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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Virtual Learning Week 14 (20.7.20)

Week beginning Monday 20th July


Good morning everyone! We hope you had a good week last week and are all happy and well.


Well, this is it - your final week of Year 5! We just want to say a huge thank you to you all - you have been fantastic during this time. Also, a huge thank you to your parents for helping you and for keeping in touch with us. It’s certainly been a time that none of us will ever forget!


Your final week’s work is listed below and we hope that you are enjoying Sports Day - don't forget to upload your scores by Wednesday!


Enjoy this week and have a fabulous, happy and healthy summer!


Love and best wishes for the future,

Mrs Draper and Mrs Gadd smiley



Learning Tasks Week beginning 20th July 2020 

Monday 20th July 2020  


Reading: 20-30 minutes to yourself.


Literacy: This week we would like you to plan and write a letter to your future self! We would like you to write about the past few months- what happened, why schools had to close, why we went into lockdown and what this meant, how you felt, what you did at home and how things are gradually getting back to normal now.


Begin by spending some time planning what you would like to include in your letter and how you will organise it. When it comes to writing your letter, you should hand write (in your neatest, joined writing) or type it. Check it and edit it very carefully. When your letter is finished, carefully put it in an envelope, seal it and put it somewhere VERY safe. Remember where you put it so that whenever you decide you want to read it (next year, at the end of primary school, in ten years time…) you can find it!


Maths:  Maths booklet – Multiplication and Division

Please finish your booklet this week and mark your answers. 


Topic: Geography

Your notes about the Caribbean should now be ready for presenting! Think about your Canada and USA work and try to present your Caribbean notes in a way which links them all together.


  • your facts should be beautifully presented in joined writing and any colouring should be neat - just like you would do if you were in school!
  • this is the last part of your North America project – have a think about how the other two parts can link up with what you do this week so that you have a complete project on North America rather than three separate ones.
  • make sure that you include lots of the facts that you have researched.
  • we would like you to use your imagination! You can make models, paint, colour, collage, attach pop-ups, attach flaps etc.
  • please do not do a PowerPoint presentation.
  • here are some ideas of ways in which you could present your work (you may well have a better, more creative one and, if so, please use your idea!):
  • a booklet with pop ups
  • a map with facts attached (pop ups, flaps with facts on etc)
  • a model of a landmark with facts attached
  • a large flag with facts attached.

We know that you already have lots of fantastic ideas and are looking forward to seeing your finished work! Again, please take a photo and hand your work in, via Google Classroom, for us to see. 


One Page Profile: Please complete this form with your families to let your new teacher know all about you. You will find them in Google Classroom and they need to be returned no later than Friday.


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:


Tuesday 21st July 2020  


Reading: 20-30 minutes to yourself - find the meanings of 5 unknown words - use a dictionary. Write the word definition in your book. Then, write a further five sentences to show you can use them. Eg:

Inquisitive: adjective: having or showing an interest in learning things; curious.

The children were inquisitive about the wildlife in Jamaica.


Literacy: Finish writing your letter.


Maths: Continue with your booklet.


Topic: Continue to present your research. 


One Page Profile: Complete and return no later than Friday.


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial: 

Wednesday 22nd July 2020 


Reading: 20 - 30 minutes to yourself, ask a parent to ask you five questions that really make you think. 


Spellings: Ask an adult to test you on last week’s spellings. Choose ten spellings from the previous weeks’ lists – these should be ones that you feel you need a bit of extra practice on. Think of lots of ways to practise them this week.


Maths: Continue with your booklet. 


Topic: Continue to present your research.


 One Page Profile: Complete and return no later than Friday.


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:



Thursday 23rd July 2020


Reading:  Comprehension - Choose one of the following 

Harder comprehension – Espresso link here  Read the extract from Watership Down and answer the quiz questions.

Easier Comprehension – Espresso link here Read the extract from The Butterfly Lion and answer the quiz questions.


Maths: Finish your maths booklet today. 


Topic: Finish presenting your research and hand it in via Google Classroom – look for the special section to hand it in via.


One Page Profile: Complete and return no later than Friday.


Additional Learning opportunities - optional but beneficial:

Friday 24th July 


Congratulations! You have made it to the end of home learning and the end of Year 5! Normally we would spend the last day of term watching a film and spending time sharing stories, games, treats and good wishes. So, today’s tasks are:

  • To watch a film.
  • To eat something tasty.
  • To play a game.
  • To share a message on the class stream.


Please also make sure that you have completed and returned your One Page Profile.

Saturday 25th July

Happy holidays everyone! Have a fantastic summer…