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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Week 2 Virtual learning Week beginning 30.03.2020


Friday 3rd April

Hi everyone, I can't believe that it's the last day of term.  It's certainly been a strange last two weeks but we have all got through it together and probably enjoyed most of it.  We have all learned a whole new way to communicate through Google classroom.  Mrs W and I are learning on a daily basis - and learning from our mistakes (we hope) - we are developing more resilience and patience than we ever believed possible! I'm sure that you are too.


Today you can be the teacher and do some marking... In Google classwork, I have attached the answers to SPaG sheets, volume workbooks and Platinum 5 a day from this week.  


I have also given you some information about sleep.  I think that you may find it useful - I'm going to try it out.


We haven't given you any new tasks except your maths 5 a day, so we hope this will give you time to finish off any work that we have set you. It would be great if you could take photos of any writing, drawing or posters that you are making. We are trying to work out how you can get them to us.


Your Maths 5 a day are here:



I loved that sheet Mrs W gave you to exercise your name.  Why don't you choose your favourite footballer, tennis player, gymnast or your favourite super hero and exercise spelling their name...or keep practising your skipping skills. Here is the Joe Wicks link from yesterday as well :


We hope that you all have a lovely Easter holiday.  We are not setting any homework at all.  Try to have a good time learning new skills if you want to, relaxing on the sofa reading, getting bored, playing in the garden or eating Easter eggs!  I know how brilliant you are at designing a treasure hunt.  It may be time to put those skills to the test and design an Easter egg hunt in your garden or inside your house.  Just make sure that you have some treasure to find! We will be back in touch with you after the holidays.

Best wishes 

Mrs R and Mrs W

Thursday 2nd April

Hi everyone, I had my first day in school yesterday which felt a bit strange without all of you around.  It was astoundingly still and quiet! We are working in the Early Years building so we are lucky to have lots of lovely craft materials to use. Over the holidays, if you have any paper, card, glue, scissors, pens and lots of imagination - it's amazing what you can make.  Especially over Easter - chicks, bunnies, eggs, bonnets... challenge yourselves.  Do a bit of internet research and see what takes your fancy - please remember to be alert and keep safe online.  Remember to clear up any mess you make and don't spill any glue on the carpet!



On Google Classroom (Classwork) there is a video about internet safety which is even more important than ever because we are all using lots of tablets, laptops and phones during our time at home. Follow the instructions on the task.



I have put some exercise links for you (in Google Classwork) to get even fitter than you already are and finally something to make us think about kindness to others and being grateful for what we have and who we are.


Here is the Joe Wick's video from yesterday.  My legs are aching from this one.  Perhaps I worked harder because I was in the hall with Mrs Morrison and children, rather than working out in my own living room!


In your Homework folder, you should have SPaG mat 6.  Please complete this.  I will give you the answers tomorrow.



Here are your 5 a day.  Just a thought...I think a lot of you could try one of the questions on the Platinum page because it's about volume:

I hope that you have another busy day at home today mixed with lots of time to relax too. I will share the answers for this week's maths booklets and the platinum 5 a day on Friday. I am in school again today so I hope I shall be doing some nice Easter craft activities with children.  

Take care of yourselves

Mrs R

Wednesday April 1st 

Good morning – Hmmmmmm! April Fool’s Day! I have pondered whether or not to play a trick on you but couldn’t think of any to do from a distance! On our class stream today, I have turned commenting on so you can share any tricks that you have played or that somebody has played on you!


Wake up, shake up

You can choose the Joe Wicks, some yoga or a funky exercise sheet I’ve put in Google Classroom. Your exercise programme will alter depending on how you spell your name – first and last names. Try it outdoors to get some fresh air, too!



1. Continue with your volume booklets – although some of you may actually have already finished – well done!

 2. Corbett 5-aday






Science /Writing: 

Yesterday, you should have started a piece of writing about the skeleton and muscles. I would like you to finish this today. On our class stream, I have put some reminders about what I will be looking for. Imagine you are a scientist writing to educate people about the skeleton and muscles. Be formal.



Please can you ask your grown up to test you on your spellings today?  

Then start practising your new spellings. Make sure you find out their meanings and can use them in sentences. They are:

  • Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
  • Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism
  • Floccinaucinihilipilification
  • Antidisestablishmentarianism

Hee Hee! Only kidding for April Fool’s Day! (Although these are actually real words)

Your real spellings are in Google Classroom!

And to finish …. Some of you had a go at creating some Easter cards yesterday! Well Done!


Mrs W x

Well done Anna and James! 

Tuesday  31st March

Good morning - how are you all? Thank you to those of you who responded to my request yesterday to complete the check-in from last Friday – it was great to read how you are doing. We have replied to any questions or concerns on the feedback sheet itself – I don’t know whether you get a notification when we do reply but, if not, you might want to see if we have written anything on yours.


Today's learning is:

Wake up, shake up!

Yesterday, I did a really good yoga practice called ‘Yoga for Dull Moment’– it was only a short practice but I thought it would be good for some of you to get you going in a morning. Here is the link (it isn’t a children’s yoga video but you’ll be fine – you’ve done all of the moves before!)

or you could do a Joe Wicks work out. It’s up to you but do something to start the day!



1. Continue with your volume booklet - watch the video again if necessary - make sure that you are confident with the vocabulary and formula length x width x height =volume

If anybody wants any extra practice/another challenge to really be sure they understand, try this (write the date, title and answers in your blue book). It is a Year 7 / 8 booklet but everyone should be able to tackle at least the first half:


2. Corbett 5-aday






Science / Writing: 

Last week and yesterday, you have looked at a selection of resources about the skeleton and muscles. For Literacy today and tomorrow, I would like you to write a non-chronological report showing what you have learned. I gave you the WMG for a non-chronological report last week – you need to use all of these features in your report. I would like to see this writing so if you head over to Google Classroom I have prepared a template for you all to type on. You each have your own copy and they will automatically be saved in my drive so I can check your writing and give you some feedback – remember you have two days to do this task.

 STOP PRESS 10.05am - In school we are finding the word template will not open. I am investigating this! If you can use the template,please do. If not, don't worry - write your non-chronological report in your book instead. I will find a way of you getting it to me at some point. Thank you for being patient - I know it is frustrating - it is for me, too when I have checked at home everything works and then it doesn't!!


Also, a year 6 child in school told me that some of the videos in the PowerPoint may not have worked , possibly depending on the device you were using - these are separate links to the videos that were embedded in the PowerPoint so you all  have the same information



Isobel and I spent some time with our watercolours at the weekend. We painted some Easter cards for the neighbours to cheer them up. I really enjoyed it – I haven’t painted on my own project for a long time – I used to paint all of the time. It was nice to rediscover an old hobby. I’ve put some pictures of them below. Could you use some of your time to create an Easter Card for one of your neighbours to cheer them up? Perhaps there is somebody on your road who is elderly would love to receive a card. REMEMBER parents / carers need to deliver it with you through the letterbox.


Have an absolutely amazing day!

Mrs W x


Monday 30th March

Good Morning! I hope that you have had a great weekend - did you feel tired after losing an hour's sleep? Thank you to those of you who completed the check-in. It was really good to get your perspective about Week 1 and to answer some of the questions and ponderings that you were having. Thank you for asking how we are, too - we are fine. It is really strange not being with you - lots of you felt this, too. I guess it is going to take us all a while to get used to this 'new normal'. If you didn't complete the check-in, please can you make sure that you do so every Friday - it is our chance to communicate with directly, and for you and your parents / carers to communicate with us, too. We really do want to stay in touch and if you have any questions during the week, the check-in is your place to ask them. Right, let's get ging!


Wake Up Shake Up!

If you cant get access to Joe WIcks' PE session from today, this is Friday's session. Let's wake those weekend brains up before we start our literacy!



Reading - read for thirty minutes. Summarise your reading to a grown up or write a summary in your book. If an adult has read with you, they could ask you questions.

Handwriting: Choose a section of your book that you enjoyed - just a paragraph and write it out in your blue book using your most beautiful, presentation handwriting. 

Spellings: I am going to ask your grown ups to test you on your spellings on Wednesday before giving you a new list - make sure you master them today and tomorrow if you haven't already done so!



Let's continue our work on the body! Last week you should have created a mind-map about the skeleton. If you haven't, you will need it tomorrow so that is the first thing you need to finish. Then, I have put a PowerPoint about how the skeleton and muscles work together into Google Classroom. There is also a task sheet that goes with the PowerPoint in the same folder - you will need to complete this after studying the PowerPoint. If you have a printer, you can print out he sheet. If not, copy the sheet out - including the drawings -into your book and fill in the missing facts. You will need this information for literacy / science tomorrow. 



 This week's booklet is all about cuboids and cubes - particularly their VOLUME. You can spread it out over the week - if you find it straightforward, interesting  or you want more practice, there will be another one tomorrow!


The video to help you is


Your daily 5 a-day is here for today ; Choose which one is a challenge to you:






Have a great day - don't forget to get some fresh air in the garden. How many mini-beasts can you find? How many new shoots can you see?

Mrs W x