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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Week 4 Virtual Learning (27.4.20)

Friday 1st May 2020

Happy Friday! 


Today I would like you to make sure as much as possible of the work set earlier in the week is finished.  This includes:

  • Literacy grammar tasks
  • Maths tasks set in Google Classroom
  • Work assigned on Mathletics
  • This week's topic work in Google Classroom. 


I would also like you to ask a grown up or older sibling to test you on the last set of spellings (list 24).  Do this in your spelling book as normal.  

Your new spelling list is as follows:

List 25- homophones (words which have the same pronounciation but different meanings and/or spellings)

1. scene

2. seen

3. whose

4. who's

5. affect

6. effect

7. here

8. hear

9. heel

10. heal


Copy the new spellings carefully into your spelling book.  Check the meaning of each pair of words then write each one neatly into a sentence in your blue book. Make sure you choose the correct spelling for each word!  Use the following title: List 25 spelling practice.  

Keep practising them so that you will be ready for next week's spelling test which will be on Thursday 7th May.


When all the above work is completed you may choose from the following:

Times Tables Rock Stars

Maths on the Move home challenge sheet (this looks like fun!)

I See Maths Home Learning videos- choose a video to watch then click on the task beneath and have a go!


Don't forget that as it is Friday you will find this week's home learning questionnaire (week 4) in our Google Classroom.  Please answer all questions but only submit your questionnaire once.  I will be checking your responses throughout the day.


Have a lovely day and a lovely weekend everyone.

Love, Mrs Poole


Thursday 30th April 2020

Hi again Year 4!  Whilst I was in school yesterday Mrs King kindly kept an eye on Google Classroom and I had a look at messages and work uploaded last night.  It is clear that you are all working hard and that you, your grown ups and I are all getting to grips with Google Classroom!  Thank you again for the effort that you and your grown ups are putting into your work and your online communication.


Now for today's tasks:

Maths- Firstly, apologies as it seems that Mathletics tasks were not showing as assigned for a handful of people yesterday.  For those that mentioned it during the day Mrs King was able to reassign them. 

Today, we will all continue working on understanding decimal numbers.  There is a quick recap as well as links to bronze, silver and gold activities in Google Classroom.  I do hope lots of you will have a go at the Spiralling Decimals game.    


Literacy- Please choose a new activity to complete from the preposition, conjunction, determiner, pronoun and possessive pronoun assignment in Google Classroom.  If you complete these literacy tasks today do remember to check them carefully before handing them in.  Perhaps you could then spend some time practising your spellings ahead of tomorrow's spelling test.  Try to find some time today to curl up and get stuck into whatever you are currently reading too.  


Topic- Please continue at your own pace to work through this week's topic tasks set in Google Classroom.


Have a great day!

Mrs Poole


Wednesday 29th April 2020

Hello Year 4!  I hope you are all well today.  Before moving on to today's tasks there are just a few little reminders for you all to help keep Google Classroom running smoothly:


  • There are still several pupils with a low number of assignments (that's everything you will find in the classwork tab) shown as 'handed in'.  Please can I ask that you click on each assignment set and, if you have completed the task, click 'hand in.'  Before clicking 'hand in' there is an option to upload evidence or for you to add a comment.  Evidence could be a photo of work you have done in your blue book or on paper, or even a photo or video of you completing an activity.  Thank you so much to people who are already doing this.  I love to see your work!  I always try to comment on work uploaded so do keep an eye out for my feedback. 


  • With topic work, and for literacy this week, I set a selection of tasks for you to complete over the week.  I have noticed a small handful of people handing in work within a day of the task being set.  If you feel as though you have been able to complete a week long task in such a short space of time it really be great if you can upload some evidence so that I can check your work is of the same high standard I would expect in school.



Now for today's tasks:


Maths- Following on from yesterday's work on dividing and multiplying by 10 and 100, please check Mathletics for today's tasks.    For some of you your tasks are focussed on multiplication revision in general.  For others your tasks are all about decimal numbers.  


Literacy- Please choose a new activity to complete from the preposition, conjunction, determiner, pronoun and possessive pronoun assignment in Google Classroom.  Remember, you can upload evidence daily if you wish but do not click 'hand in' until all tasks have been completed to the best of your ability.   


Topic- Please continue at your own pace to work through this week's topic tasks set in Google Classroom.



Please note that I am in school all day today and by the time I return home it will be time for this week's online staff meeting!  This means that it will be this evening before I am able to check on any work or messages in Google Classroom.   Today is my first day in school since being in during the Easter holidays.  It feels very strange without any Year 4 children in school and I miss you all terribly. 


Have a lovely day, work hard and be good for your grown ups!

Mrs Poole



Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good morning Year 4! I hope everyone managed to have a go at Mrs King's tasks yesterday.  I also posted this week's topic work in Google Classroom yesterday so you may already have noticed that.  Don't forget that topic tasks are there all week for you to work through in your own time and hopefully be ready to 'hand in' on Friday. 


I will continue to give details of daily maths and literacy here on the webpage each day.


Maths- Today's task is to revise dividing and multiplying by 10 and 100.  There is a quick overview as well links to the independent tasks in Google Classroom today.


Literacy- Did you know that by the end of Year 4 you should know and use the words preposition, conjunction, determiner, pronoun and possessive pronoun?  We have already talked about conjunctions and pronouns in school.  In Google Classroom you will find activities to better understand each word type. I would like you to choose one activity for each day this week.  You can work through them in any order, making sure you choose the prepositions activity on a day when you have someone to work with.  The fifth activity is an optional extra for those who have time to complete it. You are very welcome to upload photos of work throughout the week but please do not 'hand in' the assignment until all tasks are complete.  


Have a great day! I'll keep my eye on Google Classroom throughout the day to see how you get on with the tasks set and I'll be in touch tomorrow with details of your new maths tasks.

Mrs Poole


Monday 27th April 2020

Hello Year 4! I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend and you managed to get outside in the fresh air. If you haven’t completed Friday’s questionnaire yet, please do as Mrs Poole and I would love to know how you are getting on.



Today I would like you to work through the Area PowerPoint which explains how to calculate the area of a rectangle. Part way through you are asked if you want grid lines or not. Choose grid lines to start with, you can always go through it again without.

Bronze and Silver can then go straight to the Area of rectangles sheet.

Bronze: Pages 1-5 (Answers on page 6 when you have finished!)

Silver: Pages 7-9 (Answers on page 10 when you have finished!)

Gold: Work through the Compound Area PowerPoint then complete the Compound Area sheet (Answers are at the end once you have finished!)


You can work on the sheets if you can print them out or you can answer the questions in your blue book.


The world is full of many different types of animals. Some swim, some fly, some breathe air and some breathe underwater. Some have skeletons and others don’t. To help us understand the differences between the animals in our world scientists classify or sort animals into different groups that share important characteristics. You had a go at sorting animals last week.

The two largest groups of animals are vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates are animals that have a backbone. Invertebrates are animals that don’t have a backbone.

Watch the following clip which shows how vertebrates are classified into five groups.

Use the information from the clip to make a poster which shows the five groups and their important characteristics. Remember you will need a main title, sub headings for the different groups and pictures or diagrams. You can present this on plain paper or on the computer.


Don’t forget to make time to exercise.

Keep smiling!
Mrs King