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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Week 5 Virtual Learning Week beginning 04.05.2020

Thursday 7th May

Good morning! We loved your videos - it was great to see nearly all of you! If you didn't upload a video yesterday, please try to do it today because we would love to see everybody! If you can't upload a video, just type us a message! 

Today's check-in is linked to the videos - if you didn't upload one, its okay - you can just say 'good morning!'


This is our last day of learning this week because it is the bank holiday to celebrate VE day on Friday so you get a day  to rest - or finish things off if you are behind with any of your tasks! Today is a bit of a carry on / finish off / hand in day and you have a new art task. 



Please make sure your writing is finished to the end of chapter 6, read it through, check for errors , edit and then there are some instructions in Google Classroom to hand it in- I'd like them all handed in today. 

Please also do some reading today. 



Please spend 30 -45 minutes on your maths booklets



You should have finished this yesterday - please hand it in in Google Classroom - look for the post I would like you to attach it to. Please don't attach your science and writing to the same post!



All of the instructions that you need are in Google Classroom- I am excited about what you will prooduce after last week's efforts! 


If you have any extra time, you could try and find out what VE day is and why we are having a bank holiday to celebrate it on Friday. On my road we are all celebrating with picnics in our gardens -we can't go near each other but we can chat across hedgerows and fences! I wonder if you are doing anything special? 


Here is some nice news - Shona's big brother (who spoke to you about climate change and pollution) is running 50KM over 5 days to raise money fro the NHS! How fabulous is that! Not only is he running, he is running in fancy dress! Amazing! Well done Cameron from all of Year 6 -we think you are a star!


Have a fabulous day  - see if you can do something amazing today! Enjoy the long weekend

Love Mrs W x

Wednesday 6th May 

Good morning! I'm really, really excited about our check-in today .... I'm crossing fingers, legs, toes ...actually everything ...that it works!! When you have read all of the instructions on here, head on over to Google Classroom to see what I want you to do!! 

I loved the Wild Art that I saw yesterday. If you haven't already, please have a look at each others' - they really are beautiful!


Today's learning tasks: 


Another 30 -45 minutes of your booklet. Don't forget if you get stuck on anything, our interactive maths dictionary on this webpage (in useful links) can help or you can ask on the maths post and we can help. 


Hopefully, you wrote paragraph 5 yesterday so it is paragraph 6 today! Yesterday's , PowerPoint will help. Use the relevant slides today.


This is your last day for your digestion task - it will either be the bronze or silver worksheet (printed or copied into your book) or a piece of explanation writing about digestion.  I will be asking you to upload a photo of it TOMORROW on a specific post so look out for it.)


Don't forget to get some exercise ... its good for your body and your mood! 

Have a really lovely day - keep talking, keep sharing, keep the kindness going. 

Love Mrs W xx




Tuesday 5th May

I loved all of your positive messages about the art yesterday - what a fabulous start to the day! Your comments made me smile - thank you! I think the sun might shine today so I have two activities for  you to do at some point today in the outdoors - choose one of them.

The first one is if you are feeling a bit anxious or your mind is busy or even if your house is busy and you just want a moment of peace and quiet! It is called 'Sit Spots' and is explained here:

The second is if you are feeling creative and arty but you need your garden not paints and paper! It is explained here in this video:

I will put a post on the stream and open it up for you to post then if you choose this activity and want to upload a photograph of your creation, you can do so!



In Google Classroom, there is a PowerPoint to help you to write the next two paragraphs of your story - this is for today and tomorrow. Use it today to help you to write paragraph 5.

Don't forget to practice your spellings at some point today or tomorrow!



Please carry on for 30 - 45 minutes in your maths booklet started yesterday.



Please carry on with the Digestion work - remember this needs completing by the end of tomorrow


Well, that was straightforward today!!  I am working from home today so I will on Google CLassroom if you want to ask me anything - head on over there now and check-in! Have a lovely day everyone!

Love Mrs W xx



Monday 4th May

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend? I helped Sam with some English learning that he had to complete, Isobel made a delicious orange zest cake and some bread - which I happily ate and I have experimented and played with my new Chromebook that was delivered on Saturday! I bought it because I thought it might make using Google Classroom a bit easier and I can respond to you better so we shall see this week!

"One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day" so when you have read today's instructions on here head on over to our Google Classroom to check-in with some positive thoughts! Yay! 


As we said last week, we are moving away from Mathletics this week and next week (you can always go on voluntarily of course) but the maths we set you is different - we don't want you to get bored doing the same thing week in, week out! 

In Google Classroom, there are four workbooks - bronze, silver, gold, platinum - all based on multiplication and division. Choose wisely - make sure you look at the maths in each one first to choose the level suitable for yourself. These books are long! They would be a full two week learning block in the classroom so we are giving you two weeks to complete them - aim for 30 to 45 minutes per day. You can download and print or you can download, save and work in your blue books. We will give you the answers on Friday 15th May. 


Back to Alma and her adventures! It's over to you as an author today - remembering all of the strategies we used last week. Your paragraph two should have ended with her spotting the chalk board - do you remember in the PowerPoint that's where I asked you to finish writing. Today, you are going to carry on from there to write paragraphs 3 and 4. (36 seconds to 1 minute 5 seconds of the film will give you the images that you need) They will both be quite short I imagine

Paragraph 3 ... this is just where she is looking at the board, pondering, writing her own name - be as creative, imaginative and descriptive as you need to be.

Paragraph 4 is going to be where we build suspense for the reader .... where we hint that all might not be as it seems! I would like you all to start with a build-up sentence to introduce the shop... something like  ...

Behind her, Alma was unaware of the mysterious looking shop that had appeared from nowhere. 

Look closely at the shop in the film - can you see it looks a bit like a monster's mouth? How can you describe what is behind her?

Here is the link for the film:


Back to digestion today following on from our work on teeth in Week 3. So, what does happen to all of that food once you have chewed it and swallowed it? Head over to Google Classroom to find out!


If you go out for a walk this week and pass school, have a look at Mrs Bray's window .... hopefully they will be something bright and cheerful going up that we made on Friday! I will take a photo to show those of you who don't live close enough to walk past.

I'll be at school today but will keep checking in on you - have a lovely day!


Love Mrs W x