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Week 8 Virtual Learning (08.06.20)

Week beginning 8th June 


Good morning everyone! I hope that you have had a lovely holiday! The weather was amazing. Have you managed to see any more of your family members on a distanced walk? I went and saw my mum and brother for the first time in 10 weeks so that was really lovely seeing them. We also walked up Kinder Scout which is the highest point in the Peak District. We went on a really hot day so we had to be up at 5am so that it wasn't too hot while we were walking up it. It was quite tricky. I will put a picture below to show you how high it was. I’m looking forward to hearing about what you have been up to. As always I have put a check in onto google classroom. It is really important that you read the message below. 


We just wanted to explain to you that our virtual learning will be slightly different to how it has been. Now that more children are coming to school, either in year group cohorts or critical worker groups all of the teachers will be back at school.  As virtual learning takes a long time to organise and prepare the way we have been doing it, we need to change it - we can’t all do two full time jobs! We can’t just stop it either because some children are not coming back at all and because no year groups are returning full time. We want you to keep learning at home on the days you are not  in school. So, this is what will now happen:

  • On a Monday, children will have a welcome to the week message. We have been doing a daily welcome - but now it will become a weekly welcome. 

  • The work for the week will be put on all at once in a timetable. 

  • If your child is NOT coming back to school, you will follow the daily timetable. 

  • If your child is  in school on a Monday and Tuesday, they will do the work on the timetable for Monday and Tuesday with us in school and the work for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at home

  • If your child is in school on a Thursday and Friday, they will do the work on the timetable for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at home and the work for Thursday and Friday in school with us.

  • You may feel that the work is repetitive over the week, that is because we are going to be focussing on key skills that children  need to master for next year.

  • We will continue to use this class webpage for the timetable and some links but will also continue to put any resources you might need in Google Classroom - we will carefully date and label them so you know which materials link to which task. 

  • We will make the work set for the week interesting but well explained. We will not be able to answer lots of questions as quickly as we have been doing because we will be in school with groups of children. 

  • Once our year group returns to school, you will only need to do the weekly check-in for your child if they are NOT in school at all. But, until our year group is back in, we will continue to send the check-in on a Friday. 


I hope that all makes sense. Any questions please feel free to ask. Have a lovely day. 


Miss Ridgway

Kinder Scout

Wednesday 10th June 2020 


Literacy: Your new spellings day is a Wednesday. Please ask a grown up to test you on your previous spellings in the back of your yellow spelling book. Please copy your new spellings onto a clean page at the front of your yellow spelling book. Choose 5 of your new spellings and put them into a sentence in your blue literacy book. Remember capital letters and full stops. 


New Spellings: 













Phonics: Please complete the spelling activity sheet ue/ew. 


Maths: Watch the odds and evens video on espresso - click here 


Complete the odds and evens activity - click here 


Other activities


This week it is Bike week. Please watch the video.

It is to celebrate cycling. Why don’t you go on a bike or scooter ride today if you can. I have put on some bike challenges. See if you can complete one. 


Have a go on numbots today 


Complete a lego activity


Read your reading book to your parents or friend (over facetime). 

Thursday 11th June 2020


Literacy : please complete the cr, tr and dr handwriting sheet that is in your home learning pack. I have also added a picture below. 


Phonics: Please watch the tricky word song and write the words down as they appear on screen. Please write 5 of those words in a sentence. 


Maths: Please watch an introduction to multiplication - click here 

Practise counting in 5s - you might need this to complete another activity. 


Other activities:  Continuing with bike week. Have a look at the bike survey below and complete the activity. Remember if your tally chart has one of these   it is worth 5. So you can count in 5s. 


Create your dream bike. 


Have a go at the motor skills activity below. 


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:


Oxford owl 

Motor skills activity

Friday 12th June 


Literacy : I would love for you to write me a letter today about what you have been up to in the school holidays. I would love to hear about all the fun activities you have been up to and what you enjoyed doing in the glorious sunshine. It was just like being on holiday wasn’t it! I wonder how many of you got in the paddling pool or had a bbq? I would then like you to either hand in your letter on google classroom or if you pass school on your daily walk you could post it to me and I will go and collect them :). I can’t wait to hear about your adventures and see your beautiful handwriting. 


Phonics: Please watch the video and complete the activities - click here 


Maths: Please look at the Powerpoint  below explaining the use of groups when multiplying. You can refer back to the video from yesterday if you wish. Parents, please then write down the following multiplications for your child to try and work out in their blue booklet. You can do your own questions if you think your child can do more. I will put a picture below as an example to show them how to work it out. 


1 x 5 =                          2 x 4 =                                           3 x 6 =                          4 x 4 =       


2 x 6 =                         3 x 4 =                                            4 x 2 =                         4 x 3 = 


2 x 8 =                          3 x 2 =                                           4 x 5 = 


Other activities:  


Complete a just dance activity on you tube.


Paint / draw a picture to make someone smile.


This term our enrichment should have been forest school and gardening. Can you help someone in the garden today or plant some seeds/flowers? 

Can you make a flower fairy/creature? 


Weekly check-in:  Please fill in your weekly check in. 


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:

Phonics play 


Teach your monster to read


Have a lovely weekend 

Love Miss Ridgway 

Multiplication video

Still image for this video

Flower fairies/ creatures