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Week 3 Virtual Learning Week beginning 20.04.2020

Friday 24th April

I can't believe that we have finished our first week of this new summer term.  It seems to have gone very quickly - perhaps that's because I've been so busy.  Time flies quickly when we all keep busy!


We have put your weekly check-in on Google Classroom for you and your grown up(s) to complete.  It's really important you do this so we hear your views, listen to any concerns you may have and learn how we can help you even more. 


There is also the quick check-in register question too.  We like to keep your minds whirring.

For your exercise: go for an Active Blast!
Another little extra - just because! Well these activities reminded me of when you did your circuit training for Sport Relief.  You were so good at planks!


Bonjour mes enfants. You are going to find out lots of French words for parts of the body. Full instructions and resources are in Google Classroom. Bonne chance!


Please keep doing your Mathletics today. Don't forget to watch the videos or use the 'i' information button if you get stuck - just like you would ask us in the classroom if you were finding it difficult. Hopefully you are all managing to access the site ok. If not, please let us know.


Please remember to take a photograph of your Teeth factsheet so you can post it on our stream today. Mrs W will put instructions on our stream to explain how to do it.  We are very excited to see what you have all created.  We hope that you enjoy looking and learning from each other's work.


I know that we can't do this in the way that we would at school.  You will find a number of activities on Google Classroom that I hope you will enjoy and can perhaps share with a sibling or a grown up! Try and be as creative as you can.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Play in the garden, go for a nice walk, look at the sky, appreciate the flowers and trees that are bursting into life this Spring.  Be kind to each other. Miss you all.

Best wishes 

Mrs R

Thursday 23rd April

A big 'Hello' to all of you!  If feels like ages since I wrote to you before the Easter holidays.  Well, my hair is getting longer and my waist is getting wider after all the chocolate that I have eaten over Easter, despite the long walks I went on!  Talking about exercise - are you feeling like a bit of Yoga, Balance, Hip Hop or Eco Warrior. Click on IMoves below to find your favourite today.



Please check the Google Stream to answer my check-in question before you check on today's activities.


Then go to Google Classroom where you will find my instructions.



We hope that you are enjoying 'Alma'.  I loved some of the adjectives that you used to describe her.  In Classroom there is a powerpoint all about adjectives and nouns phrases.  I want you to use your imaginations and create some wonderful sentences.  Please remember to use your neatest writing in your blue books.



In Classroom you will find a powerpoint, resource sheets and three activities all about S L E E P!  Find out why it is so important to all of us - children and grown ups.  Share the activities with your grown up but please no zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz or snoring until you have finished the tasks!



Please keep doing your Mathletics today. Don't forget to watch the videos or use the 'i' information button if you get stuck - just like you would ask us in the classroom if you were finding it difficult. There is a 100 square in Google Classroom and a 12 x 12 times table grid that some of you may find helpful for Mathletics today.


If you want a little extra physical and mental challenge - check out the link below.  There is a Bronze, Silver and Gold challenge!


Don't forget to continue to work on your fact sheet about teeth today - I imagine you are getting close to finishing it and we cant wait to see them tomorrow! 

Hope you all have a thrilling Thursday.  Keep safe, be kind to each other and help out at home.

Best wishes 

Mrs R xx

Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope that this message finds you all well and raring to go! Why not start with some exercise today? Why not put some Hip Hop moves together with Jack from IMoves!


Please check-in on the stream in Google Classroom when you have read today's information on this page!



You have two literacy tasks to do today:

1. Spellings -

a. Ask a grown up to test you on week 2 words 

b. Go to Google Classroom, find your new list and write a sentence for each word in your blue book. Use this as punctuation and handwriting practice as well - take care! 


2. On the stream, I have put three questions about the film 'Alma'. Answer the three questions on the stream and read the answers that your friends have written - I wonder if you will all agree with each other?!



More Mathletics today. Most of you got high scores yesterday. If you get stuck, use the 'i' button for information or the'play' button for a video to help. Sometimes you only have one option either the 'i' or the'play' buttons, sometimes you have both options. These are your 'at home' teachers. If your score is low - do the task again after some help - don't just settle for not being able to do it - you need to grow your minds!



Over the last two days, you should have been using the research information that I gave to you about teeth to make your own notes. Over today and tomorrow, I would like you to organise your notes and learning to create a fact sheet about teeth.

There is a lot of information below so ask a grown up to read it through with you and make sure you understand each point.

Your fact sheet should be created on a double page in your blue book.

You need to write in your handwriting pen but can use colours for borders / illustrations / title lettering etc.

Remember when you write, punctuation and vocabulary should be as good as in a literacy task - transfer those skills!!

When you draw your diagrams, they should be scientifically correct and labelled. 

Some things you must include are: 

An explanation about the different types of teeth and what they are used for.

Some information about the gum and blood vessels feeding the teeth.

What teeth are made from and how we can ensure that we have strong teeth.

A diagram of the inside of a tooth. 

Anything else that you add is upto you. You should present your fact sheet beautifully and accurately so that on Friday you can send them to me (I will tell you more about how to do this on Friday) I will put them all together to make a virtual display so that you can see each other's. 


Have a great day!

Love Mrs W x


Tuesday 21st April

Good morning! How are we finding starting home learning again after the holidays? Difficult, I imagine,  after a long holiday and then not actually returning to school. I do understand how tricky it must be but we still must all try our best - you have spent so long doing your best and achieving great things because of it, keep it up now! Yesterday’s book reviews were a bit mixed if I’m honest. Some children really tried their hardest with their book review and I was really impressed - they had all of the paragraphs that I asked for: information  about plot, information about key characters, a paragraph quoting an exciting part that would hook me in and information about your recommendations. Well done if you had all of the relevant parts. 


Today I would like you to “read” a film! There are no words - it is called “Alma”. It is very, very short. I would like you to watch it a few times - watch it like a detective. Listen like a detective! What do you notice? What do you think is happening? Look for details. Make notes in your blue book - don’t forget a date and title. Be warned .... it is a little bit spooky and strange! (You wanted to write spooky stories!) On Wednesday, we will be thinking more about it but I want you to gather your own ideas first but you don’t need to write a story - just notes about what you think is going on!  Here is the link- 

(If you didn’t do your book review yesterday or you think you should improve it, please do this today as well)


Today’s maths is on Mathletics - well done to nearly all of the class yesterday who completed it. Unfortunately some of you didn’t complete the task yesterday which means that you have even more to do today! 


Please continue making your notes about teeth using the resources in Google Classroom that I gave to you yesterday.


Make sure you get some sunshine and exercise today - Captain Tom has walked around his garden 100 times to raise millions of pounds for the NHS. Perhaps you could set yourself a challenge to complete outdoors? 
And remember, smiles can travel! Stay smiling today and see how many other people in your household start smiling too! 
Have a lovely day - Oh, and don’t forget to sign the register / answer the check in question in the stream on Google Classroom! 

Mrs W

Monday 20th April 2020

Well good morning all! I have missed you over the holidays and wonder what you have been doing! Usually, on the first day back after a weekend or holiday, you all tell me what exciting things you've been upto - I hope that even though we are all staying at home you have managed to have some fun times in the sun! I have decorated my lounge and done some work in the garden when I haven't been in work. The sunshine has been lovely - and so has all of the chocolate!! 

Thank you to those of you who completed your check-in on the Friday before the holidays - you should have all had some feedback via your email (your log-in is the same as your log-in for google classroom). I hope that you have found it! 

Each day this half term, we will put a question for you to answer in google classroom - it will be like a register so we know who is able to access the information we are sharing and so we can keep in touch. Please only answer once and don't comment on each others responses - you have your own methods for chatting like that at home! So pop over to Google Classroom and check-in for today!



We are going to be writing narratives this half-term but I think we need to get back into the habit of just writing first! In Google classroom, I have put a Google Doc for you - I would like you to write a book report and submit it for me to see when you have finished. Tell me what you are reading and who the author is; explain the plot and tell me about the main characters; explain to me why I should read your book (if I haven't already) - find me a paragraph that might hook me in! When writing, remember to use your target card - use different sentence types, a whole range of punctuation, and interesting vocabulary.  Remember everything that you write should be aiming to be your very best. 

Once you have submitted your book report - get reading! Aim for between 15 minutes and 30 minutes curled up somewhere quiet without any distractions - inside or outside and allow yourself to be absorbed in your story!

Also, if you haven't learned your spellings yet, today is the day to practise! 



No Corbett 5 a-day-today!!! Today's maths is Mathletics - please complete the tasks that I have set you. Then spend at least 15 minutes on TTRockstars. This maths is for today - there will be more tomorrow so don't save it! I will be checking tonight who has completed the tasks. 



This week and next week we are going to think about the digestive system. We are going to start by finding our all about our mouths and teeth! This task about teeth can be started today and spread out over the week. Use the resources below to make notes (a mindmap would probably be useful) about our teeth - this will probably take you a couple of days to do properly (Monday and Tuesday) because there are so many resources to look at carefully. When you have made your notes, create a fact-file to teach other children all about the importance of teeth. You can do this on a double page in your book. Make it neat, colourful and factually correct. Include all of the relevant information that you have been given. Include carefully draw labelled diagrams. This will probably take a couple of days later in the week (Wednesday and Thursday) . I have put several resources in google classroom that will be useful. On Friday, I will let you know how you can share them with me and I will put them all together so we can look at each others'.



Don't forget to do some exercise today - Try Joe Wicks for a HIT workout or Oti Mabuse has some great dance classes on her YouTube 

We have been learning some in school!


Have a lovely day everyone - enjoy the sunshine and have some fun as well as working hard! Remember .... be kind - to yourself and to those around you. Give somebody an extra big hug today. 

Love Mrs W x


This week you may be interested in reading 'First News' 

Or you may want to read the newsletter from Cheshire Library Service - it contains lots of useful links to keep you occupied and your mind learning!