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Week 7 Virtual Learning 18.05.20

Friday 22nd May

Good morning Year 2. It’s Friday and its half term! After you have completed today’s tasks, you will be able to put away your learning for 2 weeks. I’m sure you’re all ready for a break.


This is the holiday when I know lots of you go away and will no doubt be very disappointed that you can’t. We were due to go to Barbados to celebrate Mr Morrison’s 50th. Let’s hope our plans are on hold and can be rearranged for another time. Remember to have lots of fun at home and enjoy what we have in our local area. Try and discover a new place – that’s what I’m going to do.


Whatever you do, have a fabulous holiday. You and your parents have been superstars and I thank you all so much for your hard work, great ideas and lovely comments.


Just to let you know….

I am in school today so I will not be able to answer questions until the evening.


As it is Friday, there is a link to this week’s questionnaire in Google Classroom. Please complete it as it helps me structure lessons for the future as well as answering any questions or worries you have. Please ask your parents to complete the last section too. As last week, please let me know if you need moving up on TTRS. All responses will be read and I will reply to you. Remember to find my response:

1. Go to Classwork
2. Click on check in questionnaire (like you did in order to complete it)
3. Click on the questionnaire and your private reply should appear. Here you can make any further comments if necessary.

Thank you.


A reminder about reading books

Parents if your child has finished reading their school books and you are looking for some more you can sign up to Oxford Owl for free and there are a number of ebooks on there including some magic key stories. Once signed in, click on ebooks and oxford reading tree level and then choose the level your child is currently at.


Pickatale is also a good app that you can download. They are currently offering a 2 week free trial. This seems a good app as it will read the book to the children or they can read it themselves. If they are stuck on a word, they click it and it reads it to them. There is also a quiz at the end of most books so it is aiding their comprehension skills.


Also… For any of you wanting extra activities, Scholastic are offering free home learning activities related to the Julia Donaldson books. BBC iplayer also have the short films for some of the books in case you don’t have them.



Time to think:

Think about what you have learnt this half term and be proud of yourself.



Just like you did yesterday, today I would like you to choose another picture from our story to write descriptive sentences. I have attached these again below.




As it is Friday, it is number bond / times table day. Ask a grown up to test you on the ones you have been practising. If you need moving up on TTRS, please ask your parents to let me know on the questionnaire. If you are on number bonds, don’t forget you have the number bond resources to use to practise your new ones.

Please spend some time today practising your tables on TTRS. I’ll check tonight how many of you have been on!

Parents – I have attached the sheets I use at the end of the week to help assess whether children are ready to move up on their number bonds and times tables. As a rule, I have a time limit of about 5 - 10 minutes and allow 1 or 2 mistakes. Please find the relevant sheet for your child. If you can’t print them, then use the questions and please write them down.


Extra activity

As it’s Friday, it’s gardening / Forest School enrichment afternoon. Last week I set the task of making a bug hotel. If you haven’t yet completed it, this is something you can do this afternoon or over the next 2 weeks. If you have, then I would like you to keep your eye on it and see if you have any visitors. Can you find out what animals are using your hotel? Take photos and upload so we can all see them.


And finally….

Stay safe, be kind and enjoy your holiday.

Take care


Mrs Morrison

Testing number bonds and times tables

Instructions to make a bug hotel

Thursday 21st May


Good morning Year 2. Did you enjoy the tasks yesterday? I’m sure you were all happy to Mr Griffiths on the video!

Wasn’t it hot yesterday! I hope it’s like this next week when it’s the holidays.


Time to think: Ask someone how they are today.



Today I have uploaded maths word problems. There are 3 for you to choose from: bronze, silver and gold. For each one you need to read the questions very carefully, decide if it is an addition or subtraction calculation, use a method to find the answer and then check your work.

I have also set some word problems on Mathletics.

Also please practise your number bonds / times tables ready for your test tomorrow.



This task is for today and tomorrow. I have uploaded 7 images from the story, The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. I would like you to do one today and one tomorrow. There are 7 to choose from.

For each image, I would like you to write some descriptive sentences about what you can see in the picture. Look at the picture really carefully and write sentences using nouns and adjectives.

Please keep this work safe because you can use some of your descriptive writing when you write your story.


Other activities

Do you remember when we sketched a penguin using a video to show us how to do it step by step? I would like you to do this again today but this time I would like you to sketch an owl.

I have attached a link to the video. As you watch it you will need to pause the video throughout to do the sketching. Remember don’t press on too hard with your pencil – when you are happy with your shapes, you can gradually make it darker.


As always, you can share them on the stream or send them to me directly.

Have some fun too!



Mrs Morrison

Wednesday 20th May


Morning everyone! Hope you all had a good day yesterday.

We are having story time again today! I have continued with our kindness theme and have chosen to read ‘Kindness Grows’ by Britta Teckentrup. The video is on the stream.


As always, if you would like to send your work to me directly, please use the links on Google Classroom.


Time to think: Think about 3 things that you are thankful for.



We are going to continue with handwriting today. I have attached a photo of the page I would like you to do. You are going to do the ook and ool join. Take care with the k – it’s tricky to do! Please complete this using the handwriting paper or into your home learning book.



We are going to continue with addition and subtraction strategies today and focus on subtraction. Like yesterday, I have uploaded examples of how this is taught in Year 2. I have attached a sheet below – please select bronze, silver or gold.



Other activities

We are going to think about what nocturnal and diurnal animals are. Please watch the BBC Bitesize video about the animals and how they are suited to living in their habitat. As you watch it, listen carefully to what the animal has and think about how this helps them survive in their habitat.

Please then complete the nocturnal diurnal sorting activity I have linked below.


And finally…

I have added a link to Magic Cloud Mindfulness video. This resource provides a short guided mindfulness recording. Mindfulness relaxation supports children in managing their feelings and emotions and can be used as often as needed.


Speak to you all tomorrow

Love Mrs Morrison

Maths subtraction - bronze, silver and gold

Tuesday 19th May


Good morning Year 2. I hope you had a good day yesterday. It was lovely to read all your comments about the Ladybrook Staff video. Several children across school also wondered where Mr Griffiths was so we’ll have to wait and see if he if surprises us!

If anyone didn't do yesterday's check in, please do it this morning.


Time to think: Be grateful for the little things, even in difficult times.


As it is normally reading today, I would like you to read and discuss your book.



I have typed up part of the story, ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’. Please read this extract carefully and answer the questions. Once again, there is a copy in attachments and also in Google Classroom.



I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s task and have a little more understanding of what RUCSAC stands for and the importance of reading and understanding the question and then choosing the correct calculation to solve the problem. Before we solve our own problems later in the week, we are going to go over methods we have practised so far at school. Today we are going to focus on addition.

I have uploaded 5 videos where I demonstrate the methods we have done in class to remind you. Please complete the calculations below using one of the methods. I have included a bronze, silver and gold activity for you to choose from. The gold has 3 digits – the same method can be adapted and used to calculate these.


Other activities


We are going to think about what animals eat this week. Animals can be described as:

Carnivores – eat meat

Herbivores – eat plants

Omnivores – eat both

Watch the BBC Bitesize video and complete the Venn diagram activity sorting the animals into the groups depending on what they eat. The answer sheet is also attached to check your work. I have also added a link to an Espresso activity.


Don’t forget to have some fun today too!

Speak to you all tomorrow

Love Mrs Morrison

The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark reading activity

Maths addition activity - please choose from bronze, silver or gold

Science - carnivores, herbivores and omnivores Venn diagram

Monday 18th May

Good morning Year 2!

 I hope you had a lovely weekend. Anna and I made a coffee cake on Saturday morning which was delicious. How are your bug hotels coming along?


On Friday Mrs Bray is retiring. She has worked at Ladybrook Primary School for 25 years. She has been a wonderful colleague and friend to us all and will be missed greatly. There have been many occasions when I have needed something or some information – Mrs Bray always sorts it in her calm efficient manner. I’m sure you will all join me in wishing Mrs Bray and happy retirement.


We need your help…I have posted a slightly different check in today. Please could you all answer it.

Thank you for responding to the questionnaire I sent out on Friday. If you have replied, click on the questionnaire and you should see a private comment. Click on it and that is my reply – I hope you receive it. Completing this questionnaire is very useful as it helps me answer questions and queries, decide next steps in learning and provide support for you and your child.


Once again, please share Mrs Presswood’s email with your child – thank you.


Time to think: Why are you happy today?



As today is spelling day, I have linked today’s tasks to these. Please ask a grown up or older sibling to test you on list 28 in the back of your yellow spelling book. Below are next week’s spellings – either stage 1 or 2.

Stage 1:

Spelling List 29













Stage 2:

Spellings list 29













Please write the spellings in sentences in your home learning book using correct sentence punctuation.



This week we are going to be continuing with addition and subtraction and looking at strategies we could use to answer them. We will also be thinking about word problems. A couple of you messaged me about RUCSAC.

RUCSAC is a way of remembering to:

Read the question carefully

Understand what you have been asked

Choose the calculation needed to answer the question

Solve the problem

Answer the question

Check the answer


Today we are going to practise how well you can READ, UNDERSTAND and CHOOSE the question. I have added a link to 2 sets of questions on Espresso. The first one is word problems to 20. You need to read the question and decide what the calculation is. The other is word problems beyond 20. Again, read the question are decide what calculation you need to do.



Other activities

As few of you commented on the questionnaire that you found the nouns and adjectives work tricky so we are going to have another look at that today. Please have a look around your room and find 10 items. These are nouns because they are a ‘thing’. I would then like you to think of 1 or 2 words to describe each item. These adjectives because they are words to describe the noun.

I have attached a sheet where you can record your work. Alternatively, please complete it in your home learning book. Once again I have uploaded the sheet directly into Google Classrooms if you would prefer to do it there.



Remember to practise your number bonds and times tables too. You all have accounts for Numbots and Times Table Rock Stars.

Don’t forget to read your book. I know some of your parents have found the book list useful and are using the Oxford Owl website.


Don’t forget to have some fun today too!

Speak to you all tomorrow

Love Mrs Morrison