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Ladybrook Primary School and Nursery

Learning without Limits

Week 1 Virtual Learning

Friday 27th March


Good morning! Well, we have made it to the end of our first week of home learning.
I wonder how you have found it?! We have found it very strange this week; we're sure you have too.

I went into school yesterday and it was sooooo quiet and empty without you all!  Fingers crossed we will be back to normal very soon. 

Did any of you hear the "Clapping for our carers" last night?  It was very emotional and will be something that I'm sure we remember when we are old and grey!!  A great example of hope, positivity and community spirit 


It looks like lots of you have been working very hard - thank you!  We have been checking Mathletics and TTRockstars and can see that many of you have been using them regularly - well done.

Today we are setting you some maths and some literacy.  You also have your ongoing topic task.


We can see that some of you completed your subtraction tasks on Mathletics yesterday but quite a lot of you didn't manage it.  Don't worry if you didn't; we understand that it may not be easy.  Today we would like you to try and do these subtraction challenges, if you haven't already, and you could also try to do some of the other set Mathletics tasks.

Remember that you will need a pencil and paper to work out the column subtractions before you type in the answers.


We will also put a link below to some quick "5 a day" challenges.  Write the answers in your books.

If you don't have access to a computer or the internet, just make up some more addition or subtraction calculations to work on.


Your literacy is based on the character descriptions that we started last week in school (for those of you who weren't in school last week, we put a copy of the sheet in your packs and we will put another copy in Google Classroom).


We would like you to work on your description of your new character for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
We would like you to find your "Dahlicious Descriptions" sheet from your home learning packs.
1. Read what you wrote last week about your new character.
2. Then complete the bottom section - writing similes to describe your character's appearance and behaviour.
3. Next we would like you to write a paragraph to describe your character, using all of the notes that you made on the sheet, including the similes.

** Remember, this is just a short paragraph or two, it is NOT your complete new chapter. We will build up to writing the new chapter as the weeks go on!

You can write the description in your home learning book or you may wish to type on the sheet and send it back to us on Google Classroom. It is completely up to you. We will use this description when we do come to write our chapters so take care of them!

Remember to use and include all of the usuals - capital letters, full stops, other punctuation, neat and joined handwriting, etc. Check spellings using a dictionary and you may wish to use a thesaurus to improve your vocabulary. Make sure you re-read and check your own writing before anyone else checks it too!

Have fun with those new horrible characters!!


If you were off school last week, look at the sheet in your pack or on Google Classroom.  We are creating a new character, making sure that he or she has a nasty character trait or flaw!



Please continue with your factfile about chocolate!  (See the instructions that were given to you on Wednesday). This may take you a few more days - that's fine.



We will also open up a thread on Google Classroom each Friday so that you can tell us some of the things you have been doing during the week.  We do really miss you all and think about you often!
Have a lovely day and a fantastic weekend. 

Keep smiling and look after yourselves and your families,
Love Mrs Gadd and Mrs Draper

Thursday 26th March


Good morning, everyone.

We hope you're all well and are enjoying this amazing weather!  How lucky we are to not be in the classroom all day!!


Today we are going to set you some maths, some reading and you also have some ongoing topic work.


Maths - 

We would like you to continue with your work on column subtraction.

If you found it tricky yesterday then we have attached the link to a video which should be a helpful reminder (the link is below and is also on Google Classroom).

We have set you some subtraction tasks on Mathletics (you may need to scroll down to find them if you have a long list of assigned tasks).

We have also put some subtraction challenges on Google Classroom.  We have added 3 simpler activities if you found the 4 digit tasks yesterday a bit tricky.  Have a look to see which is the best challenge for you.

If you can't access Google Classroom, make up some column subtraction questions to solve.  Remember to use the inverse to check your answers. 

Please write the answers in your books.

EDIT!!! I am working with Sophia at school on Mathletics and realised that I forgot to tell you to do your column subtraction working out on a piece of paper!!! It is too tricky to try and work it out without writing it down!! 


Reading -

We would like you to try a reading comprehension.  On Google Classroom there are 3 different versions of the same text.  You need to choose the right challenge for you - ask a grown up to help if you can't decide!  Write the answers in your books please.

If you can't get onto Google Classroom for any reason, you could spend time reading your own reading book and could practise summarising, predicting and clarifying, just like we do in group reading sessions.


Topic - 

We would like you to continue to work on your factfile about how chocolate is made and where it comes from.  Look back at yesterday's instructions to remind you what to include.  We expect that this task will take a few days so don't worry if it seems to be taking you a while.


Make sure that you allow yourself time to relax too and to enjoy the sunshine.  

Remember to look at the list of offline ideas and the list of ongoing tasks if you would like more to do.


Have a lovely day 

Wednesday 25th March


Good morning! We hope that you are settling into your new way of learning and are enjoying your free time too. All your work for today is on Google Classroom. We have set tasks for maths, literacy and topic work...


Today, we are moving on to subtraction. There are two sheets attached - one without exchanging and one with exchanging. Have a go at the one you feel most comfortable with - you might even try both of them! If you can't access Google Classroom, make up some column subtraction questions of your own. You should do this work in your books regardless of whether you are doing your own questions or the ones from the sheets.


Today, we would like you to read your reading book and ask an adult to discuss it with you. Get them to ask you questions about what you've read, to explain why situations might have happened and to predict what might happen next. Look up any unfamiliar words in the dictionary.


Topic task:
We would also like you to make a fact file about how chocolate is made and where it comes from. You should do this in your book, using two pages. Remember to present your facts using your neatest handwriting, underlining any subtitles with a ruler and colouring diagrams in neatly. We've attached two powerpoints to help you but you might like to do some research of your own as well.


If you haven't done any of the previous days' tasks, they are all still listed and you can complete them at any time. We expect that the topic task will take you a few days as you will need to make notes for your research before planning  and creating your fact file.

We'll be in touch again tomorrow - have a good day  .

Tuesday 24th March


Good morning everyone.  We hope you all managed to have a go at yesterday's activities and also got to play outside in the lovely sunshine. You will find our maths activity for today on Google Classroom.



We have put some money problems onto Google Classroom. These are based around a shopping receipt - if you can't get access to Google Classroom, create your own shopping receipt (with prices) and ask an adult to make up some problems for you.

eg: If you bought 3 bananas, two apples and a loaf of bread, how much would you spend?

If you want to extend the task, you could see how much change would be given if you paid with a certain amount eg: a £10 note.



Today, we would like you to practise your handwriting. If we had been at school, we would have been looking at how to join the letters g,j and y with a loop.


Important: Please look at the website on a computer in order to see the correct way of looping these letters - when viewing on a mobile phone, a different font is displayed! 


Try this when you practise today. You could write out your spellings or you could copy a passage out of your reading book.


We hope that you have a good day. Don't forget to look at the activity list which we sent home with you on Wednesday - there are lots of enjoyable activities on it that you could try.

Monday 23rd March

Good morning Year 5!

Welcome to your first day of learning from home. We hope that you have had a nice, relaxing weekend and are all enjoying the sunshine. Today, we would like you to do some maths and some literacy...



For the next few days we will be focusing on addition. Today, we would like you to create your own 5 digit addition questions and calculate the answers using the column method. eg:        67453      

                                                                 +   25490

You could then try adding a third number to challenge yourself a bit more. Check your answers with an adult and practise using a calculator.


We would really like you to continue to learn your spellings whilst you are at home. As it was such an unusual week last week, we would like you to carry on learning the spellings which you were given on Wednesday - these were as follows:











Please ask an adult to test you at the end of the week. Remember to learn the meanings as well and make sure that you can use them in a sentence.

We hope you have a good day and we'll be back in touch tomorrow.