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Year 3 2019-2020

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Viking Visit

This week Year 3 visited Tatton Park for a Viking themed day. The children dressed up as Vikings and stepped back in time to visit an Anglo Saxon farmstead and Viking Longhouse. We split into 3 groups to learn about Anglo Saxon and Viking life. One group made bread, one group looked at materials that were available during the time and learnt how to make braids for trading. The last group were taught about the Vikings by Harold Bloodaxe the Viking. The children rotated round the groups over the course of the visit. What a great experience to kick off our new topic.  

Archaeologist  Visit

Year 3 had a very special visitor this morning. Heidi Archer, an ex pupil and daughter of our very own Mrs Archer, who is a real life archaeologist. The morning was spent finding out what an archaeologist does. The class was split into groups and each group had a chance to dig, observe, sort, explore and record their findings. They then explored some artefacts from thousands of years ago and had a chance to sort some artefacts from oldest to newest. What a great experience they all had. 

Stone Age Visitors

Year 3 had another Stone Age experience when two experts came to visit our school to tell us more about life in the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age. We looked at the huge timeline of events and explored many artefacts that were either original or replicas. Have a look at the photos below to see what we explored.

Stone Age Visit

Stone Age Morning

This week Year 3 ventured out into the forest school area to experience what it might have been like being a nomadic scavenger and settler. During the Stone Age most people moved around and did not have a permanent home. We talked about how hard it was to build our own dens and make tools using sticks and stones. Year three worked very well together to make a mini stone age settlement. See if you can spot some tools, weapons, homes and fire pits.

Topic Theme Year 3


Scavengers and settlers


Stone Age, Iron Age, Bronze Age, Celts


Locations of settlers in Britain – Evidence Skara Brae 


Den building, Stone Henge, cave paintings,

blow painting




1Decision new scheme

Themes: Perseverance / Resillience

Music Themes





E safety, programming, algorithms, debugging, sound recording, multimedia presentations

WOW Days

Stone Age No Pens Day

den building 


Light, dark and shadows

Rocks, soils & fossils

English Topic

Story with historical setting, poetry, non chronological report, instructions

Maths Topics

Abacus maths

Information from the Year 3 parents meeting 11.09.10