work your way through it at your own pace.  I hope this will be helpful.


Maths- We will begin this half term by working on place value.  Today I would like you to practise reading, writing and comparing numbers on a number line.  I would like everyone to play the following game on Mathsframe, starting at level 4 and moving on to levels 5 and 6 if and when you feel confident.

For those looking for an extra challenge I would also like you to play the Thousands Game: Record your working out and reasoning in your blue books please. 


Literacy- I would like you to complete some diary writing to get back into the the habit of writing.  I don't expect you to recount absolutely everything you have done since school closed but I would love to hear about some of the highlights as well as any challenges you have faced.  I would write about how much I am enjoying spending time with my two girls, how I've been out riding my scooter, exploring the fields behind my house and also how I've been baking banana bread, banana muffins and banana cookies! I would also write about how I miss school, my friends and my family.  In Google Classroom I have put a Google Doc for you to complete this task.  You have two days to complete this task so please don't submit it for me to see until tomorrow.


Speak tomorrow,

Mrs Poole



Monday 20th April 2020

Good morning Year 4! I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and the Easter bunny brought you some chocolate eggs!



Let’s start off today with some handwriting as we usually do on a Monday morning! Choose a paragraph from a favourite fiction or non-fiction book and in your best handwriting copy it out into your blue book. We would use our handwriting books in school to help get our letters the correct size so see if you can do this without. Remember to join all your letters except the break letters g, j, x, y and z. Spend just 15 to 20 minutes on this.



I have set you some tasks on Mathletics. These are all about measurement and converting between units of measure.



This half term we would have started a new biology topic on living things. All living things share 7 characteristics and these are often remembered by the acronym MRS GREN (or MRS NERG). Each letter stands for a different life process. See if you can find out what each of the 7 life processes are and record them in your blue book.


In Google classroom I have saved you a set of pictures of animals. If you can print them then please do but don’t worry if not as you can still complete the activities.

Choose between 8 and 12 of the animals. Can you find different ways of grouping them based on their different characteristics? E.g. those with legs and those without legs or those that live on land and those that live in water. You may end up with more than 2 groups or groups that overlap with each other. There is no right or wrong way to do it just have a go!

You can try sorting the same animals in different ways or try sorting a new set.

Once you have tried different ways of sorting the animals record a couple of them in your blue book either by listing the animals in their groups or sticking the pictures in.


Don’t forget to make time to exercise and get outside in the fresh air. Look at the link below for cricket ideas.


Have fun and happy learning!
Mrs King